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3 Simple Steps to Dress Your Bed Like a Designer

04 Mar 2022

Wondering how a designer dresses their bed? Longing to create that luxurious layered look at home? Creating the perfect bed takes much more than simply deciding on a new duvet cover. As the seasons begin to change, there's no better time than now to refresh your room. 

By following our top tips on dressing a bed, you're sure to inspire your inner interior designer and create a bed that looks straight out of a luxury magazine. 

In this blog post, discover three simple steps to help you dress your bed like a designer.

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Step 1 : Get The Foundations Right

While the foundations of your bed may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about dressing your bed, they are fundamental to the overall look. 

Make The Most Of Your Mattress

You can make any bed look beautiful, but it's no secret that a good night's sleep can depend greatly on your mattress. Making sure that your bed not only looks luxurious, but also feels it too, will ensure you love your bed just that little bit more. From pocket sprung mattresses to hybrid or foam mattresses, you're sure to find the ideal base for your beautiful bed linen.

Don't Forget Your Duvet

Opting for a cloud-like duvet will make your bed extra cosy and create a truly plush look. Ensure you choose a high-quality, breathable duvet that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, an all-seasons duvet is one of the easiest ways to achieve this as it offers year-round flexibility. Comprising both a 4.5 tog and 9 tog duvet, you can fasten them together to suit the season. 

Your beautiful bed should not only be stylish, it should be comfortable too. For a blissful night's sleep, choose between luxurious duck feathers, goose down or microfibre. To find out more, take a look at our expert advice on how to find the best duvet for you.

Plump Up Your Pillows 

Choose pillows that are perfectly plump, not only will they look great on your bed, they will also help you have a heavenly night's sleep. For a boutique-hotel feel, layer two to four pillows at the head of your bed to give an instantly opulent feel to your whole bedroom.

Different pillow fillings change the weight, firmness and overall feel, so it's important to choose your perfect pillow carefully to ensure you always drift off in complete comfort. Read more about choosing your pillow over on our blog. 

Step 2 : Invest In High Quality Bedding

Now you've got the perfect base, picking out your high-quality luxurious bedding is the next step to achieving a beautifully dressed bed. Everything from fitted sheets to duvet covers will make an impact on the way your bed looks, so if you'd like to transform your bed, now is the time to treat yourself to a bed linen refresh too!

Luxe Fitted Sheet

For the ultimate designer-styled bed, begin with a luxury fitted sheet. Ensure the sheet you choose is the right size to fit your mattress as a sheet with the wrong depth will ride up the edges and make it look untidy.  

White fitted sheets are a great option as they look crisp, clean and go with any colour. For the most lavish of finishes, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets offer a silky soft feel and look great tucked into your bed.

Choose A Classic Duvet Cover

A white duvet cover will create a timeless bedroom interior, exuding that designer look and feel. Pair with any other colour to add depth and texture to your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to feel bright and airy without using white bedding, introduce a lighter colour palette such as light grey, sage green, stone or pastel pink.

Pick Your Pillowcases

Cocoon your pillows with beautiful white cotton pillowcases to complete your bed linen set. For added charm and texture, Oxford border pillowcases offer a traditional finish, helping you to create that designer look.

Step 3 : Layer Your Bed Like A Pro

For a boutique hotel style bedroom, layering pieces are the perfect choice, adding colour and sophistication with ease. From plump cushions to soft throws, there's so many different ways to create a luxurious layered look.

Find Decorative Cushions

Decorative throw cushions are a great way to introduce colour, texture and that all-important designer finishing touch. For the complete look, layer large cushions behind your pillows with smaller cushions styled in front.

Match your cushions to your bedroom's colour scheme for a room that looks effortlessly put together. Whether you want to achieve a glamorous style with gold and silver accents or go bold with a deep navy blue, you won't be disappointed by the stylish outcome. 

Drape A Throw 

Create elegant style by draping a throw over the end of your bed. Whether you love a lightweight knitted blanket, would like to add a bit of pattern or you're looking for a heavier bedspread to create a plush looking bed, both bedspreads and throws will add character.

Neatly place your throw over the end of your bed or, for an extra touch of style, casually drape it over the corner, letting part of your throw drop to the floor for a more relaxed look. 

Add A Second Duvet

Take styling your bed to a whole new level by layering a folded second duvet over the end of your bed. It's a great way to give your bed a plump and fluffy feel. To create extra impact, choose a patterned duvet cover or one with a touch of colour.

Our top tip: Make sure that your second duvet drapes effortlessly over the end of your bed, whilst still covering your main duvet, to achieve the most luxurious finish. 

How To Dress Your Bed Like A Hotel Room

To create a hotel-inspired look in your own home, opt for high-quality white bed linen that will give a beautifully crisp finish on the bed. Alongside this, an array of plump pillows and cushions will add just the right amount of texture for the ultimate layered look.

Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Bedroom

When choosing colours, consider the atmosphere you're wanting to create. Whether you want to create a relaxing space with neutral tones or prefer a classic finish with rich navy blues, by introducing cushions, bedspreads and throws, the colour scheme can be easily adjusted as seasons and trends change. Read more about choosing the perfect colour for your bedroom here. 

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