How to Build a Bed Frame

Buying a new DIY bed frame is an exciting purchase – at least we think so – and a good quality DIY bed frame can really revolutionise your sleep. But before you lay back and let the years of relaxation begin, you’ll need to assemble your bed frame first.

Whether you’ve gone for a storage saving ottoman bed frame or a standard frame only, bed assembly shouldn’t be a daunting task. 

To help you get cosy in bed quicker, we’ve created a guide to ottoman bed assembly and frame only bed assembly. So, get the tool kit out and follow our step-by-step guide on how to build a bed frame.

How to prepare for building your bed frame

First things first, preparation is key. By ensuring you’re well-equipped, you can make the bed assembly process run as smoothly as possible.

1. Read the instructions

Start by reading the instructions for your DIY bed frame. 

This may seem like obvious advice but do make sure you read the instructions all the way through, so you know what to expect from the bed assembly process. 

By understanding the step-by-step process from the get-go you’ll know exactly what tools you’ll need to build the bed frame. What’s more, assembling the bed frame will be much easier to complete accurately and, more importantly, safely when you understand what steps come when.

2. Gather your tools

Now you’ve read the instructions and know what tools to use at each step of the bed assembly, it’s handy to lay them out in front of you in the order they’ll be needed. 

Our DIY bed frames come with all the necessary screws and bolts, as well as an Alan key and spanner. But, if there are any additional tools you’d like to make the bed assembly easier for you, then now is the time to pop to the hardware store to pick them up.

3. Choose your space

The dimensions of your bed frame will be outlined on the product page, so you can measure the space in your bedroom perfectly before you start building your bed. 

Once you’ve checked our website for the appropriate product page, and have the accurate bed frame dimensions, it’s time to visualise where you want your brand new bed to be. After you’ve decided the perfect placement for your bed, make sure there’s ample space to build the bed. 

Be sure to move any large bits of furniture or fragile items well out of the way before you begin the bed assembly. The last thing you want is to be knocking elbows with a bookshelf or rattling dainty ornaments when you’re building your bed frame!

4. Lay out each piece

Now you’ve read the instructions, sorted out all the tools needed, and created space to build your bed, you can take the pieces out of the box ready for assembling. 

We recommend you lay out each piece in front of you to get a good idea of what goes where and how it will all fit together. This is also a great time to double check you’ve got any additional tools for the bed assembly process and collect any that are missing.

How to build an ottoman bed frame

With the basic bed assembly preparation sorted, it’s time to start building your bed. 

To keep the ottoman bed assembly process smooth, we number each component needed, and the instruction manual will outline how each piece fits together, and how each screw and fitting will be used when building the bed frame. 

So, if you’ve gone for the extra storage of an ottoman bed frame, let’s get into how to build an ottoman bed!

Fitting your headboard & footboard

Our DUSK ottoman beds arrive with the headboard and footboard fully intact, so you don’t have to fit multiple panels together. 

The only thing you’ll need to do, before you begin the ottoman bed assembly, is fit the angle irons to both the headboard and footboard. These will attach the headboard and footboard to the rest of the frame and secure it all in place

Building an ottoman bed frame 

  1. Form the perimeter: It’s best to start with attaching all sides to form the perimeter of the bed frame. This can then be attached to the headboard to form the bulk of the ottoman bed frame. 
  2. Attach the side rails and lifting mechanism: Next, you’ll need to attach the side rails and lifting mechanism. These pieces are what will allow the frame to be raised safely, revealing all that lovely underbed storage where you can keep your bedding clean and safe. 
  3. Assemble the metal frame: Once the side rails and lifting mechanism are sorted, it’s time to assemble the bed frame. This metal frame will form the central support for the mattress, so you can lift it to access your underbed storage easily and securely. This metal frame will need to be attached to the lifting mechanism that you previously installed. The lifting mechanism consists of rails at either side of the frame, which allows for movement when the base is lifted. 
  4. Build support for the mattress: Lastly, with the headboard attached to the DIY bed frame and the lifting mechanism installed, go ahead and insert the slats for the mattress and complete the ottoman bed assembly!

And you’re done! All that’s left to do is dress your brand new ottoman bed frame with cosy throws and comfortable cushions to create your idyllic sleep sanctuary. 

How to build a bed frame only bed

Alternatively, if you fell in love with one of our frame-only beds, let’s discover how to make a bed frame together!

The build of a bed frame-only bed is very similar to that of an ottoman. However, there is no lifting mechanism to be installed, which means building the bed frame is a much simpler process. 

Just as before, make sure you have all DIY bed frame building prep sorted first, and let’s get started on how to make a bed frame!

Building the bed frame

  1. Begin with the headboard and footboard: When constructing the headboard and footboard, the first step is to attach the legs to the bottom of each component. Once this is done, you can attach the headboard and footboard to the side rails to form the outer section of the frame. This will be done using the bolts included with your DIY bed frame.
  2. Add the central support rail: Now, you’ll be able to add the central support rail, which will connect to the headboard at one end and the footboard at the other. This will act as the centre point of the bed frame.
  3. Fit the slats into place: And finally, you can add the slats into place, and fit the slat caps which hold them snug. You won’t need any screws or bolts for this step of the bed assembly process, as the tension of the slats will secure their position and complete the build of the bed frame. 

With your comfy, cosy bed assembled, you can stand back and marvel at your handy work. Next steps? Create your perfect calming bedroom with fresh bed linen and pillows to guarantee yourself a full eight hours of sound snoozing.

DIY bed frame FAQs

How many people will it take to assemble my bed frame?

When assembling a bed frame, two pairs of hands can be better than one. Having an extra person might make the bed assembly process go a bit quicker, getting you cosy in bed quicker too!

However, it is more than possible to assemble a bed frame on your own - it might just take a bit longer to complete. However, good things come to those who wait and taking your time is the best way to stay safe when building a bed frame. 

For the best advice, our instruction manuals will detail how many people will likely be needed for a task, though we do recommend two people just to make sure you can build the bed frame safely.

Where should I assemble my bed frame?

Although it may be tempting to assemble your bed frame in a living room area where there’s generally more space, manoeuvring a fully assembled bed frame from one room to another can be tricky. 

If your bedroom or guest room is simply too small to build your bed frame in, it may be helpful to build parts of the bed in a larger room and bring them together in your bedroom at the end of the assembly. That way you’re not having to transport a fully assembled bed frame!

Is it easy to assemble a bed frame?

DUSK bed frames are designed to be easy to assemble, although it may take a little bit of time to build a bed frame due to the number of components involved. 

However, if you follow the instructions for building a bed frame carefully, then it should be a straightforward process to assemble your bed frame!

Now we’ve established you’re a master with DIY bed frames, you might want to try your hand at decorating guest rooms or painting your own bedroom with the perfect colour for you. For more style advice, head over to the DUSK blog.