Kids Collections

Discover kids' bedding styles that are calm, cosy and classic. Our kids’ bedding creates a bedroom that’s soft and snug for your children, it truly is what dreams are made of.

From reversible star prints, and pink and lilac spot bedding to leaf and crocodile print duvet covers, our DUSK children’s bedding is available in either single or double sizes and is the perfect place to rest their heads at night.

Kids’ Bedding FAQs

What fabric is best for kids’ bedding?

As children’s skin is much more delicate than ours, it’s important to select a bed linen style that is super soft. Cotton is a great option, thanks to its soft feel and breathable finish, it helps to regulate body temperature so that your little ones are never too hot or too cold. 

How to style a kids’ bedroom

There are countless ways to style a kid’s room, from investing in fun vibrant printed bed linen to imaginative layouts that will spark their creativity.

Here are our top three ways to style a child’s bedroom:

  1. Opt for bedding with playful prints                                                            
  2. Create a fun theme to tie everything together
  3. Choose a creative bed setup, such as bunk beds or a  four-poster bed

For more inspiration, explore our handy Kids’ Bedding Guide.

How to make a child’s room cosy

Building a space that feels safe and welcoming is crucial in order for your child to feel settled and secure in their room. This helps to promote a smooth bedtime routine, which is essential for children’s development.

Build a cosy and inviting space for your little one by investing in playful children’s bedding and layering soft throws or blankets on their bed, for an extra layer of warmth and comfort.