The Ultimate Dining Furniture Buying Guide

Dining rooms are more than just a place for eating every evening, they are also a place for entertaining and bringing the family together. This is why finding the perfect dining table, chairs and storage solutions is essential for your home. 

Are you wondering ‘how to choose your dining furniture’? then you have come to the right place. From different materials and shapes to how to coordinate and style your dining furniture, our buying guide covers everything you need to know before making a decision. 

Finding the Perfect Fit 

Whether it's where you begin your day with your family or a place to gather friends for drinks, your dining room is a place you will cherish in your home. It may be in your kitchen, a designated corner in your living room or it could be its own room entirely - regardless of the space you’re working with, you can use it to its full potential by choosing the correct dining furniture for your lifestyle. 

Before deciding on your dining furniture you will need to measure your dining room. Ensuring you know the space you are working with will help aid your decision when it comes to purchasing your dining furniture. No one wants to find their ideal dining table and chairs to find they don’t fit within the space. 

Choose the Right Dining Table For Your Lifestyle 

Once you have measured the space for your furniture, it’s time to decide on which dining table is best for you and your lifestyle. Here at DUSK, we offer a range of materials and styles, as well as 2 seats to 8-seater options. From round and rectangular to extendable options, our dining table collection is crafted in either wood veneer, solid oak or a marble effect, ensuring a luxurious finish.

When discovering our range of dining tables, there are various factors to take into consideration before making your selection. Deciding on the size of the table, what it will be utilised for, such as eating, office space or family gatherings or how frequently it will be used, you will want to ensure your dining room table is fit for every occasion. 

What dining table size is right for me? 

When it comes to choosing the right size for your dining table you may think it is simply measuring up the space and selecting a table that's slightly smaller than these dimensions. However, there are a few other factors to consider. 

The first consideration is to ensure there’s at least a 90cm clearance around the table and a minimum of 50-60cm width available for each place setting. If you’ve already got your eye on a dining chair that’s quite chunky, then this will need to factor into your decision as well, so don’t forget to compare measurements.

If you have a large family you may want to opt for a dining room table that seats six or choose a 2 seater table if your dining table rarely sees more than 2 guests at a time, as you don't want to take up space that won’t be utilised. If you’re torn between dimensions, then why not invest in a dining table with extendable features - your future self will thank you. 

What material should I choose for my dining table?

The material of your dining table will depend on both practicality and personal preference. There are many benefits to a range of different dining table materials, some are highlighted below:



Wood dining table 

  • Choice of finishes 
  • Reclaimed and solid wood options
  • Natural
  • Homely
  • Sturdy 

Marble dining table

  • Elegant
  • Timeless
  • Focal point
  • Unique appearance 

Concrete dining table

  • Low maintenance
  • Minimalist
  • Modern 

Metal dining table

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Easy to care for

Glass dining table 

  • Suits almost any interior style
  • Opens up the space
  • Easy to clean 

What dining table options are there?

From deciding on the overall look of your dining table to understanding the practical elements, it’s a great idea to narrow down your options as much as possible, due to the vast choice across the dining furniture market. Aside from size and material, you will want to consider different features, shapes and colours. 

Fixed or extendable dining tables

Extendable dining tables aren't just for accommodating extra guests, they are ideal for hosting larger dinner parting or buffets or if you’re needing your table for other tasks such as working, folding laundry and wrapping presents. If you are looking for a multi-purpose table, an extendable dining table over a fixed one may be the best option for you. 

The shape of your dining table

When it comes to the shape of your dining table you will need to consider the shape and size of the space it will be in. A round table will offer an amazing sociable element, whereas a rectangular dining table will add more length, creating an elegant focal point and space for even more guests. If you’re looking for something a little different though, you may enjoythe bold and unique shape of our Lottie 4-6 Seater Dining Table.

The colour of your dining table 

You have plenty of options when it comes to the colour of your dining table, so the best place to start is with your existing or future colour scheme. Wood is your most traditional and natural option, but there are still many colours, stains and finishes to consider, from oak to walnut. 

Or why not opt for a grey, white or black dining table? These colours will complement most dining rooms, so they can be smart choices if you’re often redecorating. For the bolder types, you can find coloured dining tables, including red and blue.

How can I make the most use of my dining table?

If you are looking to really make the most of your dining table, it is important that the surroundings are comfortable and inviting. Do you plan to spend several hours a day around your dining table? If you work from home you will want to ensure your table has comfortable seats so you can settle comfortably for a long day at the office. Plus ensuring the table is clutter-free will encourage you to spend more time here. 

How can I accessorise my dining table?

Styling your dining table is a factor you should consider when choosing your dining table. For example, a beautiful vase, tableware and crystal ornaments will work well with an elegant marble top table. Or choose pared-back minimalistic accessories for a smooth concrete table, whilst with a wood dining table you might look to accessories with greenery and gold candle sticks. 

Dining Chairs Are Essential 

With the table sorted, it’s time to pick out the dining chairs to match your chosen style. If you’ve got your eye on a dining furniture set, you’ll have the perfect chairs to pair with your purchase. But for those who like to freestyle, you will want to consider the different dining seating options available to you. 

Dining chairs 

When it comes to dining room seating, the classic choice is dining room chairs. They are comfortable as they offer better posture support and are often cushioned - perfect for those dinner parties that go on late into the night, but also for seating in home offices and games rooms. Available in a wider variety of styles and designs, dining chairs give you an amazing choice when decorating your dining room. 

Dining benches 

Dining benches are ideal for more informal occasions and can help to squeeze on a few more guests around the table. Plus when they are not in use, they can be easily tucked under the table, out of sight, opening up more floor space. Dining benches can also be paired with other seating options, such as creating a stylish, informal dining room aesthetic by arranging a selection of benches and chairs around the table.


Another great informal dining room chair option is barstools. Ideal for taller tables as well as dining spaces that feature breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Barstools are elegant and versatile while offering height and a wealth of fantastic designs to customise your dining area’s style. 

Choose the Best Storage Solutions 

Now that you have selected your luxurious dining table and chairs you will want to consider additional storage options. From stunning side boards to beautiful display cabinets, you can add stylish furniture to your dining room to ensure the space remains clutter-free, whilst also adding style and elegance to the room. Why not consider styling a bookcase with your favourite books, dining ware, candles and greeny? It can easily add a touch of personality to your dining room. 

How Do I Co-ordinate My Dining Furniture?

You will want to ensure your dining room furniture complements each other and even enhances each other’s style and function. To get the perfect match when it comes to dining furniture you want to remember a few essential points. 

Start with the table

When it comes to coordinating your dining furniture you should always start with the main focal point of the room, the dining table. Starting with the table will allow you to consider the style and functionality of your dining room, whilst also adding to the design of your other dining furniture pieces. If you’re going for a more rustic touch, opt for a wooden dining table or for a more elegant, modern look choose a sleek marble design. 

Experiment with textures 

Many dining furniture sets may combine similar materials, such as a wooden table with wooden sleek chairs, however, it could be worth mixing it up and looking into different materials for different pieces of furniture. Be bold and offer a contrasting touch when pairing metal chairs with a wooden dining table or luxury velvet chairs with a glass top. 

Pick two colours 

A golden rule when it comes to interior design is that you should consider two colours. A main colour for the room and the addition of one to accent it. For example, choosing natural-toned walls and then dark wooden dining furniture is key to a modern, elegant dining room. 

Finding Your Dream Dining Furniture

Looking for top tips on how to find your dream dining room furniture? Read our blog, Top Tips For Finding Your Dream Dining Furniture, where we share five expert tips on finding the perfect furniture, decorating tips for your home and how to add pops of colour to your dining room.

Dining Furniture FAQs

Do you still have questions about your dining furniture? Find the answers you need, below. 

How do I style a small dining room? 

There are many ways to create a stylish eating area even in a smaller space. Here are a couple of top tips to help you decorate a small dining room. 

  • Choose a round or extendable dining table. Due to their shape, round tables can fit more seats than rectangular designs. If you’ve got the room, consider an extendable dining table, which can be folded away when the guests have gone home.
  • It is all about furniture placement! You can easily make a room feel bigger by placing larger furniture in a corner or against a wall. Square dining tables are the best choice for these out-of-the-way positions, slotting neatly into those awkward corners.
  • Adding mirrors to walls can help to make smaller dining rooms feel bigger as their reflections create the illusion that there is more space. 

How much space should I leave around a dining table? 

The general rule of thumb for measuring a dining table is to ensure there’s at least a 90cm clearance around the table and a minimum of 50-60cm width available for each place setting. This allows guests to comfortably pull a chair out, sit down, and then pull up to the table. 

How do I clean my dining furniture?

Fed up with unsightly streaks on your dining table? When it comes to cleaning your dining table you should start by wiping any crumbs or debris then spray a cleaning solution on mild dish soap and water onto the surface. Wipe the table clean with a microfibre cloth, wiping in a circular motion, before drying the table with a different, dry cloth. 

When it comes to chairs you can treat them the same way as the table unless they are cushioned or have fabric on them. To keep your fabric dining chairs in good condition they will require regular maintenance. Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to remove loose dirt and dust, and then give it a once over with a clean cloth.

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