A Guide To Ordering Your Dusk Sofa

Buying a new sofa is an exciting process, from choosing your perfect style to picking the ideal fabric colour to complement your home. Once you’ve found your dream sofa, then comes the process of actually ordering it and having it delivered. 

We’re going to take you through the process of ordering a DUSK sofa, from getting ready for delivery to setting up your sofa ready for the countless comfortable evenings to come. 

Measuring Up

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new sofa is to check that it will fit its intended location - and that it will fit through the door. You don’t want to end up with your beautiful new sofa stuck in the hallway or not even able to get through your front door. 

Check the dimensions of your new sofa carefully so you know what to expect. You could then measure your current sofa and use it as a guide to see how your new one will fit in the space and work with your other furniture. Otherwise, you could use masking tape to mark out your new sofa’s dimensions or make a template out of newspaper or cardboard. 

Measure the width of every door en route to the room where your sofa will go, and compare against the measurements of the new sofa. Keep in mind how much space you’ll need for turning corners, too.

You can find precise measurements for all our sofas under the product details tab, including the dimensions of the delivery box.

Getting Your Home Ready for Your New Sofa

Once you’ve established that your beautiful new sofa will be able to get into your house safely, it’s time to prepare the space for its arrival. Hopefully, by the delivery day, you’ll have made arrangements to have your old sofa removed, clearing the way for your brand-new one. 

Bear in mind that if you’ve ordered a larger sofa bed then it will be delivered to your ground floor hallway, while most other sofas and click-clack sofa beds can be delivered to your room of choice. You can find more detail about this on our Delivery page.  

As well as measuring doorways and corridors, check that the entry route for your sofa is clear of any obstructions or obstacles. Shift coffee tables and other chairs well out of the way, and check for any electrical cables that could cause a tripping hazard. Bear in mind that you’ll need some space for unpacking your sofa and doing any assembly.

Make sure the intended location of your new sofa is level, as having an uneven floor or one or two sofa legs on a rug can put stress on the frame and even damage it over time. 

Assembling Your DUSK Sofa

Speaking of assembly, your new DUSK sofa may need some final touches to get it ready to enjoy. This usually means just attaching the legs once you’ve unpacked it, making your sofa ready to put into place.

Once you’ve got it the right way up and where you want it, make sure you plump up all the cushions as they may be a bit flat from being transported. Now it’s ready to start getting cosy and enjoying your gorgeous new DUSK sofa. You can also make it your own by deciding how you want to arrange your sofa cushions and if you want to add some unique style and texture with a throw.   

Looking After Your New Sofa

To keep your new sofa looking beautiful and feeling comfy as long as possible, it’s worth remembering some everyday care tips.


  • Keep your sofa out of direct sunlight as much as possible to reduce the risk of the fabric discolouring, either by positioning it away from windows or closing the curtains when it’s sunny. Alternatively, you could make use of a stylish throw to help protect the upholstery. 
  • Rotate or flip the seat and back cushions every week or so to help them wear evenly.
  • Plump scatter cushions every day to keep them fluffy and comfortable.
  • Clean your sofa regularly, vacuuming it at least once a week to remove crumbs and surface dust. 
  • Spills sometimes happen, and the best approach to protect the fabric of your sofa is to blot liquids immediately with kitchen paper or a dry cloth. Then use a damp cloth to further blot the spillage, which helps to dilute it and minimise any staining. 


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