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Make Your Home A Cosy Haven this Autumn with DUSK’s Top Tips

06 Oct 2023

You can transform your home into a cosy den, perfect for the colder months, with just a few simple home furnishings. We’re here to advise you on creating a stunningly seasonal lounge, picking out luxury warm winter bedding, selecting the very best cushions to cuddle up with and choosing a sophisticated dining table to gather around for a hearty winter’s meal. 

In this blog, DUSK experts share cosy top tips for autumn and winter, so you can prepare your home for the new season. 

Layer Up with Cushions and Throws

Cushions and throws effortlessly infuse your home with winter warmth whilst adding texture and dimension to your interior decor. 

Choose dark-hued cushion covers or a chocolate brown throw to subtly add wintery or autumnal colour accents to your home without switching up the overall style of your decor. Or lean into the gothic atmosphere of the darker months with cushions and throws in a chic black. 

Don’t forget to consider materials too. Swap out the light linen cushion covers of summer with some deep plush velvet or fluffy faux fur for a luxurious wintery feel. And why not use our knitted yarn or faux fur winter throws to cocoon yourself from the cold?

For more advice on how to use our luxurious cushions and throws to layer up, discover our guide

Cosy Up with Candles

Bask in the glow of candles on a long, cold winter’s night. These charming home accessories are perfect for providing light and warmth as the days get shorter and darker. Arrange them about your home as a centrepiece for your coffee table, perched on side tables, or on top of mantle pieces and cabinets for blissful ambience. 

Not only are candles wonderful for warmth and light, they also present a fabulous opportunity to enjoy your favourite autumn and winter aromas. Choose a pumpkin spice or gingerbread candle to fill the air with the scents of the season. 

Bring in Natural Materials and Autumnal Colours

Take inspiration from the outside world when creating your beautiful autumn and winter home style. Choose accessories that match the colours of the autumn leaves - deep reds, burnt oranges, mustard yellows and chocolatey browns. 

Or take it a step further and bring autumnal or wintery outdoor items into your home. Adorn your cabinet shelves with conkers and acorns or place them in a wooden bowl as a gorgeous dining table centrepiece. And a winter’s holly sprig can be beautiful in a bouquet displayed on your coffee table.

Draw the Curtains

Our heavy yet elegant curtains provide your home with much needed insulation - simply draw them tight to trap in the heat, keeping you cosy and warm. Plus, they perfectly darken a room when it’s time to flick on the mood lighting, cuddle in for a winter’s movie night, or curl up with a cup of cocoa and a book. 

For further advice, read our curtain guide

Swap Out Light Sheets for Warmer Bedding

Slumber in blissful warmth with cosy bedding.

When it comes to a winter duvet, it’s all about the tog, meaning the thermal overall grade. Our 9 tog duvets are ideal for autumn bedding whilst our 13.5 tog duvets are heavenly on the chilliest nights of the year. Consult our guide to picking out the perfect winter duvet for more information. 

Another tip for warm winter bedding is to opt for an insulating material like cotton. And sheets with a higher thread count tend to be much thicker, making them wonderfully warm sheets for winter. 

Take a look at our inspiration guide for even more ideas on staying warm in bed this winter, whilst our advice blog teaches you how to sleep better through the season. 

Retain Heat with the Right Mattress

If you have particular trouble staying warm in bed, opt for one of our heavenly memory foam mattresses. These clever mattresses retain your body heat to keep you cosy through the night.

Or, if you’d rather not invest in a whole new mattress, there are a number of superbly simple ways to warm up your existing mattress for winter. By adding a mattress topper or mattress protector, you add an extra layer beneath you to trap a pocket of warm air, increasing your cosiness levels perfectly. 

Celebrate with Food Around the Dinner Table

There’s nothing lovelier than gathering around the dinner table for a warming winter soup or stew. 

However, it’s important to consider whether your table can meet the needs of the season. If you’re hosting a large family Christmas dinner or a New Year’s buffet, consider getting a larger dining table or extra dining chairs and benches to extend available seating in the dining room. 

We also love the idea of seasonal table centrepieces. Think a pumpkin, a festive candle, or a holly bouquet to make each meal magical. 

Discover our gorgeous seasonal accessories and warm winter bedding online or through our outlet. And don’t forget to take a peek at our special offers

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