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How To Get More Natural Light In Your Bedroom

05 Dec 2019

When it comes to interior design, a lack of light is a common conundrum. It's particularly problematic in the bedroom, where natural light can impact how well you sleep. But just how do you transform a dark and dull bedroom into a well-lit and welcoming space?

Fortunately, there are many methods that can be used to create a bright and beautiful boudoir. From making minor adjustments to wielding well-placed accessories, the team here at DUSK have revealed their tried and tested tips for maximising natural light.

In this blog post, we uncover how to style your serene and soothing escape.

Paint With Purpose

You may be tempted to select seductive shades but for the purpose of increasing natural light, we recommend choosing paint in cooler colours. Why? Because while rich tones add a warm and sensual touch, they also act like sponges, soaking up light sources.

To avoid this, pick pale hues‚ white works wonders. Our pro tip is to opt for gloss over matte paint as the sheen helps to scatter light, making your bedroom feel bigger.

Introduce Bright Bedding


Soft furnishings are a key bedroom component, so it's important they make the right style statement. Sure, you can never go wrong with indulgent and elegant bedding but just like paint, colour choices are crucial.

When you're trying to achieve a brighter finish, luxury white bedding is an excellent option. Alternatively, pale grey or pastel shades like pink can provide a similar effect.

Mirrors are a Must

Hanging mirrors may be a well known design device but it's also one of the most effective ways to create the illusion of more space. When it comes to mirrors, more is definitely more, so you can afford to take a maximalist approach.

To make the most of your mirrors we suggest placing them directly opposite windows in order to reflect more natural light back into your bedroom.

Light and Layout

While you can add accessories or choose pale colour palettes to enhance natural light, we know that layout is important, too. From big and boxy pieces to the positioning of furniture, altering the layout of your bedroom could offer a very simple solution.

Increase natural light by moving your wardrobe away from the window, selecting streamline furniture that makes the most of the available space, or picking a headboard that will sit below the windowsill.

Consider Curtains and Clutter

Windows are a real focal feature but the way you dress them can either help or hinder the amount of light in your bedroom. Similarly, displaying lots of pot plants, photo frames or accessories can darken the space.

Let light in by using tiebacks to hold your curtains in place and make sure you minimise the number of knick-knacks on your windowsill. This will allow the sun to shine through and brighten up your boudoir.

Focus on Flooring

When trying to improve an ill-lit interior, the floor may be the last area you consider, but this would be a big mistake. Alongside the walls and ceiling, the floor accounts for a large portion of your bedroom's surface area and has a huge impact on its overall look and feel.

You could replace your existing carpet or flooring but if you're on a budget then why not revamp your room with a rug? Choose sumptuously soft sheepskin or a plush pile rug to add both luxury and light.

Mull Over Materials

For the most part, furniture tends to be made of wood. From the bed frame and wardrobes to cabinets and chest of drawers, this material dominates the space. Although it's a versatile material, it's not always conducive to creating a bright bedroom.

For an inexpensive update, painting your wooden furniture white, cream or grey is a great option. Or, if you're looking for a more substantial style overhaul, invest in glass bedside tables, a mirrored vanity unit or an acrylic chair.

Groom the Garden

While window treatments should be considered, it's important to pay attention to your home's exterior, too. After all, how can you hope to make your bedroom a sunnier space if there are bushes blocking your window?

Get out in the garden to assess your windows and make sure you trim back trees, remove invasive ivy or tidy any areas that could be making your room dark and dull.

As experts in all things bedding and bedroom, we know that lots of light can make your sanctuary feel more spacious and sophisticated. Convert yours by being careful with colours, investing in luxury white bedding and browsing our DUSK blog for more inspiration.

Do you know any other ways of adding natural light to the bedroom? We'd love to hear! Tell us your decor tricks on Instagram or Facebook.

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