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How To Choose The Right Duvet Tog For Each Season

21 Feb 2020


Do you know which type of duvet you should be selecting for each season? Choosing the best duvet can help you drift off to dream-land, yet many people find themselves in a quilt-related quandary. While some dream of diving under a weighty and decadent duvet, many prefer a more modest quilt and others are still looking for the tog that's just right.

We sleep for approximately one third of our lives and bedding can directly impact the quality of your kip, making comfort a key consideration. As such, the team here at DUSK have come together to divulge their duvet-related advice, helping you to enjoy a restful and relaxing night, whatever the season.

In this blog post, we take the complexities out of quilts and explain everything from fill power to tog ratings.


Types of Fillings


There are a range of duvet fillings on the market, with the three most popular including feather, down and microfibre. Each type of filling has its own unique benefits, from breathability to hypoallergenic properties, so there's something to suit everyone.


Feather and Down


Available in duck and goose, duvets containing feather and down are considered to be the most luxurious choice for cosiness. These natural fillings offer exceptional insulation but they're also breathable, helping to control your temperature for a restful night's sleep. When combined, the down provides warmth while the feather adds bulk and strength. As such, we recommend selecting a higher down percentage if you prefer a warm, lightweight duvet, or a larger feather ratio for a weightier quilt.


Synthetic Microfibre


Thanks to their polyester filling, synthetic microfibre duvets tend to be more lightweight than feather and down, but they'll still keep you super snug and toasty. These quilts have two main advantages: being non-allergenic and fast drying. As a result, they're an absolute must for those who suffer with allergies, while their ability to be washed and dried quickly means they're a great option for children. Additionally, feels like down duvets tend to be more affordable, making them a budget-friendly option.




Fill Power


Fill power is a term that refers to the thermal performance of down and feather duvets. Essentially, fill power tells you how warm a quilt feels. This is measured by assessing the duvet's volume of down, which is calculated per 28.35 grams. The higher the quality of down, the more volume it will occupy, indicating that the quilt is able to hold more air and therefore provide a better level of insulation. All this technical information is then converted to, fill power‚ rating that ranges from 100 to 1,000, the bigger the score, the warmer the duvet.


Tog Rating


If you've ever been duvet shopping, chances are you know that lower tog quilts tend to look thinner while higher tog are typically thicker and bulkier. But you may be wondering, exactly what does tog mean? And why is it important when it comes to choosing a quilt?

It's a common misconception that tog refers to duvet weight, but just like fill power, it's a measure of how well a quilt holds heat. Tog rating is represented on a scale of 1 to 15 and the higher the figure, the warmer the duvet. Weight, on the other hand, comes down to filling. For example, feathers are heavier than down, meaning a quilt with a larger proportion of feathers tends to weigh more. As such, always refer to the tog rating, rather than weight or thickness, to find out how well a duvet is able to trap heat.


Which Tog Should You Choose?

Here in the UK, our climate means you'll need different togs for different seasons. Because tog is an indicator of warmth, we recommend a lower tog for summer and a higher rating for winter:


  • 4.5 for the hot summer months

  • 9 for mild spring and autumn temperatures

  • 13.5 to stay warm during winter

Alternatively, if you're looking for the best duvet for all year round, our all seasons options are the most versatile. Containing two quilts (a 4.5 and a 9-tog), these can be connected for the cold months or used separately during warmer weather. Take your pick from our all seasons duck down duvet, goose or feels like down, all of which have been constructed with a baffle wall design for an even dispersal of filling, so you can enjoy the most comfortable sleep.

Are you looking for more bedding-related advice? Take a look at our blog and add it to your bookmarks, to make sure you can keep up with the latest posts!

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