Bed Linen Glossary: Bedding Terms Explained

Are you looking to buy some new bedding but not quite sure where to start? 

With so many types of bedding to choose from, different thread counts and togs, we know buying bedding can be a confusing process. Different finishes and materials can affect the feel and overall look of your bed, which is why it is so important to know all about the bedding terms. 

To help with any confusion, the team at DUSK have come up with a list of bedding items and bedding definitions, so you can select the perfect option for your bedroom.


Bed Linen

Fitted Sheet - Placed directly on top of your mattress, a fitted sheet features an elastic hem and should fit snugly. There are two size options for fitted sheets: Standard and Deep. Standard sheets are suitable for mattresses with a depth of up to 30cm, while deep sheets fit up to 34cm.

Flat Sheet - The flat sheet provides an extra layer of luxury and warmth between your sheet and your duvet cover. This is a trick commonly used by hotels and will instantly elevate your bed.

Bedspread - Placed over your duvet cover and often opulently draping to the floor, a bedspread is a lightweight and decorative item that goes on the top of all your bedding. A bedspread can also be used in the colder months to make your bed more cosy.

Duck Down Duvet - A natural and breathable duvet filling crafted from a blend of duck feathers and down. The feathers provide structure and support while the down gives the duvet its warmth.

Goose Down Duvet - This is a more decadent filling than duck down due to the size of the goose down feathers. These feathers give goose down duvets a higher fill power — you can read more about duvet fillings in our Duck Down vs. Goose Down blog.

Feels Like Down Duvet - A feels like down duvet is made from synthetic fibers that have been designed to mimic the luxurious feel of down and feather. This makes them kind to allergies and are often a popular choice with those who are looking for a non-feather option with a luxury feel.

Duvet Cover - A duvet cover encases your duvet and usually has a button closing. They are generally decorative and are available in a variety of colours, patterns and designs.


Goose Down Pillow - Goose down pillows are made from the soft undercoat feathers of geese for a lofty and comfortable pillow that is naturally breathable. 

Duck Down Pillow - Duck down pillows are made from the slightly smaller clusters of feathers from ducks, but are still naturally breathable and offer a range of support options. 

Feels Like Down Pillow - A synthetic pillow that is made from microfibres designed to mimic the natural filling of feathers and down. These pillows provide a non-feather option while maintaining a luxury feel.

Standard Pillowcase - A standard pillowcase is the most common type of pillowcase measuring 50cm x 75cm (or 20” wide by 26” long). They are suitable for single, double and king size beds.

Super King Size Pillowcase - A super king pillowcase measures 50cm x 90cm (or 20” wide by 35” long). They are suitable for larger super king beds.

Oxford Pillowcase - An Oxford pillowcase has a decorative feature of additional fabric around the border of the pillowcase. This does not impact the size of the pillow but is perfect for creating a more luxurious look.

Bedding Accessories

Mattress Protector - A mattress protector is a removable bedding item that encases your mattress in order to protect it. This can prolong the life of your mattress while also preventing stains and keeping it clean.

Mattress Topper - A mattress topper sits on top of your mattress to provide an extra layer of comfort. They come in a range of natural feather down fillings as well as a synthetic fibre filling.

Throw/Blanket - A throw blanket is a decorative feature that is placed across the foot of your bed. They are available in a range of finishes, fabrics and sizes and are a great way to add a pop of colour to your bedroom or lounge.

Cushion Pad - A cushion pad sits inside a decorative cushion cover on your bed or sofa. Here at DUSK, our cushion pads are filled with luxury duck feather, with 50cm and 65cm sizes available depending on your desired look. 

Cushion Cover - Similar to a throw pillow, a fabric cushion cover is a decorative item that can add personality and texture to your home interior. These are often referred to as scatter cushions for the living room or decorative/throw pillows for the bed.


Waffle Weave - Also known as honeycomb weave, a waffle weave design features raised threads to form small rectangles or honeycomb shapes. This structure adds texture and warmth.

Tog - A measure of thermal insulance within a unit of area showing how much a material insulates. The higher the tog value, the greater the thermal insulation provided, which is why different togs are recommended for different seasons.

Thread Count - The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the material.

Cotton Sateen - Cotton sateen is crafted from combed, carded, or long-fibre cotton thread. Its signature sheen gives an opulent silky finish that feels soft and smooth to the touch.

Cotton Percale - Cotton percale is made using a simple over-and-under weave. This allows the cotton threads to be woven tightly together resulting in an extremely durable yet soft material.

Egyptian Cotton - Eygptian cotton is known for being one of the finest cottons worldwide. This is largely due to the length of the cotton fibre which makes it extremely soft yet strong. 

Brushed Cotton - Brushed cotton bedding is made from loosely spun cotton that undergoes a brushing process. The result is a soft and cosy material that is particularly popular during colder weather.

Linen - Linen is renowned for being naturally breathable. While it can be quite stiff when purchased, linen becomes softer and more comfortable the more often it is washed.

Down - Down is the layer of fine feathers below a bird's tougher exterior feathers. It is one of nature’s best warm and thermal insulators, making it the perfect filling for duvets.


Embroidery - This involves the sewing of raised designs or patterns on materials. Embroidery is usually created with thread and can incorporate other decorative elements.

Piping - This is a narrow strip sewn around a cord. This is commonly used on bedding with an oxford border and creates both a decorative and luxurious finish.

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