The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Pillow

When you’re shopping around for the best set of luxury pillows, it’s all about finding the right type to suit your sleeping style.

After all, finding the right pillow could be the key to a good night’s sleep, letting you rest your head in complete comfort. But with so much to consider - pillow filling, firmness levels, and the best type of pillow for your sleeping position - it can be a little confusing. 

So, in this article, we will explore how to find the right pillow, the best pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers, and front sleepers, and the low down on pillow fillings too, below.

How to find the right pillow

When finding the right pillow, it’s best to start by asking yourself a few questions first: what is my preferred sleeping position? How many pillows should I sleep with? What is the best pillow filling for me? It’s also important to look at soft vs firm pillows too!

Now, spending so much time pondering over pillows may seem tedious, especially when you just want to cosy up and drift off. But finding the right pillow can actually have tremendous benefits to the quality of your sleep. 

And, lucky for you, you aren’t on your own! So, let’s get right into it…

What is the best pillow for my sleeping position?

The whole purpose of finding the right pillow is to improve your sleeping position and guarantee the best night’s sleep possible. 

But we all have our own preferred sleeping position, falling into three main categories: side sleeper, back sleeper, and front sleeper. Get the wrong type of pillow for your comfy spot and it can result in aches, pains, and a tough night’s sleep.

So, let’s look into the best pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, and front sleepers. So, no matter how you snooze, you can sleep comfortably!

Best pillow for side sleepers

While sleeping on your side is the most popular sleeping position – with so many people loving to curl up and get cosy – you will still need a certain type of pillow to provide proper support. 

That’s because, when you sleep on your side, you create a little gap between your neck and the pillow. This leaves you with no support for your neck, which can lead to painful twinges come morning time. 

So, to bridge this gap and ensure a comfortable and supported sleep, a thick and firm type of pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers

Best pillow for back sleepers

Dreaming away on your back comes highly recommended by sleep experts, but what is the best type of pillow to use if you fall into this category? 

Well, if you’re sleeping on your back you want to avoid having your head too high. When your neck and head are elevated in this position, you can develop muscle strain - and this is not conducive to that dreamy night’s sleep!

To avoid this strain, you want less pillow filling so your head can rest comfortably in a lower position. With this in mind, the best pillow for back sleepers is a thinner, softer pillow.

Best pillow for front sleepers

Now, while it’s not typically advised to sleep on your front as it leaves your body in an unnatural sleeping position, it’s still important to explore the best pillow for front sleepers

If you naturally gravitate to this position in your sleep, it’s best to go for less pillow filling. You want to choose a thinner, softer pillow, so your head and neck can sink into your mattress and avoid any uncomfortable strain.

Additionally, with your face buried in your pillow, you can become overheated quite quickly. As such, try picking a pillow with a breathable pillow filling and material that helps to repel heat and keep you comfy all night long.

How many pillows should you sleep with?

With the best pillow for your preferred sleeping position sorted, let’s look at how many pillows you should sleep with. 

Having a ton of pillows may be tempting, especially once you’ve experienced the luxurious comfort of a DUSK pillow. But it’s actually better to have just one! When you have multiple pillows stacked up, they can shift around in the night, causing discomfort. 

If you use multiple pillows to build firmness, or you prefer the thicker feel of stacked pillows, don’t worry - we offer all of our pillows in soft, medium, and firm!

What is the best pillow filling for me?

From down pillows to synthetic, there’s a pillow filling for everyone. But if you’re wondering what’s the best pillow filling for you? We’ve got the answers!

There are three standard types of pillow fillings – Goose Down, Duck Down, and Feels Like Down. All of these are just as comfy as the other, but they are still different types of pillow with different levels of support. 

For example, a Goose Down pillow has more pillow filling to allow for a firmer feel, while still being soft enough to sink into. With 80% down and 20% feather, Goose Down pillows tend to be a bit thicker, perfect for side sleepers!

Whereas if you prefer a softer pillow, then a Duck Down pillow filling is best. Typically, a Duck Down pillow is best suited to back sleepers, as they provide the perfect balance of support while still having that coveted sink-ability.

And last, but by no means least, we have Feels Like Down pillows. These come with 100% synthetic microfibres for a natural pillow filling. Just as cosy as the rest, and a perfect animal-friendly alternative to the goose and duck feathers of other pillows.

Can I find anti-allergy pillows?

While some vegans may opt for synthetic pillow filling, it may be that you’re just not suited to these fibres and are looking for an anti-allergy pillow to stop allergy triggers.

Well, we’re here to help. The synthetic fibres of our Feels Like Down pillows make an ideal anti-allergy pillow. This guarantees you the cosy night’s sleep you deserve, without the risk of sniffles and sneezes. What’s not to love? 

With the best pillow for you sorted, it’s time to shop for some stylish pillowcases and a cosy duvet to complete your bed spread. And are you looking to really bring the cosy feel to your bedroom? Head over to our inspiration page for style and décor advice.