The Ultimate Pillow and Cushion Size Guide

Choosing the right pillow is an important factor in achieving a great night's sleep. However, choosing the right size pillow dimensions and cushions for a bedroom that is luxuriously comfortable and supremely stylish can be a challenge. 

From decorative cushions that can make your home feel warm and welcoming, to comfy pillows that are an essential part of how your bed feels, cushions and pillows are an effortless way to transform any room into a stylish haven. 

DUSK’s experts have put together top tips on choosing the right size pillows for your space and different ways to arrange them.  

Cushion & Pillow Sizes

Do you want to transform your bed and create the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom? Knowing all about the best pillows to choose from will help you to arrange your bed just like a designer. From standard size pillow dimensions to decorative scatter cushions, load your bed up with piles of gorgeous cushions for a truly luxurious and opulent look. 

What Is A Standard Size Pillow?

Designed to fit standard sized beds such as single and double, standard pillow size measurements are 50 x 75cm. If you’re looking for something a little larger, a super king size pillow is the direction to go, otherwise it is likely that it will take three standard size pillows to cover the span of a king to super king size mattress.  

What Is A Super King Size Pillow?

Do you have a king size or super king size bed? Super king size pillows are the perfect option to upgrade your bedding, especially for larger beds. With a king size pillow, you can find the best fit for your king size bed as they measure at 50 x 90cm. Due to their luxuriously oversized look, it means there won't be a gap between them when you make the bed - ensuring the ideal fit.

Choosing The Right Pillows For Your Bed

The size of your mattress will be the ultimate guide as to which pillows you should choose for your bed. Standard size pillows are a popular choice for bed sizes such as single and double. However, for a king or super king size bed, a super king pillow is better suited. 

Alongside your bed size, it is important to consider how you sleep. If you frequently toss and turn during the night, a larger pillow may offer you more comfort. 

How Your Pillow Size Can Help You Sleep 

Whilst the blame may often be put solely on the mattress when you’ve suffered from a bad night's sleep, there are other factors that could also be causing issues. Pillows can often enhance problems that may cause neck and back pain as well as headaches. This is because the alignment of your spine in bed is often down to your choice of pillow. Therefore choosing the right pillow is just one way to help you achieve a better quality of sleep every night. 

How To Measure Your Cushions

To measure a cushion cover, remove the cushion pad whilst laying the cover flat. For a square or rectangular cushion, simply measure along the length and width of the cushion cover. For round cushions, measure from one side to the other to find the diameter. Always ensure you don’t opt for a smaller size when choosing your cushion pad as this will leave the corners empty, meaning your cushion won’t look plump and luxurious. 

Arranging Throw Cushions On Your Bed

Throw cushions are an essential part of creating the perfect aesthetic in your bedroom. However, with such a wide choice of different sizes and shapes, it can be tricky to know what will work best in your bedroom.

Be A Minimalist

If you’re looking for a stylish yet minimalist look when it comes to arranging your bed, stick to a symmetrical pattern and even numbers. It can be as simple as stacking four standard pillows encased in white pillowcases, using them as a rest for accent cushions to lean against. Simply stack one larger cushion behind a smaller cushion for a layered and sophisticated look. 

Mix & Match

If you want to choose a look that adds a little extra interest, mixing and matching your scatter cushions so they’re not symmetrical will create a unique and modern style. Start with white bed linen to provide  a blank canvas to explore numerous colourways and patterns with your soft furnishings. 

Pretty Palettes 

Choose a strong colour palette to have throughout your bedroom. This way you can match the cushions on your bed with other aspects of your room such as artwork. A 3,2,1 pattern on your bed with cushions in different shades on your color palette will form an elegant and opulent look — perfect for introducing a touch of glamour to your bedroom. 

Take On A Trio

A trio of cushions in the middle of your bed with two placed at the back and one in front can help make your bed the statement piece in your room. By choosing two plain coloured extra large cushions and placing a patterned cushion in front, you can effortlessly make your bed stand out. 

How Many Cushions Should You Have On Your Sofa

Too many cushions on your sofa can look overly fussy as well as being impractical, whilst not enough cushions may look sparse and unwelcoming. For a two-seater sofa, two to four cushions will create the perfect balance. For a minimalist look, opt for two cushions, though if you’re wanting a more modern style, three cushions is the perfect option. Even more  cushions will give you the opportunity to add depth with colours and patterns. 

If you’re looking to dress your corner sofa, placing one to three cushions in each corner will create a cosy and stylish sofa. Layering different sized cushions starting with the largest at the back will have a great impact on the overall look! To finish off your l shaped sofa and add a little extra comfort, style a cosy throw over the arm or back of your sofa - it will make the perfect companion on a cold winter's night as well as helping your living room look homely and welcoming. 

Cushion & Pillow Fillings 

Duck feather cushion pads are a great choice of filling for your accent and scatter cushions. They have a luxurious feel that looks plump and it is supremely comfortable to sit against, offering just the right amount of support. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect cushion for a great night sleep, you need to consider the weight, firmness and overall comfort of the pillow. For more information on choosing a pillow for a good night’s sleep, head over to our blog. 

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