World Well-Being Week: How To Make Your Home Feel More Tranquil

World Well-Being Week: How To Make Your Home Feel More Tranquil - DUSK
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To celebrate World Well-Being Week, we wanted to highlight the importance of rest and relaxation and how best to promote these from the comfort of our homes. Ensuring your home feels warm and inviting is essential to creating a sense of calm in your life. There's nothing better than sitting back in complete comfort, ready to unwind after a long day.

From decluttering to surrounding yourself with cosy furnishings and mood-boosting colours, in this blog, we reveal our top tips on how to make your home feel more tranquil.

Why Our Well-Being Starts Within Our Homes

Our homes give us shelter and security, as well as an overwhelming sense of comfort. With the majority of us spending a large portion of our time within our homes, it comes as no surprise to find that statistics support this. 

Here are a few interesting facts we’ve uncovered, according to recent findings and research:

No matter where we live or what size our home is, our living spaces drive five key emotions: pride, comfort, identity, safety and control. So, if our homes aren’t meeting our requirements in these key areas, it can naturally have a knock-on effect on our well-being.

So, how can we ensure we’re promoting happiness within our homes? Here are some simple steps to follow on how to create a relaxing home.

Choose Mood-Boosting Colours

Colour can have a huge influence on our mood, with brighter shades often reported as having a more positive effect on us. Considering the psychology of colour could impact your decorating decisions, helping you to reduce stress and enjoy your living space more. 

From how well we sleep at night to our general mood, the colours we choose to feature in our homes can all have an impact on different aspects of our life. Different colours can help to create a calm home, evoking emotions in the following ways:

Soothing Blue Hues

Reflecting the colour of the sky and calming ocean waves, blue is often associated with feeling calm and relaxed. If you’re looking for calm living room ideas, opting for blue-toned walls or navy cushions & blankets in your space will create a soft and soothing environment. 

Fresh, Welcoming Whites

Effortlessly bringing clean simplicity to any home decor, it’s easy to see why white is one of the most popular colours when it comes to interior furnishings. Common among bedrooms, white bed linen creates a luxury, hotel-like feel. The ideal blank canvas, there are countless ways to style white fabrics, such as adding a touch of colour with selective soft furnishings. 


Serene Shades of Green 

Green is often associated with the tranquillity found in nature, so if you’re looking to bring the outdoor world inside, opting for soft, sage green accessories can be a great option to introduce a touch of freshness into your interior.

Soft Pastel Pinks

If you’re looking to inject subtle accents of colour amidst your decor, pastel pink is a great choice. This colour is said to represent softness and femininity and can be easily incorporated into your wider colour scheme with pretty pink throws & cushions.

Create Cosy Corners

A house isn’t a home until you’ve successfully added all of those final touches and accessories that make it your own. One of the best ways to create instant cosiness in your home is through the use of soft furnishings. Whether that’s creating layers of texture in your bedroom with a lofty bedspread or adding depth and dimension to your sofa with contrasting scatter cushions, there are plenty of ways to create a snug space.

Top tip: Who says alfresco dining can’t be cosy? With the simple addition of some padded seat cushions, you can create a comfortable set-up when dining outdoors.

Declutter Your Space

There is tonnes of research that has proven clutter can have a negative impact on our mental well-beingHere are just a handful of ways in which clutter can do this:

1. Being surrounded by a busy environment can be a trigger for stress

2. A messy environment can make our lives more stressful by adding difficulty in finding things we’re looking for, making us feel less organised

3. Clutter provides visual distractions making it difficult for us to focus. This can be especially detrimental to those who are working remotely from home

4. A messy environment can have an impact on our physical health too, making it easier for dust to accumulate beneath objects which could cause allergies to irritate us

How To Combat Clutter In Your Home

We understand that keeping your home clutter-free is easier said than done, particularly if you share your home with family or friends and have a busy, fast-paced lifestyle. 

One of the simplest ways to keep clutter at bay is by opting for some simple storage solutions. Selecting multipurpose pieces of furniture, such as ottoman beds, storage benches or stools is a great way to optimise your space without having to invest in costly bespoke built-in options. 

Discover More Ways To Transform Your Home

Whether you’re searching for tips to dress your bed like a designer or how to build a tranquil bedtime routine to help improve your sleep quality, explore the DUSK Inspiration page to discover more ways to transform your home this season.


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