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Duvet Tog Guide: How to Choose the Right Tog For Each Season

21 Feb 2020

Do you know what duvet thickness you should be selecting for each season? 

After all, choosing the best duvet can help you drift off to dream-land, yet many people find themselves in a quilt-related quandary. While some dream of diving under a weighty and decadent duvet, many prefer a more modest quilt and others are still looking for the tog that's just right.

So, to help you find the perfect duvet thickness, we’ve pulled together this handy duvet tog guide, which explains the tog scale and what tog duvet you should get. 

Continue reading, below, to find out everything you need to know about tog ratings.

What is the tog scale?

If you’ve ever been duvet shopping, chances are that you’ve come across tog ratings on product pages or packaging. But what does tog mean for duvets? And why is it important when it comes to choosing a quilt

Well, it’s a common misconception that tog rating refers to a duvet’s weight, but it’s actually a measure of how well a quilt holds heat. The tog scale ranges from 1 to 15, and the higher the figure, the warmer the duvet. Weight, on the other hand, comes down to filling. 

For example, feathers are heavier than down, meaning a quilt with a larger proportion of feathers tends to weigh more. As such, always refer to tog rating, rather than weight or thickness, to find out how well a duvet is able to trap heat.

What does fill power mean?

Slightly different from duvet tog ratings, fill power is a term that refers to the thermal performance of down and feather duvets. 

Essentially, fill power tells you how warm a quilt feels. This is measured by assessing the duvet's volume of down, which is calculated per 28.35 grams. The higher the quality of down, the more volume it will occupy, indicating that the quilt is able to hold more air and therefore provide a better level of insulation. All this technical information is then converted to fill power rating that ranges from 100 to 1,000. The bigger the score, the warmer the duvet.

To find out more, take a look at our tell-all blog post about duvet fillings!

Duvet togs explained

With such a large tog scale, all providing different duvet thickness levels, it can be a little tricky understand which type of quilt you should buy. That’s why we’ve provided a quick duvet tog guide, below:

Duvet Tog Guide

Tog rating

Suitable for

4.5 tog


9 tog


13.5 tog



What duvet tog should you choose?

Here in the UK, our climate means you'll need different duvet togs for different seasons. And, because tog is an indicator of warmth (rather than simply duvet thickness), we recommend a lower tog for summer and a higher tog rating for winter.

Continue reading, below, for more details on what tog duvet you should get, as well as which DUSK duvet is up to the job.

Best tog for summer

Let’s start with the best tog for summer. After all, we’ve all struggled to fall asleep in the sweltering months of June, July, and August - and your duvet thickness might be to blame. 

Well, 4.5 is the recommended tog for summer. These thinner, more lightweight duvet togs let you have the comfort of getting under the quilt, without overheating your body. For the best night’s sleep, we recommend our Feels Like Down duvet collection (with a 4.5 tog rating, of course), as the light microfibre material is more lightweight and breathable.

Best tog for winter

Finding the best tog for summer is one thing, but it’s just as important to have the right winter duvet ready for those colder months. 

So, when purchasing your winter duvet, you should aim for a thick and toasty 13.5 tog rating. And in our humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with our luxurious Duck Down duvets, with its duck feathers and duck down combination keeping away the worst of the chill.

Best tog for all year round

Alternatively, if you're looking for the best tog for all year round, our all seasons options are the most versatile. Containing two quilts (a 4.5 and a 9-tog), these can be connected for the cold months or used separately during warmer weather. Take your pick from our all seasons duck down duvetgoose or feels like down, all of which have been constructed with a baffle wall design for an even dispersal of filling, so you can enjoy the most comfortable sleep!

Are you looking for more bedding-related advice? Take a look at our blog and add it to your bookmarks, to make sure you can keep up with the latest posts! Or, if you feel ready to start shopping, browse our collection of duvets, duvet covers, and bedding.


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