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Ways to Turn Your Hybrid Home Office Into a Haven

18 Aug 2021

Your home office should feel heavenly and luxurious, the perfect spot for you to either relax or work in. Whether you're working in the guest room, your bedroom or the living room, we're all more productive in a feel-good environment that's warm and inviting. Embracing your creative flair, adding pops of colour and choosing a space with the most natural light are just a handful of tricks that will help make your home office feel cosier. From making the most of your space with fold-out desks and chairs to introducing a calming colour scheme that promotes relaxation, there are plenty of simple ways to improve your workspace set-up.

In this blog post, we share our top tips on how to transform your home office into a haven. 

How to Maximise Space in Your Home Office

Whilst the thought of having an entire spare room to use as your home office is a dreamy one, this may not be a luxury that's available to you right now. But less space doesn't have to mean less comfort and style - you simply need to think outside the box! By investing in stylish storage solutions you can instantly create more space whilst maintaining a clean and clutter-free aesthetic. 

Another way to maximise your space is to consider innovative desk options that are designed with snug spaces in mind. From desks with slide-out shelving units to fold-out desks that can be easily packed away when not in use,  there's an abundance of desk solutions for rooms and spaces of all shapes and sizes. 

Alongside the perfect desk set-up, you'll need to consider your choice of chair. Everyone needs a super comfy chair, providing adequate back support throughout the day - particularly if you're going to be sitting down for long periods of time. Our loveseats make the perfect desk chair! 

 Make your chair comfier in an instant by adding cushions to it. Why not opt for a soft chunky throw too? This can be draped across the back of your chair as a stylish accessory, ready to be wrapped around your shoulders on those chilly mornings!

Create a Cosy Ambience

Your hybrid home office needs to be as comfortable as possible to give you an inspiring space to work in. With the addition of a few soft furnishings, you can instantly transform your space into a pretty (and productive) haven. Create a cosy corner by adding a sofa and scattering decorative cushions and luxurious throws around it as a designated relaxation area. You could also add a small coffee table for your food and drinks and a stylish lamp to bring a touch of warmth to your surroundings.

Breathe Life into Your Space With House Plants 

Once you have selected the perfect cushions to create your cosy corner, it's time to bring the outside world inside with the addition of a few simple house plants. Plants (quite literally) breathe life into your space by oxygenating the room and improving overall air quality.

Here are just a few ways plants can help to improve your health and well-being:

They help us to feel more relaxed

We all have fond memories of nature; the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer, the colourful crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet, or maybe just the sight of a blue, sun-streaked, cloudless sky on a spring morning. Nature has an almost medicinal-like way of restoring us. Spending lots of time indoors can take its toll on our well-being, and reconnecting with nature has been proven to help us feel calmer. Cue the addition of house plants in your home office.

Plants can boost our productivity

Plants can help to improve our state of mind, lifting our mood and therefore decreasing our stress levels. This boost helps to make us feel more active and keeps our minds more stimulated throughout the working day. According to one study, the addition of a few plants can increase productivity by as much as 15%. So grab yourself some easy-care office plants and prepare to power through those all-important tasks.

They can improve memory

Did you know that plants have been known to help increase our retention of information by up to 20%? The positive, feel-good effect that plants have on our minds can stimulate our senses, improving our mental cognition and performance.

So, if you're looking for an instant mood booster, memory jogger and stress reliever, a little greenery in your home office can go a long way!

Add a Pop of Colour to Your Home Office

A great way to breathe life into your home office is by adding pops of colour to your space. Whether that's injecting bright and bold patterns or soft and subtle tones, this is a sure way to effortlessly uplift your room. Why not create a gallery wall full of colourful prints to add vibrance to your office space? Whether it's a painting of your favourite holiday destination or an artsy motivational quote to boost your confidence as you work, prints can be a great way to make plain walls beautifully vibrant. If your walls are painted a neutral colour, you could introduce colour through some carefully-selected home accessories. For instant freshness, why not add elements of sage, pink, or navy to your home office? 

You can also add touches of colour by getting creative with your storage solutions. Paint and repurpose tin cans for your pens, pencils, scissors and more. This will keep your home office space tidy, whilst adding a touch of your personality

Embrace Natural Light, But Don't Forget the Lamps 

When creating your perfect hybrid home office, you should ensure you choose a space that has plenty of natural light. Placing your desk close to a window will provide optimal visibility when working, ensuring you avoid straining your eyes. This is also a great way to enjoy outdoor scenery when taking a break from your screen - perfectly tying in with our earlier points on the positive impacts of nature!

During winter, nights get darker earlier so we can't always rely on natural light to see us through our working day. The simple addition of a fabulous desk lamp will add instant ambience on those darker evenings so you can continue to be productive as long as you need to. There are plenty of high-quality desk and floor lamps that can add a touch of stylish warmth to your home office. 

Awaken Your Senses

The best part of creating your home office is that you can have fun and get creative with the decor to really make it your own. A great home office will not only be super stylish, but it should also be calming and inviting to promote positivity. Consider what colour palettes you wish to play around with, as different colours evoke different emotions within us and can make or break productivity in our workspace. If you'd like to delve deeper into the different ways that colour can awaken your senses, take a look at our recent blog on the Psychology of Colour

Have you created the perfect hybrid home office? We'd love to hear how you have created a chic, stylish space within your home. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

What Texture of Throws are Available at DUSK?

Add texture and colour to your home office with grey, pastels and pink throws, or even add an elegant touch with a white throw. Here at DUSK, we have a wide range of blankets and throws in various sizes and materials. From stylish waffle designs, soft touch microfibre, 100% cotton, silky soft faux silk and more, you're bound to find the perfect throw amongst DUSK's collection! Whether you want to add an extra layer of comfort or you're bringing a personal touch to your home workspace, our throw designs guarantee the ultimate level of snugness.

How Do You Care for DUSK Cushions?

Chic and fresh cushions add an extra dimension to any cosy spot within your hybrid home office. You can easily keep your cushions in tip-top luxurious condition with a few simple steps. DUSK's expert team have put together seven tips to keep your cushions feeling as good as new. This includes top tips such as plumping your cushions up daily, treating stains straight away, vacuuming up any dust that may have collected over time, keeping your furry friends away, always air drying and, of course, reading the care label!

How Do You Care for Velvet?

Velvet is a luxury material but its appearance can easily be compromised when treated incorrectly. Velvet's unique finish requires little maintenance but, to keep it looking its best, you will want to practice proper care. DUSK has put together an expert list of dos and dont's so your velvet won't distort or lose its design.

  • Never iron your velvet products.
  • Don't apply pressure to the velvet when it's wet.
  • You should not blot spills - shake off any excess moisture, then air dry. 
  • Always use steam when removing wrinkles.

For more top tips and expert cleaning advice, check out our advice on the DUSK blog.

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