Where to Place a Bed in the Bedroom

Where to Place a Bed in the Bedroom - DUSK

To help you achieve your perfect sleep sanctuary and make the most of your space, let’s look at where your bed should be placed in your bedroom.

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Whether picking up a new bed or refreshing your current bed layout, everyone wants their bedroom to become a cosy and comfortable haven. But one decision stands in your way – where to position your bed in the room.

Now, there is a lot to consider before you settle on that perfect, harmonious place for your bed in the bedroom. After all, placement decides the mood of a room - a bed under a window is refreshing, while a feng shui bed position can bring you a feeling of security. 

So, to help you get settled sooner, we’ve compiled some suggestions. From which way your bed should face to the best bed placement for a small bedroom, continue reading, below. 

Where should a bed be placed in a bedroom?

With bits of bedroom furniture, windows, and angles all to consider, figuring out the best place for your bed in your bedroom isn’t easy. 

Some of the most common positions are a bed in the middle of your room, a bed against the wall, or a bed in front of a window. However, each of these have a different impact on the free space and ambience of your bedroom, while some bed positions work better for certain ages.

To help you achieve your perfect sleep sanctuary and make the most of your space, let’s look at where your bed should be placed in your bedroom.

1. Place your bed in the middle of the room

If you’re looking for a bed placement for two or you want to increase your free space for bits of furniture, consider a bed in the middle of your room. 

Placing your bed in the centre of your room helps to create more free space on either side of your bed. This is perfect for the couples looking to accommodate both the early sleeper and the night owl, leaving room for a bedside table on either side. 

But a bed in the middle of the room is perfect for anyone, not just couples! A central bed placement means you’ve got plenty of floor space to try out a set of chest of drawers. What’s more, by putting a bed in the middle of a room, you can put these drawers behind the headboard to keep them out of sight while you doze off. 

What’s more, a bed in the middle of a room makes putting your bed set on that much easier! A bed in the centre has free space all around, making it so much simpler to dress your bed like a designer

2. Push your bed into a corner

Wondering where you should put your bed in a small room? Well, a bed against a wall in the corner leaves you more central floor space to play with and makes a room feel bigger too!

You can use the extra space for rugs or dressing tables, or even for space-enlarging mirrors. Additionally, a bed against a wall is the perfect bed position for your little ones, if you were looking for kids bedroom inspiration. The wall acts as a protective and reassuring barrier, helping to keep them safe and sound, tucked up in bed. 

Now, you may think a bed against the wall will create difficulties when making your bed. After all, not being able to properly reach one side of your mattress can make putting a fitted sheet on a bit tricky. But we’ve got a top tip for you. 

Simply, pull your mattress away from the wall and towards you ever so slightly. This means the corners are now closer and there is a little gap between the wall and mattress. You no longer have to stretch for the corners or squeeze the sheets in-between a teeny tiny space!

3. Position your bed under a window

Many people wonder where to put a bed in a room with windows – is it best further away to avoid stray drops of rain or do I take advantage of the fresh air and keep my bed in front of the window? 

Well, the choice is up to you really. However, we do think a bed under a window is perfect for keeping both yourself and your bed refreshed. After all, a breath of fresh air can work wonders on boosting mood and keeping you calm, two ideal benefits for creating a soothing sleep paradise. 

Not only that, but a bed under a window is great for the book lovers too! If you love nothing more than sinking into bed and losing yourself in the pages of a new world, a bed under a window utilises the natural light to illuminate your room properly.

While we love the bed under a window position, it can get a bit nippy in the winter. But one easy way to winterproof your sleep sanctuary is by picking up some cosy throws and a thick tog duvet

Where should I put my bed in a small room?

We looked at one bed placement for a small bedroom already, but there is another we haven’t touched upon yet, and that is feng shui. 

But what is feng shui and what exactly makes it such a good bed placement in a small bedroom? Well, let us explain. 

What is feng shui?

So, firstly, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art for creating harmony in a room through layout and furniture placement. 

A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind and feng shui is all about relaxation and peace of mind. This interior layout design encourages you to find meaning in each piece of furniture in your room. The ones you find lacking? Feng shui gives you freedom to remove them.

As decluttering is at the heart of feng shui, you often end up with a ton more floor space, so you have plenty of options of where to put a bed in a small room.

How does a feng shui bed position change a room?

In terms of bed placement, feng shui suggests the best place for a bed is against a wall within eyesight of your door. But your bed should not directly face the entrance as this is actually considered bad luck!

You can place your bed against the furthest wall of your room, opposite your door but slightly to the left or right of it. Or why not try popping your bed against a wall to the side? This way you can still see the bed in your peripherals, but it is not glaringly obvious. 

Feng shui bed position also tells you to avoid placing your bed against a wall shared with a bathroom as this encourages bad energy. What’s more, try to leave space on either side of your bed as well so good energy can flow around you!

So, now you know all the different options to place your bed in a bedroom, you might be looking for a new bed to place. Well, you can browse our collections of bed frames, mattresses, and bed sets, or head over to our inspiration page to read some tips for building a bed frame.