The DUSK Bed Frame Buying Guide

Whether you’re in need of a new bed, or looking for a headboard to change the design of your bedroom, a bed frame can not only transform your whole bedroom aesthetic — it can also help you achieve a dreamy night’s sleep.

Whether you’re upgrading to a larger size, trying out a new bedroom design or your old bed frame is beginning to impact the quality of your sleep, there are a whole host of reasons you may need to buy a new bed.

To help you choose the right bed frame for you, we've put together a guide.

When Should You Replace Your Bed Frame? 

Like all furniture, you can expect your bed frame to show signs of wear and tear over time. Damage to your bed frame in some cases can affect the quality of your sleep. Here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Broken or warped wooden bed slats.
  • Lack of support even with a new mattress.
  • Dipping in the middle of the bed.
  • Feeling like your mattress is sinking.
  • Creaking bed frame when you move. 
  • Overall worn appearance.

How Does Your Bed Frame Affect Your Sleep?

Sleep quality is often related to your mattress and bedding, however, your bed frame can also play an important role in achieving a good night’s sleep. As your bed frame is the foundation for your mattress, your sleep can easily be disrupted by creaking sounds caused by a broken or damaged bed frame. 

Your bed frame needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of your mattress otherwise it may not give you the full support you need. A high-quality bed frame will help to keep your mattress secure and stable during the night for an uninterrupted blissful slumber.

What Are The Different Bed Frame Size Options?

Ensure you have enough space available to place your bed in the best location, matching your mattress size to the bed frame size.

We recommend checking the dimensions of the bed frame as some may differ in size if they have thicker headboards or footboards, while others may feature a more compact design. Our bed frame size guide below will help you discover the most suitable bed size for your room. 

Bed Size

Feet / Inches*




3ft x 6ft3"

36" x 75"

90 x 190cm


4ft6" x 6ft3"

54" x 75"

135 x 190cm

King Size

5ft x 6ft6"

60" x 78"

150 x 200cm

Super King Size

6ft x 6ft6"

72" x 78"

180 x 200cm

*Please be aware that bed size measurements are a guide. It’s important to check the actual measurements of your bed frame before purchasing.

Choosing Your Bed Frame Material

Different headboard materials give a bed their own unique style. Here are the fabrics we picked for our range of luxurious upholstered bed frames.

Linen Look Bed Frames 

This is a heavenly choice for neutral interiors. With a subtle textured finish for a premium feel, our linen look bed frames will help you create a beautiful understated look in your bedroom. 

Our Ascott and Henley linen look bed frames are available in grey and natural, featuring an elegant curved headboard that’s perfect for both modern and classic interiors. With a soft grey hue and plush ribbed design, our Hepburn collection has a cushioned headboard that is one of our tallest at 124cm, truly making your bed the centrepiece of your bedroom. 

Alternatively, opt for a traditional feel with our Middleton or Windsor linen look bed frames. Our Middleton collection is finished with stunning buttoned detailing and a cushioned headboard. With two stylish colourways to choose from, this collection perfectly balances comfort with design. Our elegant Windsor collection will transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven with a traditional piped edge design and neutral hue. 

Chenille Look Bed Frames 

The weave pattern of chenille look material creates a beautifully soft, sophisticated finish that is versatile enough to suit almost any style. Our Chiltern chenille look bed frame collection in a grey colourway will create a focal point in any bedroom. Featuring deep buttoned detailing, folded pleats and finished with soft rounded corners, this plump pillow headboard really is as dreamy as it looks.

Velvet Bed Frames 

Velvet bed frames are the epitome of glamour, helping to create a space that exudes opulence. Our velvet bed frames are all available in a plush shade of grey for a charming finish to any bedroom.

Our Art Deco-inspired Hepburn bed frame collection is a charming choice for any bedroom. With bold curves and a beautiful ribbed cushioned headboard, the Hepburn velvet bed frame is available in grey or charcoal.

For a classic finish with deep button detailing, our Chiltern and Middleton velvet bed frames are the perfect options for a bedroom centrepiece. Our Chiltern collection features a cosy cushioned headboard for cloud-like comfort and plush velvet material that is luxuriously soft to touch — perfect for those weekend lie-ins. If you’re looking for a striking feel to your bedroom, our Middleton collection has a beautifully tall headboard for a truly impressive look that is sure to catch the eye. Crafted from velvet and featuring elegant contrast piping, our Windsor collection balances modern and classic styles for a timeless piece of furniture.

What Is An Ottoman Bed Frame?

With ample underbed storage, an ottoman bed frame is an ideal space-saving solution. Simply lift from the foot of the bed to reveal generous room for storing spare bedding or towels.

Benefits of ottoman bed frames

Ottoman bed frames are perfect for keeping your bedroom clutter free. They are great for storing seasonal items such as a summer or winter duvet, alongside spare bed linen, cushions and throws. As it is an enclosed space, your underbed storage will help keep your items clean and dust free so they are ready to use again whenever you need them. 

Utilising space is an important factor when creating a harmonious home and because of the innovative design, an ottoman bed frame offers the most storage space compared to other bed frames as the whole area underneath the bed can be used. 

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What Is A Frame Only Bed? 

A frame only bed is made up of a base and legs, with no additional built-in storage. There is sometimes space beneath the base of your bed and the floor to provide room for compact boxes that slide under the bed, maximising the space. 

Benefits of a frame only bed

As the base of the bed does not touch the floor, it can make your bedroom feel more open, giving the illusion that your bedroom is more spacious. With the addition of stylish legs for a contemporary feel, a frame only bed is a timeless design that will suit any space. 

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What Is a Slatted Bed Base?

The base of a bed offers support as you sleep. A slatted bed base is created using connected wooden slats that lie across the width of the frame.There are two types of slatted beds: solid slats which create a firmer finish to the bed, and sprung slats which are perfect for a cushioned and more plush feel.

A slatted base bed frame will help you achieve a blissful night’s sleep, particularly when paired with one of our luxury DUSK mattresses. To find out more about choosing the perfect mattress for your new bed frame, check out our mattress buying guide.

Discover more advice on how to create the perfect sleep space by reading our DUSK guides and blogs.