Upholstered Bed Frames

A fabric bed frame is the perfect choice to create a cosy yet modern bedroom feel. Our beds collection is crafted from a range of stunning fabrics, introduce a touch of glamorous charm to the bedroom with a velvet bed frame or choose a simple yet sophisticated style with a linen look bed frame.

Whether you're looking for underbed storage space or a simple frame, our luxury material bed frames come in a range of stylish shades and are available in single bedsdouble bed frames, king size and super king size. Co-ordinate seamlessly with your bedroom furniture to curate your dream room.

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Bed Frame FAQs

DUSK shares everything you need to know about our bed frame collection.

Why do I need a bed frame?

A bed frame is an absolute must when it comes to style and comfort. By raising your mattress above the floor, you protect it from dust, dirt and mould, helping it to last longer and allowing you to sleep in a clean and cosy environment.

Bed frames also help to regulate your temperature as you sleep. The airflow under the mattress keeps you cool in summer, whilst being raised from a hardwood or tiled floor keeps you warmer in the winter, so you can slumber peacefully through the night.

A bed frame provides your mattress with an even greater level of support, protecting you from aches, pains and discomfort in the morning. In addition to all of this, a bed frame serves as a wonderful opportunity for extra storage by giving you under-the- bed space. 

How do I build my DUSK bed frame?

Our bed frames are simple to assemble. 


  • - Connect angle irons to the headboard and footboard.
  • - Connect the sides to create a perimeter.
  • - Attach the side rails and lifting mechanism.
  • - Construct the metal frame that supports the mattress.
  • - Attach this frame to the lifting mechanism.
  • - Complete the mattress support frame by inserting the slats.

Read our helpful bed frame assembly guide for further advice.

Should my bed frame match my furniture?

How much your bed frame matches your bedroom furniture depends entirely on your personal taste. 

For an eclectic style, you can mix and match furniture styles according to your preference. If you want a modern or minimalist bedroom, a linen look bed frame with a curved headboard is ideal. Or, for a classic style, our matte velvet bed frames are a stunning choice. Again, you can use a multitude of textures or co-ordinate with the finish of your bed frame by placing a storage bench at the end of your bed.

Or, if you’re looking for the perfect new furnishings to complement your bed, discover our charming range of bedroom furniture. And for further ideas on how to ensure your bed and bedroom furniture look gorgeous together, read our inspiration blog

How long should a bed frame last?

Depending on care, our bed frames can provide you with blissful comfort for between ten and twenty years. And if you need a replacement, find it in our wonderful range. 

How do I clean my fabric bed frame?

Maintain the stunning condition of your fabric bed frame with our simple cleaning tips.

  • - To remove dust and debris, gently vacuum the headboard of your fabric bed frame. 
  • - For any light staining, clean with lukewarm water and mild detergent.
  • - For tougher stains, apply fabric softener and leave for a few hours. Then, once the headboard is dry, gently vacuum any residue. 

For anything beyond this, we advise that you seek professional cleaning.

How do I clean my velvet bed frame?

A velvet bed frame requires a little more care when cleaning. For any stains on a velvet bed frame, carefully soak up any moisture with a dry cloth. Then delicately blot with warm water and mild detergent, avoiding scrubbing. If the stain persists, we recommend professional cleaning.