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What Tog Duvet For Winter Should I Choose?

17 Oct 2019

Is there anything better than cosying up in bed when the weather outside is frightful? Well, to feel nice and toasty as you drop off to sleep, you need the right winter duvet!

And while everyone has different preferences when it comes to a comfortable temperature at night, finding the best winter duvet typically comes down to getting a thicker and warmer alternative. 

So, in this article, we will talk through what tog duvet for winter you should buy and the warmest duvet covers for winter, as well as other winter duvet considerations.

Let’s jump into everything winter duvet-related, below.


What are tog ratings?

While you may have heard of the term ‘tog’ when browsing other types of bedding, what does it actually mean when we’re talking about the warmest duvets for winter?

Essentially, tog rating is the level of insulation that a fabric offers, which can differ based on the type and thickness of the material. Scaling from 4.5 togs all the way up to 15 togs, the higher the tog rating, the more dense and warm it is. 

For example, a 4.5-tog luxury duvet will be more lightweight and airy than a 9-tog duvet. It’s just a case of finding the right duvet for your sleeping preferences.

To find out more about tog ratings, take a look at our how to choose the right duvet tog blog post. 

What's the best tog for winter duvets?

With the explanation about tog ratings out of the way, we can get to the big question: what tog duvet for winter is best?

Well, as a general recommended tog for a winter duvet, anything between 10.5 and 12.5 togs should keep you nice and warm for those colder months. However, if you run a little cold or your bedroom is more susceptible to drafts, then the best tog for a winter duvet might be more between 13.5 and 15 togs. 

And, as luxury winter duvet sets go, it’s difficult to match the quality of our Duck Down duvets. Available in a thick and toasty 13.5 tog, this luxurious collection is one of the warmest duvets for winter you can buy, thanks to its duck feathers and duck down combination that offers plump, soft cushioning. What’s more, Duck Down duvets are available in single, double, king size and super king size options!

What else do I need to consider when buying a winter duvet?

Choosing the best tog for a winter duvet is just one of the ways to ensure you have a sound night’s sleep during the colder months. You should also consider the following when picking out the best winter duvet for your bedroom set-up:

1. Think about hypoallergenic winter duvets

We all know the frustration of trying to drift off to sleep when you’re nursing a winter cold or a case of the sniffles. Well, picking a winter duvet with hypoallergenic features can help you feel more comfortable when you just need to rest up. 

In this respect, our Feels Like Down duvet collection could be the best winter duvet option for you. Instead of feathers, this duvet is filled with 100% light microfibres, wrapped in a breathable 100% cotton casing. This helps to minimise any mould, dust, or dust mites that cause allergies or irritate runny noses. For the best results, pair this duvet with a warm duvet cover for winter too!

You can also help ease uncomfortable allergy symptoms with the right pillows. Thankfully, we also have Feels Like Down pillow sets that pair perfectly with the matching winter duvet option!

2. Choose the perfect winter duvet cover style

It’s all well and good picking out the warmest duvet for winter, but you also need to ensure you’re choosing the right style too. 

For instance, if you’re pivoting from an autumn décor style into a more festive look, then you’ll need to think about the best winter duvet covers for your set-up. After all, you’ll want your bedding to reflect the Christmas season – especially if you’re decorating the guest room

Alternatively, if you want a more versatile option, a grey cotton duvet set is also popular in winter. That’s because this winter duvet cover allows you to subtly replace the cooler, white shades of summer while allowing you to maintain a crisp and neutral design. 

So, make sure you browse our full collection of duvet covers and pillowcases to make the most of your winter duvet choice.

3. Add extra bedding to your winter duvet

No matter what time of year it is, creating the most comfortable bed goes beyond just picking the perfect pillows and duvet covers.

So, to ensure you’re making the most of your warm duvet for winter, you need to think about what else you can add to your bed. For example, do you want to pair your winter duvet with a luxurious throw for that extra layer of comfort? Or perhaps you’d prefer a thick bedspread to keep you warm and toasty at night?

You also shouldn’t neglect the bedding underneath you. Thick fitted sheets and mattress toppers can also help you retain heat in the colder months, maximising the effect of your winter duvet. 

Essentially, choosing the best winter duvet is a matter of considering the recommended tog for a winter duvet, as well as picking the perfect style and bedding accessories. If you’ve got your own tips for choosing the warmest duvet for winter, we’d love to hear them! Just let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

For more insights for your interior, head over to the DUSK blog or start shopping our bed, mattress, and bedding collections today! 

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