The Difference Between a Mattress Topper and Protector - Here's All You Need to Know

Are you wondering what the difference is between a mattress topper and mattress protector? Are you asking yourself “do I need a mattress protector and topper?” or “which is the best mattress topper to buy?”

Whether you’re looking for the feel of a brand new mattress, want to protect your mattress from damage or need to add a little extra luxury to your bed, a mattress topper or protector can help improve your bed’s comfort and hygiene. 

In this post, our experts at DUSK have put together a guide to answer all of your questions regarding mattress toppers and protectors. 

What Is A Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper sits on top of your mattress to provide you with extra cushioning and support, designed to make your bed feel more comfortable. Mattress toppers can be made from a variety of different fillings and materials and each one offers a different degree of softness, so it is essential to consider how you like your bed to feel before buying your topper. 

If your bed is in need of a refresh, then a mattress topper is often the perfect option! It can instantly make your bed more comfortable and is much cheaper than buying a completely new mattress.

What Is A Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector fits over your mattress using an elasticated skirt to keep it in position. It provides protection foryour mattress. Damage or spillages from drinks, makeup and toiletries can easily come into contact with your mattress if a mattress protector isn’t used.

Mattress protectors come in a wide variety of materials but a 100% cotton mattress protector is a great option due to its brilliantly absorbent fabric, as well as it being easy to wash, dry and maintain.  Cotton is also a breathable material — keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

What Is A Pillow Protector? 

Protecting your pillows is just as important as looking after your mattress. Quilted pillow protectors allow for an extra layer of support whilst also keeping your pillows clean and free from dust, stains and spills. 

Benefits Of Mattress Toppers & Protectors

There are a whole host of benefits that come with using mattress toppers and protectors, from making your bed feel more cosy to increasing your bed hygiene. 

Refresh Your Mattress

Breathe new life into your mattress. If you were already contemplating changing your mattress then a mattress topper could be the ideal money-saver for you. Not only is a topper a fraction of the price of a mattress, it also provides the comfort you may have been longing for in a new mattress. If you do go ahead and purchase a new mattress, consider adding a protector too as it will extend the life of your mattress.

Introduce A Little Luxury

If you have a bed that is too hard or too firm, you can completely change or adjust the feel of your bed with a mattress topper. It can often feel as if you have purchased a whole new mattress when you put it on. Additionally, a mattress topper made from breathable materials like cotton will help you feel cool and cosy as it does not retain body heat.

Feather and goose down mattress toppers are the most luxurious type of topper available. If you want to snuggle up in ultimate luxury before you go to sleep, DUSK’s 100% feather base and 70% down-filled top layer mattress toppers are the perfect option.

Increase Support

Do you often wake up with a sore neck or back? This can be caused by your bed being too firm or too soft. Mattress toppers can often help to improve your sleep position which gives additional support. Filled with a top layer of fluffy goose down and a bottom layer of feathers, the contents of DUSK’s mattress toppers give sleepers an ideal level of support and softness. 

Make Your Bed More Hygenic 

One of the main benefits of a mattress protector is that it improves the cleanliness of your sleeping space. Allergens on your mattress can sometimes trigger symptoms, especially if you suffer from asthma or eczema. Having a mattress protector will help create a barrier to allergens that is easy to wash and clean. 

Additionally, our mattress protectors don't need to be professionally cleaned - simply pop your protector in your washing machine with the rest of your bed linen.

Stay Cosy And Warm 

Having a mattress topper means that as well as supreme comfort and a luxury feel, you are also getting added insulation and warmth. If you are prone to feeling chilly during the night, a topper will help cocoon you in warmth. And if you get too hot, a topper can be easily removed. 

6 Top Tips To Choose A Mattress Protector and Topper

  1. You might be wondering if you need a mattress protector and  a topper. When buying a protector, remember that you are investing in your mattress. Its purpose is to extend the lifespan of your mattress rather than providing an extra layer of comfort. If you want that extra layer of luxury, then you should opt for a mattress topper also.
  2. Ensure you consider the kind of fabric the topper or protector is made from. A quality fabric like cotton means you can wash it easily, plus it is breathable and soft to the touch. Its durable qualities mean it will last you a long time too.
  3. Toppers are designed to go over the top of a mattress, so make sure you are choosing the right size. If a double mattress protector is stretched over a king size mattress you will not benefit from all of its qualities.
  4. Consider the depth of your mattress. If you opt for a skirted mattress protector, you may need to measure how deep your mattress is. Our skirted mattress protectors come in either standard (30cm) or deep fitted (35cm).
  5. Look at the washing instructions before making your purchase. As mattress protectors are meant to be used to keep your mattress clean, choosing a mattress protector that can be machine washed will save you numerous trips to the laundrette. 
  6. Take a close look at the filling. The filling of your mattress topper will affect the overall feel of your bed.

How To Use Both A Mattress Topper & Protector 

Using a mattress topper and protector will help to ensure your bed is as comfortable as possible, whilst ultimately  extending the lifespan of the mattress by protecting it from any damage. To use both a topper and a protector, layer the topper over the mattress, followed by the protector and then your bed sheets. This way the protector can also form a barrier for the topper, ensuring it remains free from bacteria and allergens.

How To Keep A Mattress Protector In Place? 

Most mattress protectors come with skirts or elasticated bands that help to stop them from sliding over your mattress. However, if you’re still struggling to keep your protector in place, using a tightly fitted sheet can help to grip the mattress protector and prevent it from moving. Alternatively, a flat sheet can be tucked tightly beneath the mattress to give a similar effect. 

How To Care For Mattress Toppers & Protectors

Properly caring for your mattress toppers and protectors will help to increase their lifespan and the overall comfort of your bed. Wondering how to protect your mattress topper? One of the best ways to care for a mattress topper is to lay a protector over the top of it as a mattress protector is typically easier to clean. It is also recommended that you always wash your mattress topper twice a year. In between washes, shake out your topper to keep it feeling luxuriously plump - this is an easy step that can be added into your bed linen washing routine

Washing your mattress topper can be as easy as putting it in with your bed linen wash. However, it is important that you follow the washing instructions on the label to avoid damage. Line drying is also preferable (although most can be tumble dried) as it will help to keep your protector feeling completely fresh. 

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