How To Choose Your Bath Towel Set

We all want to enjoy the best luxury bath towels. If you're looking to create your very own spa-like sanctuary, choosing the perfect towel set can help you create the space that you’ve been dreaming of.

As well as being an everyday necessity, bathroom towel sets are aplush accessory that can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. There’s nothing like a fluffy bath towel display to make your space feel exquisite. Yet with there being so many options, how can you choose your bath towel set? 

The team at DUSK have collected their knowledge to offer advice on everything you need to know about choosing the perfect set of towels. 

What Is A Bath Towel Set?

A full towel set typically includes a bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel and face cloth in the same colour and design. If you’re looking at a bath towel vs. bath sheet, the only difference is the size of the towel. A bath sheet measures at 100 x 150cm which is larger than a bath towel which measures at 70 x 130cm. 

What Is A Bath Sheet?

A bath sheet size is 100 x 150cm, meaning it has a larger surface area than other towels. If you have found that a bath towel isn’t large enough for you, bath sheets are the perfect alternative. They are ideal for cocooning yourself in a super soft layer of luxury after a bath or shower, giving you more coverage than alternatives. 

What Is A Bath Towel?

A bath towel measures at 70 x 130cm. Though smaller than the bath sheet alternative, they can be the perfect size for both adults and children. They are the most commonly used towel in the bathroom for drying off after a bath or shower. Their size means that they are extremely absorbent yet not heavy. 

What Does Towel GSM Mean?

GSM (Grams per Square Metre) refers to the weight of a towel. Towels with a higher GSM are thicker and more absorbent, making for a hotel-quality towel that is perfect for your bathroom. Higher GSM towels (450-600) will have a more luxurious, thick and weighty feel when compared to lower GSM towels which feel more lightweight. 

Signs You Should Buy A New Towel Set

We use towels on a daily basis, which is why it’s so important to make sure they’re cared for correctly and replaced when needed. Make sure you always have luxurious towels to hand when you need them by replacing your set if they start to look or feel tired. Here are just some of the indications that your towels may need to be replaced. 

They No Longer Feel Soft Against Your Skin

Although towels need to be cleaned regularly, overusing washing detergent and fabric softener can often make your towels feel stiff. Too much fabric softener can also cause your towels to lose their absorbance, which can often be irreversible. If your towels are beginning to feel rough against your skin, now is the right time to treat yourself to a sumptuous new towel set.

They’re Not As Absorbent 

Over time, towel fibres which are used to help dry your skin can begin to break down. If your towel doesn’t feel like it’s drying you as it once was, it’s time to update your bathroom essentials. 

There Are Loose Threads 

If you’ve owned your towels long enough that they’re beginning to show signs of wear, such as loose threads, frayed edges or small holes, it is unfortunately time to say goodbye to your old towels and welcome in a new set of fresh luxury bath sheets. 

What To Consider When Choosing Your Bath Towel Set

Ensuring that your towels are made to last is essential, but also ensuring the design element matches perfectly with your dream bathroom space is important. Whether you’re a fan of a timeless white towel, or you're looking to bring a little bit of colour to your bathroom by adding  olive green touches, there are several considerations you should take into account before purchasing your bath towel set:  


Wondering what is the best material for bath towels? Towels are available in different materials, which affect the look and overall feel of them. Cotton is the most common choice as it is a natural material which, unlike its synthetic alternatives, is more absorbent. 

100% cotton towels are also extremely soft. Here at DUSK, we use a unique zero twist technique, which exposes more of the pile for towels ensuring that they are sumptuously soft and fast drying. 


We know that flawlessly fluffy towels are a crucial part of any bathroom. Waffle weave towels are known to be lightweight and quick drying. Additionally, these towels are proven to have excellent exfoliating effects. This is due to the texture of the material, which will leave your skin feeling sensationally soft. Waffle towels will truly make you feel like you are spending time in a spa, but in your very own home. Simply run a bath, light a candle and enjoy your soothing surroundings. 

Alternatively, ribbed towels give the same luxurious feel but with a much thicker and plump appearance. Crafted in 100% cotton and using a zero-twist method, these towels are sumptuously soft but also quick drying, incredibly absorbent and maintain their much-desired softness, wash after wash. Immerse yourself in a luxurious towel as you step out of the shower every morning. 


Do you envision your bathroom as a spa-like sanctuary? White towels have a timeless quality which makes them remarkably versatile and you’ll never have to worry about fading colour. What’s more, in the way white paint can open up space in your rooms, plush white towels can have the very same impact in your bathroom. 

Create a more vibrant bathroom space by using your towels as a design feature. A touch of colour will make all the difference, creating a more energetic and lively environment. You can effortlessly change up the whole look of your bathroom with just a simple switch of your towels. Green is the perfect colour for a bathroom as it can be calming, whilst evoking nature helps to bring the outside in. 

Do you love the idea of a timeless towel that will never go out of fashion but want to step out of your bright white comfort zone? Darker choices of towel such as the bold and beautiful charcoal can deliver a look that is equally as classic aswhite. They’re a perfect way to create a more dramatic yet cosy feel within a bathroom.

How To Store Your Towels

Storage is an easy way to elevate your bathroom. Whether you like your towels tucked away in a cupboard or love to show them off on shelves, there are plenty of options available. Swapping out hooks for shelves will provide a delightful design element to your bathroom - simply fold your towels onto the shelves. If there’s any extra space, decorate with a plant to welcome nature into your spa-like sanctuary. 

Storage ladders are another great way to store towels with a more contemporary feel. Depending on the type of ladder you choose, you can decorate your space by hanging the towels over the steps or rolling them up and placing them on the shelves. For more easy upgrades to your bathroom, take a look at our blog. 

DUSK’s Top Tips For Washing Towels

Maintaining the softness of your towels is essential when creating that spa-like feel at home and ensuring your towels last a long time. Follow these three important rules to maintain the quality of your towels: 

  1. Cleaning bath towels and mats boosts their softness- remember to wash your towels on a 30 degree wash at least once a week to keep them clean. 
  2. Limit the amount of washing detergent and fabric softener you are using in your towel wash. Overusing fabric softener can leave your towels feeling rough and less absorbent.
  3. Never iron your towels! Adding too much heat to your towels can cause damage to the fabric fibres, resulting in a less fluffy finish. 

Looking for more top tips? Find expert advice and insight in our DUSK bedding guides.