Homeware Styling and Buying Guides

Create your dream interior with our homeware guides. From choosing the perfect bed frame, sofa styling and cushion arranging to selecting different thread counts and types of cotton bedding and optimum - our care and buying guides contain all the information you need. Featuring tips from our in-house experts, our guides share our best-kept secrets on all things luxury bedding and home living decor to help you create chic and elegant spaces.

Kids’ Bedding Guide

From picking out kids’ bed linen and new pillows to selecting the perfect colour scheme and accessories, there's lots of fun to be had when it comes to decorating kids' bedrooms. Discover our top tips to help you create the perfect space for your little one.

A Guide To Ordering Your Dusk Sofa

From choosing the perfect style and fabric colour to arranging delivery, there's lots to consider when buying your dream sofa. In this guide, we take you through the process of ordering a DUSK sofa, from preparing for delivery to setting up your sofa ready for the countless comfortable evenings to come. 

Ultimate Sofa Buying Guide

The perfect sofa is one that fully meets your needs. Our sofa collection is available in a variety of styles so you can choose to mix and match, or treat yourself to the entire collection. In this expert guide, we introduce you to our new DUSK sofa collection and show you how to effectively style it so it takes centre stage in your living room. 

Curtains Buying Guide

Curtains have the ability to completely transform your interior, adding style and practicality in equal measure. Whether it’s blackout curtains in your bedroom or decorative curtains in your living space, they can instantly add a cosy, homely feel to any room.

The DUSK Bed Frame Buying Guide

Are you looking for a new bed but not sure which design to go for? In this guide, our DUSK experts explore all you need to know about bed frames.

How To Choose Your Bath Towel Set

Luxury bath towels are an essential part of creating a spa-like sanctuary in your home. Discover DUSK’s top tips when choosing your bathroom towels.

How to Clean and Care For Your Bath Towels

Do you want to know what temperature your bath towels should be washed at to retain their fluffiness? DUSK shares some top tips on keeping your towels soft, fresh and clean.

How to Clean and Care for Cushions

Are your cushions looking flat and tired? With stain removal tips and advice on how to keep them plump, DUSK shares how to clean and care for your cushions.

How to Wash A Bedspread

Are you wanting to Spring clean your bedding? If you’re wondering how to wash a bedspread, take a look at DUSK’s tips for caring for your white bedding.

How to Wash and Care for White Bedding

Is your white bedding beginning to look tired? If you’re wondering how to wash your white sheets, take a look at DUSK’s tips for caring for your white bedding.