Whether you’re treating yourself to a candle-lit bubble bath or a refreshing shower, nothing beats stepping out and being cocooned in complete comfort. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with our latest selection of luxury bathroom essentials. 

Choose from fabulously fluffy bath towels in a range of beautiful colours and designs. For a chic and cohesive feel, tie your bathroom ensemble together with matching bath mats and face cloths to evoke a sense of blissful harmony within your space.

Bathroom Decor FAQs

How to style a bathroom

When it comes to styling a bathroom, you want your space to feel clean, cosy and inviting. Here are a few points to consider when creating the perfect bathroom collection:

  • - Embrace Texture: Incorporate textured bathroom accessories, such as patterned tiles, plush towels, or woven baskets, to add depth and interest to your bathroom design.
  • - Mix Materials: Combine different materials such as glass, wood, and textured tiles for a balanced and visually appealing look. This can add character to your space.
  • - Create a Focal Point: Highlight a specific area, like a statement mirror, colourful bath mat or a unique dressing table, to draw attention and create a focal point in the room.
  • - Maximise Storage: Utilise space-saving solutions like built-in shelves to keep clutter at bay while maintaining a stylish place to display ornaments or candles.

How to keep your bath towels fluffy

There’s nothing better than being wrapped in a sumptuously soft towel when we step out of the shower - but how do we ensure our towels stay this way?

Here are a few common ways to keep your towel fabulously fluffy all year round:

Use Gentle Detergent

Wash towels in warm water with a mild detergent. Harsh chemicals or excessive detergent can leave a residue that makes towels feel stiff with every wash. This can build up over time so you may start to notice your towel feels less and less soft with every cycle.

Avoid Over Drying

Overdrying can cause towels to become stiff and lose their fluffiness. Take them out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp and let them air dry the rest of the way.

Shake Them Out Before Folding

After removing towels from the dryer, give them a good shake. This helps separate the fibres and fluff them up.

Avoid Contact with Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals on your towels as they can weaken the fibres and reduce fluffiness over time.

Avoid Ironing

Ironing towels can flatten the fibres and reduce their fluffiness. It's best to let them air dry naturally.

For more advice on keeping your towel arrangements looking extra stylish, check out our blog on How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Towel.

How to Style a White Bathroom

The key to styling a white bathroom is to balance the crispness of this light colour palette with other elements and textures to create a serene space. Here are 6 ideas to help elevate a white bathroom. 

Add Texture

Introduce texture with ribbed towels, a textured shower curtain, or a patterned tile backsplash to add warmth and prevent the space from feeling too sterile.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring in wooden accents or decadent potted plants to add warmth and a touch of nature and greenery to provide a stylish contrast with the white palette.

Focus on Lighting

Ensure the room has access to ample lighting to brighten the space and highlight the clean, crisp look of the white elements. Consider pendant lights that hang stylishly, or opt for a built-in skylight if you wish to increase the natural light from above.

Embrace Minimalism

Keep clutter minimal by opting for sleek storage solutions, such as stylish baskets, and avoiding unnecessary decor. Busy, colour-clashing prints may detract from the light and airy aesthetic.

Opt for White Accessories

Choose white bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders or opt for white fluffy towels and bath mats for that clean, hotel-chic feel. 

Consider a Statement Piece

Introduce a key statement piece, such as a bold piece of artwork to weave in subtle pops of colour and texture to break up the overall white canvas.