How To Style Your Bedroom Furniture

How To Style Your Bedroom Furniture - DUSK
Discover expert tips on how to arrange your bedroom furniture, including how to style it to perfection and which soft furnishings everyone needs to make their bed extra cosy.
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How To Style Your Bedroom Furniture

Styling your bedroom furniture is an art and one of the most important parts when it comes to nailing your home aesthetic. With a little thought and experimentation, you can easily create the perfect bedroom style and find bedroom furniture pieces that you will love for years to come. No matter what size your room is, you can make your bedroom a tranquil space for a blissful night’s sleep. 

In this blog, DUSK shares expert tips on how to arrange your bedroom furniture, how to style it to perfection and which soft furnishings everyone needs to make their bed extra cosy.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture in Four Simple Steps

From knowing what furniture to purchase and the size of your space, to creating walkways and injecting your personality into your home, you will want to arrange your bedroom furniture in a way that works for you. 

Check out our four simple steps that will help you perfectly arrange your bedroom furniture. 

Find the perfect furniture

When arranging your bedroom furniture you should start by rearranging the pieces you already own, as trying to work with an abundance of pieces can be daunting. Start with the essential pieces, such as your bed frame, bedside tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, lighting and soft furnishings before building in any special pieces. It’s important to ensure that the main pieces fit into your space, especially in a smaller bedroom, before you begin experimenting with more decorative pieces. Using fewer pieces will make the room look and feel a lot more spacious and by opting for taller shelves and dressers, you can enjoy more storage whilst freeing up more room.

Think about function 

You will need to consider the main function of your bedroom to arrange your furniture accordingly. Planning to watch TV in bed? Find a layout that works well so you can stay cosy in bed and see your screen. Make sure you also plan walkways around furniture pieces - you don't want to find the path between the dressing table and mirror blocked when it comes to trying on your favourite outfits. If you have a good idea of what you’re going to want and need to do in the bedroom, you can use that as your design focal point.

Start with the bed

Since the bed is often the focus of any bedroom, it is best to get this into place first. You are likely going to want to place it against the wall which is opposite the door or the largest wall that has no windows. If this isn't possible, find a spot for your bed that makes the most sense to you, making sure you still have access to doors, windows and closets. 

Some people may place their bed directly under the window, however in winter that can become slightly chilly, so we recommend placing your bed against a wall with no windows to ensure you have a pleasant room temperature all year round. 

Go big to small

Once you have found the best position for your bed you will want to arrange everything else around it starting from the biggest bedroom furniture piece to the smallest. Starting with wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables, a desk, shelves, sofas and more. You may consider buying a bedroom furniture set, giving you everything you need to match your furniture. 

Five Top Tops Tips to Create a Beautiful Bedroom

Discover our five expert tips to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Whether it's picking a colour scheme that boasts personality or investing in the best bedding, cushions and throws to add cosiness to your bed, creating a beautiful bedroom consists of multiple layers of styling. 

Choose a style and colour scheme for your bedroom

Picking your bedroom style can be tricky. Have a look at Pinterest boards, flick through magazines, and start following home Instagram accounts that have a home style you love. This way you will be able to pinpoint the styles you prefer, so when it comes to your bedroom, you can mix and match elements from your favourite home aesthetics. 

Until you have a clear idea of what style you’re going for, it’s best to save the larger pieces till last. In the case of bed frames, you could keep them more neutral so you can match any style of all colours at them or make it a focal point with a bold-coloured frame.

You will also want to consider a colour scheme early on with your bedroom decor. Firstly you will want to identify the overall mood of your room: bright and cheerful, cosy and muted, or dramatic. You can't go wrong with a simple white bedroom colour scheme. If you have a smaller space it will expand it or if your space is dark it will brighten it. Plus a white bedroom is the perfect backdrop for so many different styles. 

Carefully choose your bedroom furniture

When it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture you will need to think about the size. Your bed is likely going to be the most dominant part of your room, so you will want to consider the size and shape to ensure it fits perfectly. If you want to inject colour into your room an upholstered headboard is an easy way to add both colour and texture or maybe you are looking for more storage solutions in your bedroom - an ottoman bed is perfect for this. 

As well as picking the perfect bed you also need to consider the storage elements throughout your room. From larger wardrobes and drawers to bedside tables and stylish storage pouffes, you can add touches of style that are not only elegant but practical too. You may also consider adding another place to relax, such as a luxurious armchair or a beautiful stool, perfect for your dressing table. 

Perfect your bedroom lighting 

It's important to plan your lighting when designing a bedroom as the majority of time spent there will be dark. When it comes to lighting it doesn't just have to be practical, it can be integrated into the style and add a touch of ambience to the bedroom. You will want to consider how you use different areas of your room. For example, you will want a bedside light to read, an overhead light for the whole room and maybe a few lamps and mood lighting dotted around to create a lovely homely glow. 

Invest in the best bedding and throws

Whether you’re styling a bed within the master bedroom or for a guest room, a bed should always look inviting and be certain to deliver a luxurious night's sleep. Before styling your bed it's important to get the foundations right, such as the bedding. A set of bed linen can make all the difference when it comes to a good and bad night's sleep, plus it can really contribute to the style of your bedroom.  

Bedding, pillows, throws and cushions are the key to making your bedroom a tranquil space to rest your head at night. Start with a crisp white fitted sheet, then get layering with cosy duvets, luxurious pillows and scatter cushions that you can easily switch out with the seasons or as your style changes, and make sure to add a throw for extra texture and comfort too.

Bedroom styling is all about layers, with the bed being the focal point of your room. Once you have nailed the styling of your bed you can welcome guests in style and treat yourself to a hotel-style bedroom, every night of the week.

Don’t forget to dress your windows 

Window dressing can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to bedroom decor, but when it comes to curtains you will want to consider the practical elements and their design. You will want to ensure they block out the light to help you get a restful snooze, but you will also want to ensure they fit the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

In a bedroom environment, we would always recommend choosing curtains when dressing your bedroom as they add an extra cosy element to your space. If you're looking to further block out the light, you can always add a blind underneath the curtains, but the softness of eyelet or pencil pleat curtains lends them so well to bedrooms. 

When it comes to curtains you will want to consider the length. If the space allows it, opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains as this can add height to your bedroom and give an overall more luxurious look. Curtains will provide enough privacy and darkness for you to sleep well but will also bring an extra touch to your space. 

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