Console Dressing Tables

A console dressing table is a simple and stylish addition to your living room, your dining room or your hallway. With drawers for sleek storage, these furnishings are fashionable and functional.

Use them to display your lighting accessories, ornaments, flower vases, potted plants, photographs and more to add signature styling to any room. Then, use the drawers to hold trinkets, electrical devices, keys, stationary and anything else you need. 

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Console Dressing Table FAQs

What can I use my console dressing table for?

A brilliantly versatile piece of furniture, console dressing tables have a range of uses.

  • - Use them as a table for dining and drinks or as an extension to your usual dining table for parties and buffets.
  • - Use your console table as a charming display surface for ornaments and photographs.
  • - Transform it into a makeshift bar to display spirit decanters and glasses on a stylish tray.
  • - Place it under a mirror or wall-hanging print to fill up the awkward blank space beneath.
  • - Use it as helpful storage for household items, stationary or laptops.

How do I style a console dressing table?

Adding accessories like lamps, vases, potted plants and photos to your console dressing table is a perfect way to display your personality in your home decor. 

Avoid your console table feeling too one-note by layering accessories of different shapes and sizes. Soften a square stack of books by placing them next to a rounded lamp or pair a short candle with a long, sleek vase to incorporate eye catching levels. Stylish decanters of different heights can also be a stunning look reminiscent of a city skyline.

Layers don’t have to be limited to the accessories directly on top of the table, though. Place a tall lamp next to your console dressing table. This has the added benefit of illuminating the ornaments on the table beautifully when the lamp is switched on. 

Should a console table be behind a sofa?

Console tables are placed behind a sofa in many homes, and for good reason. They’re perfect for filling up any awkward space behind your seating area. However, this is far from the only stylish placement option.

Place your console table across from your sofa at a diagonal angle. With a sideboard, storage cabinet or second console table parallel to it, this creates an aesthetically pleasing triangle formation. 

Another option is to use a console table to beautifully fill out an alcove or corner, as a perfect way to utilise an often awkward space.

Of course, you don’t have to place your console table in your living room at all. Style it in your dining room instead, at the head of your dining table or at one side. Or try it in your hallway. A bland and bare hallway is enriched with character when a well-decorated console table is placed alongside the staircase or against the wall.