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A luxury sofa bed is the perfect 2-in-1 piece. These innovative designs offer premium comfort, both as a stylish sofa and as a sumptuously soft...

A luxury sofa bed is the perfect 2-in-1 piece. These innovative designs offer premium comfort, both as a stylish sofa and as a sumptuously soft bed to promote uninterrupted slumber. A great option for living rooms and guest rooms alike, our sofa beds are the ideal choice if you're looking to optimise space within your home.

Available in a range of designs and colours, you'll find a sofa bed to match any home. Opt for a light natural linen look or a moonlit grey chenille - no matter what your style, each colour blends seamlessly with any interior and can compliment the tones of your living room or bedroom furniture.

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Sofa Bed FAQs

DUSK shares everything you need to know about our sofa bed collection. 

Are sofa beds comfortable?

Our sofa beds are gloriously comfortable whether used for sitting or sleeping. Choose from a range of sumptuous fabrics, including matte velvet, cinelle and linen look. Plus, each sofa bed has a plush fibre filling for cloud-like softness. 

How do sofa beds work?

We offer two types of luxurious sofa beds- click clack and pull-out.

How do click clack sofa beds work?

Our click clack sofa beds seamlessly transform from sofa to bed and back again.

Simply push the back of your sofa forwards until you hear a clicking sound. This signifies that the sofa’s locking mechanism is released. Now the sofa will unfold into a plush and dream-worthy mattress. Make sure the extra legs of the bed have descended before settling down to sleep.

Transform the bed back into a sofa again with ease by gently lifting it into place until you hear a clicking sound once again. 

How do pull-out sofa beds work?

Our gorgeous sofa beds turn into a blissful sleeping spot in seconds.

Remove the seat cushions from your sofa to reveal the mattress frame, which you’ll then pull forward. Once the additional legs have descended, unfurl the mattress and voila your guest has a perfect place to curl up for the night.  

How do I make my sofa bed more comfortable?

Give your guests the hotel treatment by adorning your sofa bed with our fluffy pillows and snug throws. We warn you though- your guest may be too relaxed to ever leave…

How to care for your sofa bed

Ensure that your sofa bed remains a luxurious place to sit or slumber with these simple care tips: 

  • - Clean with your vacuum curtain attachment (the one with a lint-catching fabric strip) or a lint roller to stop dust build up.
  • - Try to keep your sofa away from direct sunlight, and not too close to heat sources, as this can cause fading over time.
  • - Wipe up the spillage as quickly as possible by gently dabbing or blotting with a dry cloth. Some tougher spills, such as oil and grease, can be more persistent and leave a stain. In this case, it's best to contact a specialist cleaning service.
  • - Hand wash or professional clean only, no machine washing.