Luxury Duvets

Our luxury duvets, available in single, double, king or super king, is a delightful way to create a dream-worthy bed. Choose a feels like down duvet to drift off in comfort, or slip into a heavenly slumber beneath our breathable feather and down duvet. For a luxury for less, we'd recommend you go for duck down duvets. Alternatively, goose down duvets are best for maximum cosiness and insulation. Opt for a 4.5 tog duvet for warm summer nights, a 9 tog duvet or 13.5 tog duvet to keep you toasty through the winter, or alternatively our all seasons duvets which are perfect for year-round comfort. A luxury duvet, available in single, double duvets, king and super king, complemented by our premium duvet covers, is a delightful way to create a dream-worthy bed.

Luxury Duvet FAQs 

Best duvet for winter

Finding the ideal luxury duvet for the winter will help you achieve the level of warmth just right for you. If you’re looking for unbeatable warmth, opt for a down duvet filling. At DUSK, we have an array of duvet types to choose from, including

Best duvet for summer

Changing to a lower tog duet can give you the comfort of a duvet draping over you, whilst keeping you cool. We offer a low 4.5 Tog duvet in all of our duvets for those who find themselves getting too hot on those summer nights.

Which duvet tog should I choose?

Here in the UK, our climate means you'll need different togs for different seasons. Because tog is an indicator of warmth, we recommend a lower tog for summer and a higher rating for winter:

  • - 4.5 for the hot summer months
  • - 9 for mild spring and autumn temperatures
  • - 13.5 to stay warm during winter

For more help discovering the perfect duvet for you, check out our blog on How to Choose the Right Duvet for the Perfect Night’s Sleep.