What to Consider When Buying a Duvet Cover

Are you looking to change up your bedroom? Wondering which is the best duvet cover to purchase? 

On average we spend just over 2,900 hours in bed every year, so it goes without saying that your bed needs to be one of the most comfortable places in your home. With that being said, choosing the best duvet cover is a huge part of making those hours the cosiest and most relaxing they possibly can be. 

In this blog, the team here at DUSK have collated their knowledge of bedding to help you find the best duvet cover.


Whether you’re searching for cosy bedding in the winter or you’re looking for a stylish duvet cover you can use all year round, the material is a fundamental factor in getting that perfect night’s sleep.

While there are many different materials used for bedding — such as linen and silk — we believe bed linen should be breathable, durable and comfortable. That’s why our DUSK collections are made from 100% cotton.

Cotton is a breathable material, making it a brilliant option for a duvet cover that will take you through season after season. Alongside this, cotton is supremely soft against the skin and is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the best material choice for any allergy sufferers.

Consider The Fibre and Weave 

Cotton is still the most popular choice when it comes to bedding and the way the fabric is weaved will impact the quality and finish. For example, if you’re choosing a cotton duvet cover, it’s essential to understand that opting for a percale or sateen design will change the look and feel of your bedding.

Our bedding expert says: “Knowing your cotton quality is important when considering buying bed linen. Egyptian cotton is known as the most premium, but cotton sourced from countries like India and cotton types like Supima are also premium without the premium price. Our most loved ranges are Egyptian cotton.”

Whether you’re looking for a crisp cotton finish or soft and warm feel, carefully choosing the right fibre and weave will help you find the best duvet cover for your needs. 

Egyptian Cotton

Eygptian cotton is known for being one of the finest cottons worldwide. Thanks to the length of the cotton fibre, it’s extremely soft yet strong, making it a long lasting material. The lightweight feel of Egyptian cotton makes it perfect all year round comfort, as it can help you stay cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. 

Cotton Percale

Cotton percale relates to the type of weave used when crafting a duvet cover. The way cotton percale is created results in an extremely durable yet still supremely soft material. This crisp and smooth cotton is the perfect choice for duvet covers. 

Cotton Sateen 

Cotton sateen bedding is crafted from combed, carded, or long-fibre cotton thread. Cotton sateen, not to be confused with satin, has a signature sheen to give that opulent finish you often see in the most luxurious hotels. The result is a silky design that’s smooth to the touch. 

Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton bedding is made from loosely spun cotton that undergoes a brushing process. This creates a soft and cosy material with a fluffy finish. This makes brushed cotton the perfect choice for dressing your bed in those chillier winter months.

Cotton Thread Count

The thread count of a duvet refers to how many threads are in a square inch of the material. This number is worked out by counting the number of horizontal and vertical threads within the fabric. However, higher thread count does not necessarily mean higher quality, as this depends on the type of the thread used to make the fabric. 

Our bedding expert explains:  “Do you want something really luxurious or something lower maintenance? Generally the higher the thread count the more high maintenance the bed linen. We recommend our 400tc and 600tc collections for that luxurious feel that can be looked after easily.”

Measure Up

No matter which material you opt for, duvet covers in the UK come in the same standard sizes. Here are the measurements you need to know:

Single Duvet Cover 140 x 200cm
Double Duvet Cover 200 x 200cm
King Size Duvet Cover 225 x 220cm
Super King Duvet Cover 260 x 220cm

Care For Your Duvet Cover

Caring for your duvet cover correctly is important in order to achieve the most longevity, which is why we always recommend making sure you check the washing guides of your bedding. However, by following some of these simple steps below, you will be able to better care for your bedding, boosting its lifespan and keeping it feeling soft and comfortable: 

  • Separate your whites 
  • Treat stains straight away 
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine 
  • Air dry your bedding wherever possible
  • Iron your bedding as suggested on the care label or instructions


A duvet cover is not only a necessity for a cosy and comfortable bed but it’s also a great accent within a room. Whether you’re looking for a traditional white bedding set that will give you that dreamy hotel-inspired luxury, or you’re wanting to add a pop of colour to your bedroom with pastel pink bed linen, a duvet cover can transform your bedroom.

Ultimately, your duvet cover should work harmoniously with the colour scheme of your bedroom. From glamorous greys to sophisticated neutrals and eye-catching pinks, take a look at our blog for some DUSK top tips when choosing the perfect colour for your bedroom

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