How To Find The Best Duvet And Comfiest Duvet Cover

Whether you’re sat at your desk, chauffeuring the kids, or just running errands, you’re thinking about that moment you get to slip under your duvet and drift into a sumptuous sleep, aren’t you? 

Well, we want to give you something extra special to day dream about: your perfect sleep sanctuary. Now, there are countless types of duvets available, and every duvet cover out there claims to be ‘the best duvet cover for you’, so it can be difficult to know where to start.

Lucky for you, we have all the secrets for putting together your dream bed. So, let us walk you through the best type of duvet to buy, and the actual best duvet cover for you, below.

What is the best type of duvet filling?

Getting the right duvet filling can help really perfect that snuggling in and snoozing moment at the end of the day.

And, whether you’re a hot sleeper or you prefer to stay cool, we’ve got a duvet filling for you! However, with all these different duvet filling types, it can be difficult to know which one to go for. That’s why we’ve put together a duvet filling guide to help, well, guide you.

What is goose down duvet filling?

A goose down duvet is the jewel in the proverbial crown of duvet fillings - alongside duck down which we’ll get to shortly. But first, exactly what is goose down and why do we speak so highly of it? 

Well, these duvets are made from feathers found way down underneath the exterior feathers of a goose, nearest the chest. They are the softest and lightest feathers on geese and make an excellent natural filling for duvets, if you like to stay on the toastier side while you snooze. That’s because goose down duvet fillings trap tiny little pockets of air between the feathers, helping you stay warm all night. 

What’s more, when these feathers are packed together in a duvet filling, they create a bulky but light duvet, meaning you stay cosy without the faff of dealing with an unnecessarily heavy blanket! 

Staying warm at night is all well and good, but what happens when you start to sweat? Good news! A goose duvet filling has a hygroscopic effect to help absorb moisture. This means that goose down is one of the best duvet fillings for a winter duvet.

What is duck down duvet filling?

We promised, so we shall deliver. Let’s look at why we love a duck down duvet filling so much. 

Similar to goose down, a duck down duvet filling is made from feathers found closest to the chest of the bird. However, what makes duck down stand out as a duvet filling is how breathable it is as a material.

Duck down is an excellent natural filling duvet for temperature regulation, keeping you warm - but not overheated - while you sleep. Feathers used in a duck duvet filling are often lighter than a goose down too, meaning your duvet won’t be quite as bulky. Perfect for keeping you cool, if you’re a hot sleeper.

So, if you’re sick of having to stick your foot out of the duvet to keep yourself cool at night, duck down might just be your saving grace!

What is synthetic material duvet filling?

Of course, not everyone wants to or can have a duvet made from bird feathers. If you’re after a more animal-friendly duvet filling, then our synthetic Feels Like Down duvets are ideal!

Filled with 100% hypoallergenic microfibre, a synthetic duvet filling is suitable for vegans, and those with allergies or skin irritations. Now, the reason we call this duvet ‘Feels Like Down’ is because, while it is made from synthetic fibres, this duvet filling type is still just as cosy as our duck or goose down duvets!

So, if you want to experience the luxury of a down duvet filling, without the duck or geese feathers, then a synthetic material duvet filling is perfect. 

As a quick top tip, if you’re looking to get that goose and duck down warmth and cosiness from a synthetic duvet filling, go for a higher tog rating on your synthetic duvet!

What is the comfiest duvet cover material?

Now you’ve got your duvet sorted, let's explore the comfiest duvet covers available to you. 

Here at DUSK, we recommend a 100% cotton duvet cover for their breathable, durable, and comfortable style. Cotton is soft against the skin and is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it the best duvet material for allergy sufferers as well. 

While we believe cotton is the best material for a duvet cover - so much so we wrap all our luxurious duvets in it as well – don’t let that stop you from exploring the other options too! 

Such as, the crème de la crème of duvets - Egyptian cotton. Known for being one of the finest cottons in the world, Egyptian cotton is not only sumptuously soft but it is also incredibly long lasting and easy to care for. So, you can enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life, every night!

And just as luxurious but with a silky soft touch instead, look no further than cotton sateen. Not to be confused with satin, sateen combines the signature sheen of satin, with the soft texture of cotton. Giving you the opulent finish typically reserved for the most luxurious hotels.

What’s the best size duvet and duvet cover?

It’s nearly time to start piecing together your luxurious sleep haven - the last step is making sure you’ve got the right size duvet and cover for you! So, let’s take a quick look at sizes. 

There are a few options available so it can be tricky to know which size to choose. So, if you’re not sure what’s best, duvet covers in the UK generally come in four sizes and those are single, double, king, and super king. 

Each of these have separate dimensions, and to make this as easy as possible for you, we’ve outlined just how much comfy, cosy duvet comes in each size:

Best duvet cover size for your bed

Single Duvet Cover

140 x 200cm

Double Duvet Cover

200 x 200cm

King Size Duvet Cover

225 x 220cm

Super King Duvet Cover

260 x 220cm


Simply pick up the correlating duvet cover for your duvet size – single duvet cover for a single bed, double for a double – and let a satisfying sleep take hold. 

In terms of the best duvet size for your bed, you can follow the same instructions as for duvet covers. But, for extra comfort, why not size up? Get a double duvet for a single bed, or a super king for a king bed. That way, you can truly lose yourself in sleep. 

How do I care for my duvet and duvet cover?

So, now you know the best duvet options available, we want you to get the most out of your new luxury duvet - and this means caring for it properly. 

Don’t worry, we know that washing something new for the first time can be scary. Have I selected the right function on the washing machine? Used a fabric safe detergent? Can I tumble dry it? Well, while all of our duvets come with specific care instructions, we do have a few top tips for you. 

First, most duvets are machine washable and are safe to pop into a tumble dryer as well. However, for more fragile duvets like a duck or goose down duvet, it’s best to use a gentle spin setting and a temperature no hotter than 40º. 

Looking for a top tip? Duck and goose duvets tend to collect a lot more water than regular cotton duvets, so once washed, pop them on a gentle spin cycle to help them dry faster. After all, when you’ve got the comfiest duvet cover, you’ll want to dress your bed with it as soon as possible. 

All our DUSK duvets are safe to use in a tumble dryer, but again, heat can be damaging to soft materials, so try not to place it on as low a temperature as possible. For more care advice, see our blog on how to wash a bedspread

So, now you know all there is to know about the best duvets out there and the cosiest, comfiest duvet covers as well. Now, it’s time to find the perfect pillow to match and create your ideal sleep sanctuary. For this and more, head over to the DUSK blog.