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How to Create the Perfect Cosy Reading Nook Ahead of Book Lovers Day

04 Aug 2023

Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling up on the sofa or in your bed and disappearing into a good book. However, if you or your family are bookworms, investing in a dedicated reading corner is the ultimate act of self-care

Creating a great reading nook doesn't require a massive home library or a large space. With just a snug corner on your bed, in the living room, near the window, or almost anywhere you like, you can have the perfect spot - all you need is the right lighting, something comfortable to sit on, and a good book or two. Add a small side table, a stylish throw, and some plump cushions, and you're well on your way to creating the ideal literary haven.

Ahead of Book Lover’s Day (09/08/2023), DUSK are sharing their expert tips to create the perfect, cosy reading nook so you can snuggle up and enjoy your favourite book. 

The Rise of BookTok

BookTok is something many of you will have heard of, with TikTok influencers sharing their passion for books with millions. In the last 12 months, there have been 708K #booktok posts with over 4 billion views. Bringing titles they love to life online and reshaping the publishing world, BookTok is leaving young users buying book after book and offering top tips on creating a space ideal for a cosy reading session.

Where to Create a Sweet Reading Snug in Your Home

Reading nooks can easily transform a home's bay window or an alcove, but equally, they can be designed in a small room, both providing a cosy surrounding for your sweet snug. They should be intimate and small, with the perfect lounge chair and cosy finishings; finding the right space for your reading nook is key.

Create the ultimate cosy corner 

Your home may be lacking in cute alcoves and feature windows, but you can easily create the reading nook of your dreams in a corner of the living room, the bedroom, or even the kitchen, using a comfy chair or sofa and beautiful lighting. Pair a stylish armchair with a classic floor lamp for a relaxing reading corner with a touch of sophistication. 

Work on a window bench 

A window space is a lovely place to create a cosy reading nook. If you already have a dedicated window seat or built-in storage, you’re halfway there, but if not, you can easily create a comfy seating area by placing a dining bench or ottoman storage piece in front of a window. Paired with stylish cushions and throws, you can make your reading nooks fit seamlessly with your home's interior. 

Don't discount the bedroom 

The bedroom is the perfect place to have a reading corner. You could set up in a corner of your room just a stone's throw away from your bed, should you care to drift off after a long reading session. Alternatively, simply snuggle up on your bed and immerse yourself in a few chapters of your favourite story. 

If you opt for a reading corner in your bedroom, you should fill it with the things you love, such as cushions for added comfort and an abundance of greenery and natural plants. Or if it's the latter, you will want to create the most cosy, comfortable bed, perfect to dive into after a long day. 

Keep it simple with an occasional chair

Nothing says cosy, relaxing and warm like an open fireplace, plush rug and plenty of throws. However, a simple accent chair or loveseat will make a lovely seating option for a cosy reading space. A reading corner is the perfect place to snuggle into your favourite chair after a long day, making you feel instantly blissful. You can even define your reading corner from the rest of the room by painting it in a different colour scheme. 

Four Top Tips For Styling Your Reading Nook

Include storage for reading essentials 

When it comes to a designated reading spot, you will want to think about your storage options. From pretty storage boxes to ottoman storage pouffes, you can easily find a home for your favourite books, snacks and throws. Making sure your reading essentials are at arm's length will help set the mood when diving into a new book. 

When space is limited, ensure you use it wisely. Sneak in extra storage where you can, from cute bookshelves to hidden cabinets. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right storage solutions for your reading space. 

Have a side table on hand 

Every cosy chair needs a nearby table to hold a book and a mug, and this becomes even more important in a reading corner. Whether you opt for a luxury stool, pouffe or classic side table, it’ll be handy to keep a stack of books nearby once you’ve finished your current read. Not only will a table be useful for storing books, but you can rest a cup of tea, a small plant or a framed photo to add a personal touch to the corner. 

Lighting is key

If you tend to read at night, you need a trusty lamp by your side to light up your reading space. With quality illumination, you might prefer reading at night and cosying up in your corner. There are plenty of reading light options to choose from when lighting a reading nook, including wall, floor, and table lamps. 

Good lighting is essential for creating the perfect reading nook. With the right lighting, you can make sure there's enough practical light for comfortable reading while also creating a warm and inviting space.

Accessorising your reading nook 

Surround yourself with comforts and create the snuggest reading nook. A throw blanket is perfect for every season of the year, and scatter cushions will help make it as cosy and inviting as possible. Drawing you into your new bliss space will allow you to sit back and truly enjoy a good book. Make yourself a cuppa, and you won’t want to leave. 

Create The Ultimate Reading Nook With Our New DUSK Furniture Collection

If you are looking to create the reading nook of your dreams ahead of Book Lovers Day, then check out our new DUSK dining furniture and bedroom furniture collection. A collection packed with stylish dining benches, bedside tables, a chest of drawers and more, all of which will effortlessly transform your reading experience.

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