How To Style Your Home Like A Boutique Hotel

How To Style Your Home Like A Boutique Hotel - DUSK

Learn how to style your home like a hotel achieve boutique-chic style with a few simple tips from our experts.

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Calm, relaxing and opulent, boutique hotel styling has rocketed in popularity over the last decade. Its sophisticated yet undeniably charming elegance has made the boutique look one of the most sought-after interior design trends

Here's how you can achieve boutique chic with a few simple tips and advice from our experts.

Our Hotel-Inspired Style Ideas

When styling your home with a particular theme in mind, it's important to know which aspects of your home to focus on. Introducing luxurious furniture and accessories to key areas can completely transform the look of your home and help you achieve a boutique feel.

Introduce a touch of luxury with premium bedding

The simplest, most effective way to capture the boutique hotel look is to pick out a sophisticated, stylish bed set. Crisp white bedding with a high thread count exudes quality, so check that your bed linen is crafted from 100% cotton. Most hotels use cotton percale, a densely woven fabric that makes the sheets strong and durable, as well as soft and silky. 

As the bed is often the centrepiece of the bedroom, it will be the first thing both you and your guests look at when they walk in. High-quality bedding will help you set the tone for your bedroom and make an excellent first impression. If you're keen to add a splash of colour, a gentle mix of whites with hints of other pastel shades such as light pinks and greys will do the trick. 

Embrace timeless colour schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme is arguably the most important decision to make when styling your home like a boutique hotel. The colour scheme will need to coordinate across all aspects of your room including your walls, bedding, furniture and accessories. We're not suggesting the whole room has to be covered in the same colour, but defining which shade you want to go for will help you to avoid choosing accessories or soft furnishings that won't contribute to the luxury feel.

Opting for relaxing, subtle tones such as vanilla, slate and sandy colours will help you create a classic boutique look. Alternatively, if you want to choose something a little different, try a darker feature wall to contrast with lighter accessories for a more dynamic look.

Create an ambience with sophisticated paintwork

Consciously or subconsciously, the colour of your walls will create a certain ambience in any room. For example, if the walls were bright pink or yellow, naturally this feels more in keeping with a child's bedroom. Walls painted in a neutral colour such as clean white or sandy beige will create a light and airy atmosphere. To achieve that all-important luxury feel, add splashes of accent colour throughout the room.

Accessorise wisely

It's easy to go over the top with accessories. However, the old adage less is more springs to mind here. Your bed will look divine with just a small scattering of cushions and throws that complement your existing colour scheme. Don't forget to invest in soft, plump pillows filled with duck feather or goose down, or if you'd prefer a synthetic filling, our Feels Like Down collection is a sumptuously soft yet supportive option. 

Select scented accessories, such as fresh-cut flowers or candles, to make sure your room is a haven of serenity for all your senses. Not only will they fill your room with a delightful scent, but they'll also elegantly decorate space on dresser-tops or windowsills to add eye-catching detail to every part of your space.

Pay attention to decorative detail

One thing that really makes a bedroom feel like a luxury hotel is those lovely little details. The comfy armchair in the corner of the room with a soft throw in contrasting colours draped over it, the drinks station at the side of your drawers and the gorgeous cushion arrangements on your bed all add an element of indulgence. 

Once everything else is in place, you can enjoy adding these finishing touches to tie the room together. Practical but stylish details such as blankets and drinks glasses help give the room a homely and lived-in feel.

Transform your bathroom style

When styling your home like a boutique hotel, it can be easy to focus solely on your bedroom, but your bathroom can be just as important - especially if you have an en-suite. Naturally, the look and feel of your bedroom will transition into your bathroom decor, so it's important to add touches of effortless style to your bathroom too. 

The best way to do this is to match the light or dark tones of your bedroom. If your room is mostly white with other lighter colours, dark bathroom tiling with crisp white fluffy towels can perfectly blend the two rooms together.

Finishing Touches For Your Boutique-Inspired Bathroom

There are ways you can further enhance the hotel feel on a daily basis, simply by being creative with your bathroom storage solutions and adding extra flourishes of style.

  • Roll your towels

    Most luxury hotels will feature freshly-washed rolled towels and you can effortlessly emulate a boutique bathroom by creating an
    eye-catching towel display of your own.
  • Scented soaps

    Getting creative with scented hand soaps and moisturisers allows you to fully indulge in opulence. Elegantly carved bars of soap also make excellent decorations around a free-standing bathtub. 

  • Scent diffusers

Perfect for both your bedroom and the bathroom, scent diffusers not only look sophisticated but they also fill any room with a delightful scent of your choice.

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