How to Clean and Care for Cushions

Are you wondering how you should wash your cushions and keep them looking plump for longer?

Stylish, clean cushions add an extra dimension to any indoor snug spot or a cosy outdoor garden setting. You may not want to wash your cushions every week, but you can easily keep them feeling fresh and luxurious by following a couple of simple steps. 

When you have invested in upholstery pieces that offer the perfect finishing touch, you need to know how to wash and care for them. Our DUSK experts have put together seven tips on how to clean and care for your cushions.  

Plump Them Up Daily

Don’t let your cushions get flat and tired. Plump them up daily to ensure an even distribution of filling, leaving them looking as plush as when you first bought them. To do this, take the cushion by its corners and drop onto a hard surface. Repeat this on all four sides and your cushions will puff back up.

To keep your cushions looking their best, we always recommend that you do not thump at the cushions when plumping. This is because thumping your cushions can damage the feather or microfibre filling, which can cause your cushions to flatten.

Another top tip is to rotate or reverse your cushion so they wear evenly, which will keep them from tiring quickly. This also allows you to check for any damage and spot any stains early.

Treat Stains Straight Away

From midnight snacking stains and body oils to a collection of dust, over time cushions can be left looking dull and stained. To keep your cushions looking as good as new, you can spot clean to treat stains straight away by using a cloth to gently dab any liquid and dirt. While there are specialised cleaning agents that can be used to clean cushions, we always recommend checking the care label before applying any products. 

If you are able to use a cleaning product, start by taking off the cushion cover, if you can. Then use a small amount of cleaning agent and carefully remove any stains before following the label's washing instructions. 

Don’t Forget to Vacuum

It’s highly recommended that once a week you vacuum your cushions, covers and all other upholstered pieces. This will remove any dirt that has built up over time on the surface and prevent dust from entering the fabric. A buildup of dirt can break down the fibres within your cushions, but you can collect any dust or hairs using a small handheld vacuum. Vacuuming your cushions on a low suction will preserve their appearance and extend the lifespan of your statement pieces. 

Keep Your Furry Friends Off 

Whether you are a dog lover or have a feline friend in your home, sometimes paw print stains and shedding hairs are a worry. You can take a classic lint roller or a dampened pair of rubber gloves and simply glide them over your cushions to collect any excess pet hair. You can even cover your upholstery pieces with a throw or blanket when you're snuggling up with your pets to ensure their hair stays off your cushions.

There are many tips to treat paw print stains but sometimes these aren't your only worry. Whether your puppy loves to scratch or your cat likes to burrow their way into your cushions, it’s inevitable that wear and tear will happen. If you notice a rip, you can apply a small amount of fabric glue to certain items to prevent it getting worse but always check the care label first. If you notice the tear getting worse, you should call a professional upholsterer.

Always Air Dry 

To protect your perfectly plump cushions you need to keep them clean and dry. To help avoid the filling becoming clumped and to stop any bad odours occurring, it is best to always air-dry your cushions naturally and keep them away from direct light.

In addition, we recommend that you air out your cushions regularly. Every three to six months you should remove them from the covers and leave them in a sunny spot to air out. This will keep them fresh, luxurious and germ-free.

Important! Read the Label

Keep everything from your bedspread to your cushions fresh and crisp by always reading the care label. Some cushions may indicate dry clean only, whilst other times you can hand wash or pop them in the washing machine on a low temperature. If you risk it without reading the label, you may end up damaging the fibres within your cushions and spoil that luxurious finish. Before cleaning or washing, make sure to always read the label beforehand, remove the cover and ensure all zips are closed up. 

Outdoor Cushion Tips

It is important to thoroughly wash and dry your outdoor cushions to prevent mildew and mould. Start by spot cleaning them to help remove any tough stains and spillages with a suitable cleaning solution, water and a sponge. Next, follow your product’s wash instructions to find the best way to care for your outdoor cushions. Once they have been washed, you should remove any excess water with a towel and leave them out to air dry in a preferably sunny spot. Allowing your cushions to air dry properly will help to avoid any odours or mould developing.

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