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Bedroom Lighting Ideas: How To Use Luxury Lighting

07 Oct 2019

Your bedroom is where you relax, unwind, and ultimately drift off into a blissful night’s sleep. And luxury lighting works wonders on creating this calm and relaxing sleep sanctuary

To make your sleep deeper and fuller, you’ll want the best bedroom lighting possible installed in your space. Lamps, candles, fairy lights, all of these modern bedroom lightings are easy to find, easy to use, and even easier to enjoy their soothing effect! 

So, here at DUSK, we’ve come up with some bedroom lighting ideas to get the most relaxing lighting into your space, guaranteeing you a full, satisfying sleep, every night. 

Read, below, for some bedroom lighting ideas.

 1. Use more bedroom lighting

We’ve all walked into the bedroom lighting section of a department store and been completely dazzled. So, it might seem odd for us to say this but…use more bedroom lighting! 

Now, this isn’t about cramming as many bedroom lighting ideas as possible into your space, there is a subtle art to this. That is, it’s better to have more bedroom lighting that’s warm and dimmed, than to have one big, garish, bright white bedroom light. 

Let’s start with the main lighting in your room: ambient bedroom light. The best bedroom lighting design for this is a dimmer. So, install a dimmer switch for your ceiling light and choose a warm bulb to create a soft, cosy, glow in your room. 

Next up, task bedroom lighting. Think about what you typically use your space for. If it’s reading, you might look to install modern bedside lighting to illuminate the words on the page. For working at a desk, a swing arm lamp will work best. 

And lastly, accent bedroom lighting. This can be used to highlight any bits of art or photos you have in your bedroom. Or if you have a feature wall, then a warm-toned wall light facing upwards is great for creating a relaxing feel. 

2. Choose the right shade

Now you’ve sorted bedroom lights, it’s time to talk luxury light shades. These are the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom décor, but they’re also ideal for creating a cosy haven

Going for luxury light shades in lighter colours will give a fresh and bright touch to your room, while darker colours create a warmer feel. If you want a calming hotel-chic effect, then pastel colours are the way to go. 

Once you’ve decided on a colour, it’s time to look into shapes. The most common lamp shade is an empire style, where light cascades down, bathing the room in a soft glow. For more of an even distribution of light across the whole room, the open style of a drum shade is best.

3. Create idyllic bedroom ambient lighting

There’s a secret fourth type of lighting we didn’t discuss before: mood lighting. 

Mood lighting is crucial to creating the best bedroom lighting for the ultimate sleep. It includes modern bedroom lighting, such as fairy lights and sunset lamps. 

Fairy lights, in particular, are a great small bedroom lighting idea. You can follow the curves and edges of your bedroom with the string-like style of these luxury lights, opening up your room and giving the illusion of more space. 

Waking up to natural light is the most relaxing way to wake up, and is there anything more relaxing than a sunset? We don’t think so. Sunset lamps bring the warm glow of sunshine to you and add more natural light to the room too. Well, the illusion of it at least!

4. Don’t forget about the floor

It may seem odd and, well, just plain confusing, but subtly lighting your floor is great for creating that tranquil, relaxing, bedroom light.

Floor lamps are the perfect small bedroom light idea. Placing these luxury lights in the corners of your space helps to draw the eye to the further reaches of your floor plan, instead of the small space in the middle, making the room feel bigger. 

But regardless of room size, floor lamps tie together the laid-back, relaxing feel of any bedroom, bringing you ultimate comfort. Having an evenly lit room can accentuate your décor too, creating a truly stylish contemporary space.

 5. Add a calm and cosy touch

Last but not least, it’s time to put the finishing touches to your cosy space. Feelings of romance, serenity, and cosiness can all be introduced with one simple light: candles. 

Now, it goes without saying that you should be very careful to position candles away from other objects and always remember to blow them out or invest in LED candles instead. 

With safety tips out the way, candles are the ultimate relaxing light, a great way to round off a cosy, spa-like feeling. Especially in the winter, the subtle flicker of natural light is both warming and calming. Pair this with plush pillows and a sumptuous duvet, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for sleep!

Now you know the best relaxing lighting tips, it’s time to pull the covers to your nose and get snoozing. 

Complete your spa-chic cosy bedroom with fluffy throws and the warmest bed spreads. If you want to know how to style your bed for the best night’s sleep, head over to the DUSK website. 

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