How to Wash and Care for White Bedding

Do you have white bedding that is beginning to look a bit tired? Are you wondering how to wash and revive your white sheets? Perhaps over time your white bedding just isn’t looking quite as bright as it used to. Washing and changing your bedding might feel like it should be an olympic sport. But it is all worth it when you crawl into your crisp and fresh white bed sheets after a long day at work. 

Here at DUSK, we have collated all our knowledge to give you some top tips when you’re wondering how to wash your bedding to keep it crisp and white.

How To Wash White Bed Sheets

Not only do clean sheets feel amazing, there is nothing that looks more peaceful and serene than a beautiful bed made up from bright white bed linen. Therefore, we have some helpful tips for you when caring for and washing your white bedding. If you’re looking for eco-friendly washing tips, take a look at our blog.

Our bedding experts suggest that you “always follow the recommended washing instructions. Although it is tempting to put bed linen on a higher temperature than what is recommended, you risk damaging the cotton fibres and the dye in the product.”

Separate Your Whites

We have all learned the hard way that your mum really was right when she said to always separate your washing so here’s your gentle reminder! Mixing your favourite red t-shirt or black socks in with your beautiful white bedding is sure to only end one way… 

When doing your laundry, take the time to separate your whites from colours in order to avoid those embarrassing washing disasters. 

Treat Stains Straight Away

Small stains are almost unavoidable, especially if you love breakfast or even a coffee in bed in the morning. However, the longer those coffee stains sit, the harder they will become to remove. If you can’t wash your bedding straight away, use a sponge and a small amount of detergent to gently dab the stain until most of it has lifted.

There are some really great spot-on stain treatments available from big brands and supermarket own brands that can help. Just ensure they’re designed for white bedding and don’t contain any bleach, which brings us onto our next tip...

Stay Away From The Bleach 

Bleach might be a great short term solution, but believe it or not, over time bleach is likely to cause more harm than good. In fact, bleach can cause white bed sheets to yellow instead of revive them and make them brighter. It can also make bed linen feel crispy and lose its softness.

There are many ‘oxi’ type products on the market, either from big brands like Vanish or many supermarket own brands that are very similar. Adding a scoop of this into your wash can make white sheets sparkle in just one wash. We’d also recommend using products like this with brand new sheets, in every wash, to stave off the dullness.

Use Household Items 

Lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar are all household items that can help revive tired white bedding as they are natural whiteners and can help combat stains. Adding lemon juice alongside your washing powder will help break down stains on your white bed linen. Alternatively adding baking soda and then around 250 ml of white vinegar to your wash just before the rinse will naturally make your bedding brighter. But don’t worry, they won’t leave a smell and residue is cleansed away with your normal detergent.

Paws Off

Dogs, and sometimes cats, on the bed can cause staining and marks over time. Whether they’ve been out, not washed perfectly or have an abundance of natural hair oils in their fur, can all lead to bedding stains and dullness in areas.

A stylish throw or bedspread over the end of the bed in their favourite sleeping spot will make an enormous difference, give them even more comfort, and protect your pristine white bedding. At DUSK, we might have a few throws or bedspreads you might want to take a look at.

Avoid Overloading

If your washing machine is overloaded it means there is less space for your detergent to fully wash your bedding as well as potentially damaging your washing machine or leaving you with creased sheets. If you don’t overload, your sheets will stay crisper, brighter and whiter for longer.  

Air Dry Whenever Possible

We know that in the Great British weather, drying your washing on the line isn’t always completely realistic. However, keeping your white bed linen away from the tumble dryer can improve the longevity as well as the bright white colour of your bedding. If air drying simply isn’t an option, we would recommend drying your bedding on the lowest setting. You could also consider an electric heated clothes rail which you can find from many online retailers or bargain retailers.

A DUSK top tip: Remove your bed linen from the tumble dryer while it is still slightly damp and hang until it is completely dry, this will avoid creases. 

Ironing Your Bedding 

Fold your sheets length ways then into quarters, this will not only make your bedding more manageable but will also speed up the process. For your fitted sheet, a great tip is to place the elastic over the end of the ironing board to stop it from moving and stop the elastic getting in the way. Also, ensure you iron your bedding on the highest heat setting - the creases will satisfyingly melt away.

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