How To Wash Your Towels Effectively

Fluffy, plush, towels are the ultimate indulgence in any bathroom routine. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the style and comfort of stepping out of a shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a soft, clean towel. 

Now, once you have the perfect bath towels, you’ll want to extend their lifespan and keep them as pristine and fluffy as possible. In fact, our worst nightmare is washing our towels and watching them turn rough within just a few cycles in the washing machine. 

Is your initial reaction to wash them less? Well, you don’t need to compromise between hygiene and comfort. Factors such as what temperature to wash towels and how you store them are huge factors when it comes to how snug they feel over time.

Here at DUSK, we have collected all our expert knowledge and secrets so you can keep those fluffy, soft, and clean towels for much longer. 

Top tips to wash your towels properly

So, when it comes to retaining that spa-like quality to your clean towels and fresh face cloths, it’s essential to read the label and follow the right technique for washing your towels. 

And while you can clean them simply by washing your towels in the washing machine, these helpful tips will keep your towels feeling and looking plush after that first, second, or even third wash!

The best way to wash your towels is with other towels only. Throwing in the whole washing basket will not only overload your washing machine, but delicate fibres could be tangled with smaller items in the machine too. Not washing towels separately may prevent them from being properly washed, leaving you with not-so-fresh or clean towels – not what we’re after!

To keep your clean towels looking as fresh as the day you bought them, always separate the colours to avoid colour transfer and stay away from bleach to prevent stains and discolouration. And as towels collect extra residue, we recommend using half the suggested detergent, to prevent them from going stiff.

What temperature is safe to wash my towels?

With some towel washing top tips done, you might now be wondering about temperature and what exactly is the best setting to wash your towels on. 

Well, you can find the recommended temperature on the care label - but for ease we typically suggest washing your towels at 30°. And in terms of setting, a designated ‘towel’ wash is best, though your general setting is safe as well.

Washing your towels in hot water will help brighten the white and lighter-coloured towels, resulting in a cleaner, softer towel, with the heat helping to rid your towels of dirt. However, darker colours should be washed on a slightly lower temperature to preserve their colours, while also killing any bacteria. 

How often should I wash my towels?

We know popping the wash on can feel like a bit of a tedious task, but it’s good to get into the habit of washing your towels to avoid the spread of bacteria. 

So, try to wash your towels after every three to five uses. Overusing a dirty towel can cause irritation to your skin, but it may also spread infections. Now, it’s not the end of the world if you sometimes go a few more days without washing your luxury towels, but your skin will be healthier and clean towels will be fluffier the more often they are washed. 

But even with the best care and selecting the highest-quality towels, they won’t last forever. Here at DUSK, we recommend regularly-used towels should be replaced after one to three years, to help you maintain that luxury spa feeling!

Do I need to wash new towels?

We admit, this is a question we hear quite a lot – do I need to wash new towels? Well, in short, yes. But let’s dig a little deeper. 

Brand new, fresh, luxury towels can often include bits of fluff and lint from the manufacturing process. The majority of new, clean towels are coated with silicone or other finishes to block absorbency when being transported from the warehouse; this can leave them looking much flatter than they really are.

With this in mind, washing your towels before use will ensure full, bouncy, lint-free, and clean towels ready for use and display in your bathroom.

How should I dry my towels?

With your lovely, clean towels sorted, it’s time to look at how you should dry your towels - and this is super simple! 

When you first get your bath and hand towels out of the washing machine, we recommend you shake them before drying. This removes any excess water, shortening the drying time, and helps to keep clean towels indulgently fluffy. 

You can use either a dryer or air-dry your towels; but the preferred option to keep their soft touch is to air-dry. If you choose to air-dry your clean towels, lay them flat on a drying rack or outside on the line. This may leave them feeling a little stiff at first but make sure to give them a good old shake to fluff them back up. 

And to maximise fluffiness, when opting for a tumble dryer, try not to over dry or use a too high heat as this can damage delicate fibres. And you will want to remove your now dry and clean towels straight after the cycle is finished to prevent them from getting damp and causing damage.

How do I fold my towels?

So, the last step in keeping your towels lovely and clean is to safely store them away when they’re not in use. 

We recommend folding your clean towels once they are fully dry, and storing them in a linen closet, drawer, or on a bathroom rack. It’s important the towels are completely dry to ensure they don’t create a misty odour or form mildew and dampness in your storage spaces. 

For the simple hotel touch and the best use of shelf space, fold your bath and hand towels in thirds. To do this, simply fold your towel in half with the open ends to the left, then fold again. Next, fold up the bottom third of the towel and then fold the top third down to complete. 

But if you want to create a tranquil spa-like sanctuary in your bathroom, try the rolling method. Lay the towel on a flat surface, fold one corner diagonally towards the centre. Then fold your bath towel in half lengthwise and flip the towel over. Finally, tightly roll up the towel and tuck the point into the roll to keep the towel secure. 

With your clean towels sorted, it’s time to look at picking up some cosy bath mats to take your at-home hotel experience to the next level – just make sure to stay on top of washing those as well! But if you really want to bring the spa to your bathroom, why not check out our luxury bathrobes? For more style and cleaning advice head over to our blog