Kids Bedding

Discover kids' bedding styles that are calm, cosy and classic. Our kids’ bedding creates a bedroom that’s soft and snug for your children, it truly is what dreams are made of.

From reversible star prints, and pink and lilac spot bedding to leaf and crocodile print duvet covers, our DUSK children’s bedding is available in either single or double sizes and is the perfect place to rest their heads at night.

Kids’ Bed Linen FAQs

What bedding is best for children?

When it comes to bedding for children, we love cotton and linen. These materials are absolute stars: breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic - excellent for sensitive young skin. Plus, they’re durable, perfect if a youngster is prone to tossing and turning.

For more information on our bedding for children, check out our guide to kids' bedding.

How can I style kids’ bedding?

Styling kids’ bedding is all about striking a balance between a bed that feels fun for them but doesn’t overstimulate them. For example, it’s a marvellous idea to bring in some fun colours, but these should be accents on mostly neutral bedding.

Choosing bedding patterns based on your child’s interests can also make them eager for bedtime. Dinosaurs for a budding palaeontologist or stars for a future astronaut are bound to go down a treat. And if they love petting zoos and farmyards, they’ll love tractor bedding.

Reversible patterned children’s bedding adds an extra dose of fun, allowing your child to choose their style for the night as part of their bedtime routine. This sense of control and choice will make them feel very grown up.

Lastly, add a fluffy throw, like one of our sumptuous faux fur blankets, which is the perfect source of sensory soothing to help them drift off to dreamland. 

At what age can a child have a duvet?

Whilst we’re sure you want to see your little one adorably tucked into our cosy bedding as soon as possible, we advise holding off on giving your child a duvet and pillow until they’re around eighteen months old. You may decide to introduce bedding items sooner than this, but remember that the NHS advises that you do not introduce a duvet before your tot is a full year old.