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How to choose the right winter duvet

17 Oct 2019

Staying warm and comfortable in winter is generally a good idea. Staying warm and comfortable in bed during winter is essential.

Everyone differs in terms of the temperature at which they are most comfortable during the night. Some are happy to keep cool with minimal bedding, while others like to snuggle down beneath heavy throws and blankets.

Finding the ideal luxury duvet for the winter will help you achieve the level of warmth just right for you. Have a look at our duvet guide below.

What does tog mean?

We've all heard of the term tog in relation to duvets and other sleeping equipment but what does it actually mean?

A tog is a term used to refer to the level of thermal resistance a fabric has and is used throughout the textile business. The higher the tog rating, the more dense and warmer it is. For example, a 9-tog duvet is heavier and warmer than a 4.5 duvet luxury duvet can have any one of these ratings.

4.5 tog rating is recommended for summer and 9-tog or is better if you need extra warmth during winter. All seasons duvets service both seasons by joining together the 4.5 tog and the 9-tog duvets.

Down duvets

As luxury duvet sets go, it's difficult to match the quality of a luxury duck down duvet.

If you enjoy a plump, soft cushioning, made from light and fluffy duck down and feathers, then this thicker duvet, armed to brave the winter, is for you. Covered in breathable cotton is has a high proportion of down spread evenly throughout.

Hypoallergenic duvets

Many people suffer from allergies that can cause reactions when they are exposed to certain fibres. These reactions can be irritating and put a halt to a potentially great night's sleep. So, if you are already suffering from a winter's cold or sniffles, this can be exacerbated if you don't have the right pillows. If you experience allergies or irritations, the first port of call for you is to a hypoallergenic pillow.

Mold, dust and dust mites are all fans of bedding but hypoallergenic bedding helps to keep them away. Made from fabrics and materials that include synthetic, 100% microfibre our feels like down super soft duvet can help. With this duvet, coziness is maintained thanks to the lightweight and soft down inside the duvet, while remaining anti-allergen.

The duvet is covered in an outer layer made from cotton percale; a high quality, smooth and fine fabric with a structure that ensures an even distribution of fill throughout. All duvets, including queen duvet, single duvet or king size duvet can be fastened together with buttons, enabling you to custom make your own tog rating.

Different bed duvet designs

Not only is it important to get the right material and tog rating for your duvet but it is also worthwhile to choose the right style of duvet, as this allows you to create a seasonal style within a room, instantly. For instance, if you want your king duvet set to fit seamlessly with an existing wintery design, or if you want to set the tone in your spare room with a new double duvet set, then there are a number of choices you have.

A white duvet set is a popular choice all year round. It offers a Spring fresh feel for the warmer months and provides a blank canvass for adding almost any winter warming colours and tones to as the nights draw in. For example, a super king duvet set can look majestic and inviting when layered with numerous throws made from different fabrics and colours.

A grey cotton duvet set is also popular in the winter as it allows you to subtly replace the cooler white shades while allowing you to maintain a crisp and neutral design. If you want to create a boutique hotel feel then DUSK's Venice Grey and white duvet set is perfect. Made with superior cotton, it has a gentle finish and offers a dash of design with its hand stitching.

In essence, getting the right winter bedding is a matter of mixing the design of your duvet, the tog rating and the right choice of material. All of these elements will allow you to create your own version of winter bedding luxury.

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