5 Tips to Bring Luxury to Your Children’s Bedroom Décor

5 Tips to Bring Luxury to Your Children’s Bedroom Décor - DUSK

In this article, we will talk through kids room ideas that balance luxury with practicality, creating an environment for them to play, read, do homework, and get a good night’s sleep!

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Adding a luxurious touch to your children’s bedroom décor not only gives your little ones a wonderful environment to grow up in, but it also enhances the overall style of your home.

Whether you opt for bright and lively kids bedroom ideas or would prefer a more classic look that they will grow into, your children’s bedroom décor should look effortlessly inviting, while also being well organised with plenty of storage space. And that’s where we come in!

In this article, we will talk through kids room ideas that balance luxury with practicality, creating an environment for them to play, read, do homework, and get a good night’s sleep!

Let’s jump right into our favourite children’s bedroom ideas, below.

1. Choose a neutral colour scheme

When it comes to children’s bedroom décor, a neutral colour scheme will help create a peaceful ambience, while also ensuring your little one won’t outgrow their space.

Now, we know you might have been inspired by small kids bedroom ideas that focus on bold and bright colours, but those same shades could overwhelm the space and make it difficult to co-ordinate furniture. However, with a neutral colour scheme, you can more easily change the look of the entire room buy switching up the children’s bedroom accessories and soft furnishings. 

You can also choose bedding with a neutral colour scheme to tie into this kids bedroom idea. Opt for a soft, subtle classic white, nautical navy, or classic grey for a beautiful finish to your kids room decor. After all, investing in luxury bedding in timeless tones means it will continue to look stylish as your little one grows up.

For more information about picking the perfect pigment for your children’s bedroom décor, read our how to choose the ideal colour for your bedroom blog post.

 2. Create a fun feature wall

If you're choosing neutral tones for most of your children’s bedroom decor, creating an accent wall within can open up the space and make it pop. It will give the room a lively feel without compromising on the overall style of your kids bedroom!

Try experimenting with colours that complement a neutral palette, helping to tie the feature wall into the rest of the kids room décor. With bold, rich colours, you can add a touch of elegance to the room, really elevating the rest of the children’s bedroom ideas on our list.

Then, once you’ve got your feature wall colour sorted, you can turn your attention to the fun children’s bedroom accessories. Maybe you want to add a stylish canvas print to the feature wall, or perhaps you’d like to create a gallery wall with a variety of framed photographs and prints. You could even use tonal patterned wallpaper to add a sense of depth and character to your kids bedroom décor!

    3. Master monochromatic styling

    While our tips so far have been focused on small kids bedroom ideas, what about if you have a pre-teen who’s outgrown vivid colours and doesn’t want a plain white bedroom? Well, a monochrome colour scheme can transform a kids bedroom into a more grown-up space, while still encapsulating that all-important cosy feeling

    To follow this particular children’s bedroom idea, use white bedding as the foundation, and then add a range of tonal cushion covers and throw blankets with different textures to introduce more depth and colour. If you’d like more guidance on how to get the balance just right, read our how to dress a bed like a designer blog post.

    There are also many ways to make a monochrome colour scheme feel warm and cosy, ensuring your children’s bedroom décor is an inviting place to kick back and relax. For example, luxury bedroom lighting, such as hanging fairy lights or introducing a bedside lamp, will create a relaxing atmosphere. Natural materials, such as a wooden bed frame or wool rug, can also help form a more welcoming space that your children will love spending time in!

    4. Pick the perfect mattress and bedding

    It's easy to get so caught up in planning the finer details of creating a stylish, tranquil ambience that you may forgo one of the most essential elements of your children’s bedroom décor: a comfy bed. Well, our collection of superior single mattresses will help your little one get a great night's sleep!

    After all, a bed is often the focal point of any bedroom. So, once you’ve chosen the perfect bed frame, you can then turn your attention to picking a comfortable mattress to match. And it’s all about personal preference. Whether you select one of our pocket sprung mattresses or a cool gel foam mattress, the right choice can ensure your little one has a blissful night's sleep in their cosy children’s bedroom décor. 

    And then you just need to choose the high-quality bed linen that will contribute to a restful sleep! For example, opting for soft materials, like 100% cotton, will take care of your child’s skin – especially if it’s sensitive. Explore our full range of bedding to find the ideal duvet covers, pillowcases, and fitted sheets for your kid’s room décor. 

    5. Get creative with kids bedroom storage ideas

    Regardless of the dimensions you’re working with, one of the best ways to transform a bedroom into a haven of comfort is by maximising the space available – and that’s where our kids bedroom storage ideas come into play.

    There are a few options to choose from here, it’s just a case of picking the best one for your kids bedroom décor: 

    • Add floating shelves: A nifty kids bedroom storage idea, floating shelves are a great way to display your children's favourite night-time reads, special toys and keepsake trinkets. Full-sized cabinets can compromise floor space so by utilising shelves, you can help free up some extra room. Filling empty areas on the wall with a decorative bookshelf feature can also help add diversity to a small room.
    • Make use of underbed storage: Another fantastic kids bedroom storage idea to make the most of limited space, underbed storage is a great place to keep toys, throws and cushions from cluttering the floor. Look at stylish storage boxes that will easily slip away under the bed or maybe invest in an ottoman bed to discretely house your child's favourite toys.
    • Display clothing on a rack: One to enhance the entire kids room décor, a clothing rack can display your little one’s favourite outfits, injecting personality into the room. Opting for an open display rather than a closed wardrobe is also a quick, easy solution for hanging clothes. You can also keep that luxury feel by choosing to display clothes with similar hues to the colour scheme of their bedroom!

    Like our kids bedroom ideas? Or are you inspired to go your own way when decorating your children’s bedroom? We’d love to see the results! Share your design ideas with us on Instagram or Facebook, or bookmark the DUSK inspiration page for further bedroom styling inspiration.