A Guide to Ordering Your Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture is key to making your bedroom the ideal sanctuary to recharge, relax and sleep. From a comfortable bed, supportive mattress and a soft duvet to a beautiful bedroom suite, including matching bedside tables and a luxury chest of drawers, bedroom furniture will help to tie your whole style together. 

If you are wondering what factors to consider when ordering your bedroom furniture, check out our guide. We share everything you need to know, from how to match beds and bedroom furniture to how to style different size bedrooms. 

How to Furnish Your Bedroom

Your choice of bedroom furniture, whether for a child's or parents' bedroom, will come down to various considerations. When furnishing your bedroom, you will want to ensure it is cosy, welcoming and functional for all your needs. 

Consider the Design and Style of the Room 

What is your personal bedroom style preference? When it comes to your bedroom, consider your style, whether you prefer a minimalist look, something extra cosy or something bold and brave. Bedrooms are a blank canvas where you can inject as much personality as you like. 

If you are looking for a Scandinavian-style look, opt for classic wooden floors paired with wooden bedroom furniture and a neutral king-size bed. Or, if you are looking for a space-saving luxury bedroom, choose a luxurious ottoman bed and classic white bedroom drawers. Styled with crisp white sheets and neutral throws and cushions, you can create a bedroom full of style. 

How to Find the Right Bed Type For Your Bedroom 

Beds are one of the most essential pieces of bedroom furniture to get right, as they are the centrepiece of your bedroom. If your bed is too large for your room, it will completely dominate the space and limit your choice of bedroom furniture. Similarly, a small bed in a large room could end up looking lost, meaning getting the right bed will make a huge difference to your bedroom's overall look and feel.

When looking for the perfect bed for your bedroom, you will want to consider the different styles, sizes and materials before ordering to ensure it's suitable for your home. 

What Different Types of Beds Are There?

Regarding your bed, you will want to find one that matches your signature style, to complement the rest of your decor . With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from at DUSK, you can ensure you are ordering the right one for your bedroom. Choosing a bed is an important decision, and considering what size to get is the most important factor. 

Here's a quick guide to your size options for beds:

  • Single beds: Usually the first type of bed we have as a child. Great for smaller rooms and in occasional guest bedrooms. The UK standard bed size for a luxury single bed is 90cm x 190cm.
  • Double beds: The most popular type of bed in the UK. A standard modern double bed is 135cm in width, and 190cm in length according to UK standard bed sizes.
  • King size beds: An increasingly popular choice for couples, allowing more space and comfort for sleep, and for taller people who appreciate the extra length. The UK standard bed size for a king size bed is a width of 150cm x 200cm length.
  • Super king size beds: The super king size bed is a favourite choice for luxury and comfort. The largest bed size in the UK with a width of 180cm and a length of 200cm. If you need extra space and have a large enough bedroom, this is the option for you.

Matching Your Bed and Bedroom Furniture

Over the years, we can collect an array of bedroom furniture,  chests of drawers, bedside tables and soft furnishings - these are all bought at different times and reflect our ever-changing needs and styles. This could result in our bedrooms becoming mismatched and disjointed. Therefore matching our beds and bedroom furniture can give your bedroom a cohesive, cosy look and can help save money in the long run. If you've moved into a new home and want to make it as comfortable and stylish as quickly as possible, then matching bedroom furniture might be the answer.

How to Choose the Perfect Furniture for Different Bedrooms

When choosing your bedroom furniture, you must consider many factors. From who’s going to be using the room and how it will be used to the shape and size of your room and how much you want to spend when ordering bedroom furniture. Start by asking yourself a series of questions to ensure you select the perfect bedroom furniture for your home. 

Consider Who's Bedroom It Is

This is probably the most important bedroom furniture question to consider. Different people have different bedroom furniture needs and those needs may even change over time.

Adult’s Bedroom

Aside from the essentials, such as a bed, wardrobe, drawers, and bedside tables, it’s important to consider the overall functionality of the space. You may wish to opt for a desk or bookcase, depending on whether your room will also be a home office. Why not create a cosy reading corner so you can sit comfortably when delving into your new favourite book? 

Children's Bedroom

Children’s rooms are often smaller in size, so you will need to ensure you have ideal storage solutions that fit under beds and in small spaces; this makes sure your kid’s bedroom remains clutter-free, and they have places to keep their toys and clothes. You will also want to think long-term and create a bedroom that can be easily transitioned into a room perfect for a growing teen. 

Guest Bedroom 

Chances are the guest bedroom will have multiple uses, as you may not have guests staying over every weekend. This may be used as a TV room, home office or general storage area; therefore, you must consider how to utilise the space when buying bedroom furniture. A multi-purpose space will benefit from furniture such as a sofa bed, small wardrobe and shelves to ensure enough storage space for you and your guest.

What Size is the Bedroom?

An important factor to consider when ordering your bedroom furniture is the size of your room. Your bedroom furniture layout will be more inviting if the furniture size is proportional to your bedroom size. 

Large Bedroom

Even in a larger space, it is a good idea to plan the layout for your bedroom furniture. Keeping things simple and minimal with your bedroom furniture rather than filling the space with large pieces can help create a chic, relaxing ambience.

Medium Bedroom

Maximise space in your medium-sized bedroom by opting for sleek furniture like sliding door wardrobes and stunning beds. This will ensure space for a couple of statement pieces, such as a dressing table and an accent chair, or even extra drawers to store your clothes. 

Small Bedroom

Small, compact bedrooms can be as stylish as larger rooms. By measuring the space carefully and having a good idea of how you wish to utilise the space, you can keep an eye out for bedroom furniture that fits your style and optimises the space. Opt for an ottoman bed for extra storage space so you don't have to fill your space with extra storage solutions. 

What Shape is the Bedroom?

You can’t change your bedroom shape, but you can choose bedroom furniture that fits the space perfectly. Take into account doors, windows, radiators, low ceilings and the overall shape of your bedroom to ensure you are ordering the right bedroom furniture for your home. 

Square Bedroom

Square bedrooms allow for an abundance of different bedroom furniture layouts. When it comes to first impressions, you don't want to open your bedroom door to a furniture wall. Placing your bed towards the window is a great option if you want to wake up to a nice view each morning, or why not make a feature of a large chest of drawers against an empty wall? 

Narrow Bedroom

Long, narrow bedrooms can seem daunting when ordering bedroom furniture to fit. You will want to start by choosing a suitable bed, as this is the main focal point of any bedroom. Think about the size of your single, double or king-size bed, as you will want it to work well in your room and free up space for other pieces of bedroom furniture. 

Different-shaped Bedroom

You may have traditional features in your bedroom, such as a chimney breast, sloping ceilings, alcoves and small nooks. These design challenges are also great creative opportunities. Why not fill a nook with a bookcase or a chest of drawers? Plus, a beautiful loveseat will fit perfectly in a bay window - the options are endless. 

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Why Great Bedroom Furniture Matters

Regarding our bedrooms, they can be considered one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a place where we rest our heads at night and plays a primary role in our general well-being. The average person should sleep around 8 hours a day, and getting the right amount of sleep is key to how we feel and function. Ensuring we have a clean, cosy environment - a comfortable mattress, luxurious bed linens and a relaxing ambience, can go a long way to ensuring a blissful night's sleep. 

Not only are our bedrooms the place we sleep but also a place to relax. Watching TV, reading a good book and taking some time out of our day - our bedrooms can be a place to enjoy personal space away from life for a short while. With more of us working from home, bedrooms are all great hybrid home offices, so versatile bedroom furniture will ensure you create a multi-purpose room. 

How we furnish our bedrooms should reflect our personal tastes. Whether you like a minimal environment to sleep in or indulge in a luxurious bedroom style, the right choice of furniture will help you create the perfect sanctuary.

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