The Ultimate Pillow and Cushion Size Guide

From decorative cushions for your cosy sofa to plump pillows perfect for a restful night’s sleep, cushions and pillows are an effortless way to transform any room into a peaceful sleep sanctuary.

As such, selecting the right cushion size and suitable pillow dimensions are essential for guaranteeing yourself a restful snooze. However, choosing the right cushion size, and deciphering pillow dimensions can be a bit of a challenge. 

Well, to point you in the right direction, we’ve pulled together a collection of top tips for choosing the right cushion and pillow size. 

Whether you’re pondering over the standard cushion size, wondering how many pillows go on a bed, or want to explore different ways to arrange them, continue reading, below.

What size is a standard pillow?

First up, let’s take a look at those lovely bedroom pillows. And depending on the size of your comfy bed, you’ll find a different pillow size works best. 

Now, the standard pillow size measurements are 50 x 75cm, and these are designed to fit standard sized beds such as single and double sized. However, if you’re after pillows for a larger bed, super king size pillows are the way to go with dimensions of 50 x 90cm

But what pillow size is right for you? Let’s take a look.

Choose the right size pillows for you

When it comes to choosing the right pillow size for you, the size of your mattress will be the ultimate guide as to whether you need a standard pillow size or larger super king size pillows.

As discussed, standard pillow sizes are a popular choice for bed sizes such as single and double. However, for a king size or super king size bed, a super king size pillow is better suited. While you can use standard pillows on a larger bed in a pinch, you’d have to use several to cover the span of the bed and this may not be as comfortable!

Alongside your bed and pillow size, it’s also important to consider how you sleep. If you frequently toss and turn in the night, a larger pillow size may offer more comfort. You should also look at firmness and filling of the pillow, which you can find more info about on our handy guide to choosing your perfect pillow.

And when it comes to how many pillows on a bed, your best bet is to stick to one high-quality pillow, which will provide the support you need as you snooze. Too many pillows can shift around in the night, causing discomfort and preventing you getting that relaxing shut eye.

How to measure your cushions

Just as comfy (and definitely just as stylish) is our collection of scatter cushions! While you wouldn’t use these to nap on, they are great for elevating the style, class, and luxurious quality of your sofa or bed. 

But whether you’ve got an extra-large cushion or a smaller cushion, the wrong cushion cover size will leave the corners empty, meaning your cushion won’t look plump or luxurious. So, let’s measure the size of both. 

For a square or rectangular cushion pad, simply measure along the length and width of the cushion cover. For round cushions, measure from one side to the other to find the diameter. 

And to measure a cushion cover, remove the cushion pad while laying the cover flat, following the same measuring rules as before.

How to arrange cushions on your bed

Scatter cushions are an essential part of creating the perfect cosy bed set-up. However, with such a wide choice of different sizes and shapes, it can be tricky to know what will work best in your bedroom. So, let’s explore!

Maximalism vs minimalism

You can go for a maximalist or minimalist look with your cushions – and don’t be afraid to mix and match cushion sizes either!

For a stylish yet minimalist look, stick to a symmetrical pattern and even numbers. You could grab four cushions to rest against your super king size pillows, while two cushions works better for the standard cushion size. 

However, for a maximalist style, mixing and matching your cushions so they’re not symmetrical will create a unique and modern style. Start with white bed linen to provide a blank canvas, then explore different shades and patterns to find the perfect colour for your bedroom

Select a pretty palette

Next up, we need to choose a strong colour palette to have throughout your bedroom. Maybe you’d like to go for black and white for stylish contrast, or shades of beige for some cosy cohesion. 

Selecting three cushions in different shades from your colour palette will help form an elegant and aesthetic style to your bed. But you can select cushions of the same shade if you prefer a more cohesive look too. 

Then, with colour palette sorted, pick up a cushion in small, medium, and large to create a diverse look. Place these on your bed, with the largest going first, leaning against your pillow, the medium size propped against the large, and finishing with the smallest at the front of the stack.

Try a trio arrangement

A trio of cushions in the middle of your bed, with two placed at the back and one in front, can help your bed pop!

For those grandiose, super king cushion sizes, choose two plain-coloured extra-large cushions, placing a smaller, patterned cushion in front – a sure fire way to make sure your bed stand out!

Alternatively, you can go for just two cushions and place one in front of each of your pillows, which is great for dressing smaller beds.

Style with some bedding

Of course, no pillow or cushion is complete without a cosy duvet, stylish duvet cover, and a lovely decorative throw

You can go for the same duvet cover, pillowcase, and cushion style to create a put-together, clean vibe. But mixing and matching your bedding can actually have a stylish, characterful impact on your bedspread too!

How to arrange cushions on your sofa

When it comes to arranging cushions on your sofa, it can be tempting to get a wide array, especially when they look this good! But too many cushions on your sofa can look overly fussy, not to mention impractical and (sometimes) uncomfortable! 

So, for a 2-seater sofa, two to four cushions will create the perfect balance - opt for two cushions for the minimal look. If you want a more modern, maximalist style, three to four cushions will give you space to add depth through colours and patterns, this works best with a 3-seater sofa. Always make sure you aren’t overloading your sofa with cushions to avoid that impractical, not-so-cosy feel. 

And whether you’re dressing a corner sofa or an L-shaped sofa, try placing one to three cushions in each corner for a cosy and stylish sofa. Whereas layering different sized cushions, starting with the largest at the back, will have a great impact on the overall look! 

Cushions and pillows sorted, you might be on the lookout for some elegant furniture pieces, like plump pouffes or cosy coffee tables, to elevate your home. Looking for more style advice? Head over to our blog to get started on piecing together your serene, tranquil, soothing home.