Modern Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have so many wonderful uses. Create a gorgeous centrepiece for your living room by simply gathering your sofas and chairs around for a cosy conversation area. Use it as a  handy surface for your morning cup of java, styling it with smart coasters to create the perfect perch for any drinks and snacks. 

For those who love entertaining, it can easily become a stylish spot to play cards or board games with guests. Plus, our coffee tables are ideal for displaying ornaments, greenery, books and more for a splash of personality in your home decor. 

Choose your elegant living room coffee table with us today to enjoy a fabulously furnished lounge.

Coffee Table FAQs

How do I style my coffee table?

When styled well, a coffee table is an eye-catching addition to any room. 

A stylish tablecloth can add gorgeous texture and colour to a coffee table. However, if you have a coffee table in a striking colour or carved from a beautiful wood, you may wish to leave it bare.

A centrepiece for your coffee table is a must. A vase filled with fresh flowers is a popular choice, but it’s far from the only option. Place a potpourri bowl in the centre of your coffee table to enrich the room with a blissful scent or try a candle as your coffee table centrepiece for sumptuous cosiness.

For avid readers, a stack of coffee table books might be the way to go. Select a few of your favourite volumes to display for guests in your lounge or use your coffee table as an extra furnishing for your reading nook

How do I style a round coffee table?

A round coffee table is a tad trickier to style as the lack of corners means less area to divide between function and decoration. However, our smart hacks will ensure your coffee table balances beauty and beverage-holding effortlessly. 

One clever way to decorate a round coffee table is to arrange your table decorations in a triangle formation. This leaves plenty of room on either side to place drinks and snacks. 

Layering your table accessories is another stylish space-saving option. Nestle an ornament under a plant or add ornamentation in the form of a pretty paperweight on top of your coffee table books. 

One essential for any coffee table is coasters to protect your beautiful table from unsightly mug rings. Choose round coasters for smooth cohesion or opt for sharp square coasters that will pop against a circular table. 

Can a coffee table be higher than a sofa?

Traditionally, coffee tables are around 2.5 and 5 centimetres lower than your sofa seat. This allows for easy access to any drinks, snacks or books that may be placed there. 

However, choosing a table slightly taller than your sofa can make it more of a stand-out centrepiece in your room. Taller tables are also an excellent option for homes with pets who like to steal food.