Bedside Tables

When it comes to selecting new bedroom furniture, no space is complete without beautiful fully assembled bedside tables and nightstands. These dreamy, multi-functional pieces create...

When it comes to selecting new bedroom furniture, no space is complete without beautiful fully assembled bedside tables and nightstands. These dreamy, multi-functional pieces create instant symmetry within a room when placed on either side of your bed. If you’re searching for your next key pieces for your bedroom, we have a stylish selection of nightstands and bedside cabinets for you to choose from.

From classic to contemporary, we have a whole host of bedside table designs that you’re sure to love. All of our bedside tables include handy storage space, providing the perfect place to keep books, blankets and throws. If you’re working with a smaller space, choose from traditional panelling, modern textured designs or embrace cosy country cottage vibes with our luxury nightstands.

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What's the difference between bedside tables, nightstands and side tables?

Our modern bedside tables are the largest size out of the three. You’ll find they have more drawers, with DUSK’s bedside cabinets typically having two or three depending on the style you pick.

Side tables sometimes come with open shelves, or just have the tabletop section to place items on. These are great for when you’re decorating a smaller room or want to liven up a guest room that feels a bit bare.

Finally, nightstands are smaller and thinner than bedside tables, but usually have at least one drawer unlike a side table, which doesn’t. Nightstands with drawers are also great for smaller spaces or a child’s bedroom to safely store smaller items.

At DUSK, our furniture collections work around your space. We have various sizes and shapes, including narrow nightstands that fit into that awkward gap between your bed and wall, and even large bedside cabinets that can fit larger items in.  

Mix & Match Your Bedside Table & Nightstand with Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your room with mismatched bedroom furniture you can easily tie all the pieces together with accent colours. Find a colour palette that works with your bedside table, chest of drawersdressing table and more and layer two or three accessories in the colour palette shades throughout that room. 

Why Great Bedroom Furniture Matters

Finding bedroom furniture that complements each other from different ranges is a great way to create a custom look in your home that feels unique to you and your space. How we furnish our bedrooms should reflect our personal tastes. Whether you like a minimal environment to sleep in or indulge in a luxurious bedroom style, the right choice of furniture will help you create the perfect sanctuary.

How to Style a Bedside Table

There is an art to dressing a bedside table, and they are perfect for pulling your overall bedroom look together, reflecting your personal style and serving as a home for your belongings. Are you unsure whether to style your bedside table with a statement table lamp or an array of accessories? Here are six tips on how to style your bedside table.

  1. Embrace different heights
  2. Consider various textures
  3. Add touches of personality and practical elements
  4. Style with symmetry
  5. Think about contrast - a black bedside table or nightstand in a predominately neutral coloured or light-toned space can add a striking touch to your space. A cream or white bedside table can create the illusion of space, or mellow out a bedroom that’s working with lots of different colours already.
  6. Less is more

Our Guide to Ordering Bedroom Furniture 

If you are wondering what factors to consider when ordering your bedroom furniture, including choosing your bedside cabinets and nightstands, check out our guide. We share everything you need to know, from how to match beds and bedroom furniture to how to style different size bedrooms.