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How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

14 Jun 2021


Are you looking for ways to make a small bedroom look bigger? After all, just because you’re working with smaller dimensions, it doesn’t mean you can’t fully realise your décor dreams!

Well, we’re here to tell you that there are many innovative ways to make a small room look bigger. From picking the perfect colour scheme to embracing natural light, these bedroom space-saving ideas can help you create the perfect bedroom décor.

So, if you want to find out how to make a small bedroom look bigger, take a look at our bedroom space savers, below.

1. Consider the best position for your bed

Whether you’re buying a new bed or are thinking about how to maximise your current set-up, choosing the right position for your bed is vital for making a small room feel bigger. What’s more, picking the perfect position can create an eye-catching look, which you can further elevate with stunning scatter cushion and throw blanket combos.

Now, there are many ways to position your bed to make a small bedroom look bigger. However, in our humble opinion, tucking your bed into a corner is one of the best options as it frees up as much floor space as possible, leaving room for other bedroom furniture.

You also might want to re-consider the size of your bed. For example, a super king-size bed might offer that satisfying stretch-out comfort, but is it worth it if you’ve barely got any room to move around your bedroom? Double or single beds offer just as much cosy comfort and allow you to make a small room look bigger!

2. Invest in space-saving furniture

Smart storage solutions are an absolute must when it comes to how to style a small bedroom! After all, in order to feel calm and stress-free in your bedroom, you need to ensure you aren’t tripping over errant shoe boxes or growing laundry piles.

And, of course, it goes without saying that you can make a small room feel bigger by having less furniture. But most of those pieces will be serving an essential purpose, such as storage for clothes or spare bedding, which make them difficult to do without.

So, instead, think about furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For example, investing in an ottoman bed is a great bedroom space saver, letting you store your clothes in the bed frame.

And then, when it comes to furniture you don’t use too often (such as a desk or chair), choosing foldaway options is a great way make a small room look bigger. If you’re looking for bedroom space-saving ideas for a studio or small flat, for instance, then a sofa bed could be the perfect multi-purpose addition to your décor.

3. Reduce clutter in the bedroom

Perhaps the easiest way to make a small bedroom look bigger is to do a bit of spring cleaning, opening up the square footage of your already limited floor space.

Start by having a good sort out, donating anything you no longer need or want. You should also ensure you don’t have anything in your bedroom that actually belongs elsewhere in the house.

You should also think about storage to maximise space in a small bedroom – especially when it comes to storing your spare bedding, which can take up a lot of space. Adding a few chic baskets is a great space-saving tip for your bedroom, as they can store spare duvet covers and pillowcases and then be neatly placed in the corner.

4. Add mirrors around the room

While they won’t actually impact the square footage, using mirrors is an innovative way to make a small room feel bigger.

By bouncing natural light around the room, mirrors create a bright and beautiful boudoir effect that can make a small bedroom look bigger than it actually is. For maximum effect, we recommend you place them directly opposite any windows.

But what if you just don’t have the space to spare for multiple mirrors around the room? Well, you can get a bit creative with this bedroom space-saving idea. For example, opt for mirrored wardrobe doors or hang mirrors on the walls to keep the floor plan free for other amazing additions.

Remember, to help mirrors make a small bedroom look bigger, you need to ensure the windows are unobstructed too. This lets as much natural light in as possible, which gives the illusion of more space.

5. Opt for a lighter, brighter colour scheme

Similar to adding more mirrors, lighter and brighter colour schemes help to reflect natural light and make a small room look bigger. In contrast, dark colours are a bold and dramatic way to style a small bedroom, but they are more likely to absorb light and make it feel less spacious.

However, don’t think you need to stick strictly to white to make a bedroom look bigger. You can also choose other cool light colours such as sage green or pastel blue paired with white, which will keep your space bright without it feeling too sterile. If you prefer a warmer colour palette, opt for neutral shades to help maximise space in a small bedroom, creating texture with different scatter cushions and sumptuously soft throws

What’s more, your bed is often the centrepiece of your whole bedroom, so choose your bedding wisely. To ensure you make a small bedroom look bigger, stay away from loud colours and busy prints as these can easily overwhelm your space.  

Sticking to lighter colours and crisp white bedding is also a great way to style a small bedroom, making the space feel more airy and open. But don't worry - you can easily add a pop of colour using cushions, throws and bedspreads in whichever colour you choose. Pastel pinks are perfect for a light introduction of colour, but a splash of navy will help to create a richer colour palette without overpowering your bedroom! 

You can find more ways to dress your bed like a designer in our blog post, which includes tips on picking the perfect colour palette to maximise space in smaller bedrooms.

6. Make the most of vertical bedroom space

Even with the best space-saving tips for bedrooms, it’s still really easy to run out of floor space and feel limited in what you can add. That’s why you’ve got to think vertically!

For example, using wall space right up to the ceiling can be a great storage solution and will draw the eye upwards, making the bedroom look bigger and taller and, consequently, more spacious.

So, choose built-in shelves and bookcases or, for a more affordable option, select separate wall shelves to fill the space. Painting the shelving units the same colour as the walls is also a great space-saving tip for bedrooms, helping the room feel less claustrophobic.

Inspired by our bedroom space-saving ideas? Well, we’d also love to hear about how you make a small bedroom look bigger in your own innovative ways – just let us know on Facebook or Instagram. For more bedroom inspiration, check out the DUSK blog or start shopping our bed, mattress, and bedding collections today!

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