Corner Sofas

Our luxury corner sofas are fantastic for accommodating more guests or larger families. Whether you place it in the nook of your living room or...

Our luxury corner sofas are fantastic for accommodating more guests or larger families. Whether you place it in the nook of your living room or conveniently position it right in front of the TV, L shaped sofas can seamlessly fit into any lounge of living space. And if you need more seats, we also have large corner sofas that can fit the entire family on the cushions. What’s more, our modern outdoor furniture features stunning rattan designs to create a welcoming sanctuary in your garden. DUSK’s luxury sofas are designed with high quality chenille and velvet fabrics, available in beautiful neutral tones that can complement any room's colour palette. Put your feet up with our complete range of luxury L shaped sofas, below.

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What is a corner sofa?

To better understand why you should get a big corner sofa for your living room, or as part of your modern patio furniture, let’s first talk about what a corner sofa is exactly!

As the name suggests, corner sofas are designed with an ‘L shaped’ frame, tailor-made to snugly nestle into the corner of any room. As a result, L shaped sofas can accommodate more sitters than your typical sofa, while contouring gracefully to the room’s layout, meaning it takes up less floor space. 

Think of an L shaped sofa as the ultimate lounging spot, where you can kick back, relax, and stretch out after a long day!

Why should I get a corner sofa?

There are so many different reasons why you should add an L shaped sofa to your living room!

Maybe you’re tired of your little ones’ constant cushion squabbles? Or perhaps you’re seeking a cosy spot that seamlessly surrounds your coffee table? It might even be that traditional sofa designs just aren’t cutting it for you anymore.

What’s more, corner sofas maximise the space in your living room. Even if you buy a large corner sofa, you can effortlessly blend the silhouette into the corner of your lounge, without overwhelming the floor plan. Plus, L shaped sofas come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and styles to match your décor and seating needs. 

In fact, the more accurate question would be, why wouldn’t you get a corner sofa?

How should I arrange cushions on a corner sofa?

While the frame is great for fitting more people on seats and contouring to your room’s layout, L shaped sofas do provide something of a conundrum to those who love to dress their couch with cushions and throw blankets.

Should you keep it as symmetrical as possible or are L shaped sofas better suited to a more eclectic look? It’s completely up to you, but we do have a couple tips for dressing your corner sofa.

First things first, place a couple of larger cushions at each end of the L shaped sofa, anchoring your intended look. Then, layer in some medium-sized cushions for added comfort. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different textures, colours, and patterns to really draw the eye to your brand new big corner sofa.

It’s all about finding what feels cosy and inviting to you – so have fun fluffing those cushions and making your L shaped sofa pop!

Whether you want to get more guests in your living room or would like to experience the unrivalled comfort of an L shaped sofa for yourself, check out our range of affordable corner sofas. And while you’re here, have at our collections of 2 seater sofas, accent chairs, and loveseats to see how you can complete your living room look!