How to Choose Quality Bed Linen That Will Last

Did you know that we spend one-third of our lifetime asleep?  Surely we should be dreaming away wrapped up in the most luxurious bedding we can find! Every night we snuggle up in our bed linen for almost eight hours, so transforming your bedroom into a haven of style and comfort with the best bed sheets will provide the perfect sleeping space.

Is your bedding contributing to your night's sleep the best way it can? Almost one in five people have trouble sleeping every single night, and this could be down to the quality of your bed sheets. Choosing luxury bedding is an important decision and you will need to consider thread count, weave, and how to care for your bed linen. 

Help is at hand from DUSK, as we share six top tips on how to choose quality bed linen that will stand the test of time. 

1. Does thread count really matter?

If you're looking for chic, crisp bed sheets that will give your bed an instant uplift, maybe it's time to stop considering thread count as the sole contributing factor and consider fabric too. 

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Over the years, higher thread count has often indicated the best quality bed linens. However, a high thread count doesn’t always mean high quality. There are many heavenly collections of high thread count bedding crafted with top-quality fabrics, so you are sure to find your perfect bed linens and experience ultimate comfort. 

2. Find your perfect material

Sleeping better will improve your overall health and mental well-being, so finding the best bed linen for you is crucial. Dreamy bedding comes in a variety of fabrics - including cotton, linen and silk - and you will find that each fabric has a different effect on your comfort and overall feel. One of the most popular options is cotton, with Egyptian cotton producing gorgeous, comforting sheets. 

Cotton is renowned for making luxury bed sheets as the material is beautifully breathable. The natural material will absorb your heat during the night, keeping you cooler in the hotter months, while retaining your body heat and keeping you cosy in the winter. Enjoy a smooth, soft feel to your bedding with luxury cotton.

3. Discover the ultimate weave

Create the cosiest bed of your dreams by finding your ideal weave. The way your linen is woven will end up having a huge effect on the way it feels and looks. From percale, sateen and brushed cotton, there are a variety of weaves out there that will add the perfect finishing touch to your bed.

If you prefer a plain simple weave, percale will give you a flat, crisp finish that's cool against your skin. For a silky soft touch with a subtle sheen we recommend choosing sateen, but if you want an extra soft feel, a popular choice is brushed cotton.

Have a shop around before committing to buying your luxurious bedding. 

4. Pick the patterns

The way your bedding looks is just as important as how it feels. Modern, timeless designs can drastically add to your bedroom aesthetic. You can mix and match patterns and colours to add another dreamy dimension to your overall design. Choosing bed linen with classy contrast trims is a great way to add colour, with striking detail around the border sure to add a subtle touch of extra style.

Why not pick some different cushions, throws and covers to transform your room with elements of luxury and create a haven of chic style? 

5. Quality season after season

Your luxurious bedding should elevate your sleep all year round. Finding the perfect summer and winter duvet can be a challenge, but your stunning bed sheets should suit every season. Cotton percale, Egyptian cotton, and linen bedding will keep you wrapped up warm in the colder months and cooler on hotter nights, so there’s no reason to swap your bed linen for a new style every season - unless you fancy a change, of course.

If you do feel the chill during winter or if you like to layer up your sheets, why not add a chunky knit blanket or throw to make your bed extra cosy? 

6. Keep care at the top of your mind

Different bed sheets will require different washing methods, so make sure to always read the label! If you don’t wash your bed linen and fail to take care of it properly, it won’t look its best for long. Washing your bedding correctly will leave it feeling wonderfully fresh and soft, ensuring complete comfort every night.

It is really important to always read the washing instructions for your bed linen thoroughly, making sure you are giving your bedding the quality care it needs. 

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