Sofa Side Tables

Our side tables can be placed next to a sofa or armchair, as well as being an incredibly helpful piece of lounge furniture. Whether it's a perch for your morning coffee, a surface to display a charming vase containing your favourite flower or a stunning spot for a lamp, these smart furnishings (also sometimes called end tables) create a fuller, cosier living room with ease.

Match your stunning side table for lounge or living rooms with our other gorgeous living room furniture for an exquisitely furnished lounge. Coordinate your end tables with coffee tables for flawless cohesion or colour match to storage cabinets and console tables for smart style.

Side Table FAQs

How do I style my side table?

Side tables are a wonderful styling opportunity for your lounge

  • - Use them to incorporate cosy layered lighting by topping with lamps. 
  • - Add potted plants for a touch of nature or instead try a vase of flowers for a pop of colour.
  • - Use your end table to display glamorous decanters and glasses to serve your visitors in style. 
  • - Another decoration popular with side tables is to have one or two stand-out photo frames with pictures of special memories or loved ones. 

Do side tables for living rooms have to match?

Matching side tables are perfect for creating a neat and uniform look. You could even go a step further and make sure your end tables match the colour and shape of your coffee table for flawless cohesion.

However, mixing things up is a fun way to create a bold, eclectic aesthetic. End tables of the same colour but different shapes can be fabulous for a striking stand-out living room. Or try side tables for lounge and living room of the same shape and different hues to play with shades in the room. 

Can end tables be higher than a sofa?

We recommend choosing a side table that is within two inches of the arm height of your sofa. Any more than two inches lower or higher would be uncomfortable when reaching for any drinks, snacks or books perched on the table.