UK Bedding Size Guide: Pillowcases, Sheets, and Duvet Sizes

UK Bedding Size Guide: Pillowcases, Sheets, and Duvet Sizes - DUSK

From duvets and pillows to mattress toppers and throws, we've put together the ultimate bedding size guide so you can drift off and dream in comfort.

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Can’t decide between king size duvet dimensions and a super king duvet size? Or maybe you’re hoping to find a double bed sheet size that will stay in place?

Well, here at DUSK, we know that finding the perfect bedding sizes is an essential step to refreshing your bedroom décor, as well as ensuring you sleep in the utmost comfort.

However, with so many duvet sizes and bed sheet dimensions to choose from, finding your dream duvet cover or perfectly-sized pillowcases can be easier said than done. That's why we've put together the ultimate bedding size guide for the UK.

In this blog post, we explore the different bedding sizes available in the UK, answering such important questions as, what size is a king-size duvet? 

Let’s jump right in to help you find beautiful bedding with ease.

UK duvet sizes


When it comes to deciding on a duvet, there’s a lot to consider before you even get to thinking about bedding sizes, such as type of filling and tog rating

Let’s not forget about the materials you’ll need to mull over either. For example, you might have already fallen for cotton, a fabric that’s breathable and lightweight, such as our 800 thread-count and hotel-worthy designs that will please even the most discerning of tastes.

However, there will come a point in your shopping journey when you need to think about duvet sizes. Do you need king size duvet dimensions or are you just looking for a single duvet size for the spare room?

To help you pick out the perfect duvet or duvet cover, we’ve pulled together a table of UK duvet sizes:

UK Duvet Size Guide
Duvet size
Single duvet size
140 x 200cm
Double duvet size
200 x 200cm
King duvet size
225 x 220cm
Super king duvet size
260 x 220cm


UK sheet sizes


With duvet sizes sorted, it’s time to move onto bed sheet sizes. And here is where it gets a little bit more complicated…

Instead of just one set of bedding sizes, there are different standard UK sheet sizes for the three types of bed sheets – fitted sheets, deep fitted sheets, and flat sheets. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a bed sheet size guide for each type:

UK Fitted Sheet Size Guide
Fitted bed sheet sizes
Single fitted sheet size 90 x 190 x 30cm
Double fitted sheet size
140 x 190 x 30cm
King fitted sheet size
150 x 200 x 30cm
Super king fitted sheet size
180 x 200 x 30cm


UK Deep Fitted Sheet Size Guide
Deep fitted bed sheet sizes
Single deep fitted sheet size 90 x 190 x 34cm
Double deep fitted sheet size
140 x 190 x 34cm
King deep fitted sheet size
150 x 200 x 34cm
Super king deep fitted sheet size
180 x 200 x 34cm


UK Flat Sheet Size Guide
Flat bed sheet sizes
Single flat bed sheet size 180 x 275cm
Double flat bed sheet size
230 x 275cm
King flat bed sheet size
275 x 275cm
Super king flat bed sheet size
305 x 275cm


UK pillowcase sizes

Your choice of pillow is always a deeply personal one – some people prefer piling up soft-filled pillows, while others opt for the support of a medium or firm fill.

However, while we all know However, while we all know that finding the right pillow can impact our quality of sleep, many people overlook the importance of investing in good quality pillowcases. They not only extend the life of your pillows, but also provide a soft and snug finish for your face to sink into. 

So, to ensure you can pick the perfect pillowcase, we’ve pulled together a simple pillowcase size guide:

UK Pillowcase Size Guide
Pillowcase sizes
Standard pillowcase size 50 x 75cm
King pillowcase size 50 x 90cm
Square pillowcase size 65 x 65cm



UK bedspread and throw blanket sizes


With the bedding size essentials ticked off, we can turn our attention to the finishing flourishes that really make your bed feel comfortable.

So, when it comes to buying a throw blanket or bedspread, you're going to want a design that offers cosiness and comfort too. And while our beautiful bedspreads and throws collection always provides that last little touch of luxury, you may be unsure if your bedding size demands a throw or a bedspread.

To make your search a little simpler, our throws are the perfect size for single and double beds, while our bedspreads provide coverage for king and super king. You can also browse the specific bedding sizes of throws and bedspreads, below:

UK Bedspread and Throw Blanket Size Guide
Bedding sizes
Standard throw blanket size 120 x 180cm
Large throw blanket size 150 x 180cm
Bedspread size 260 x 260 cm


UK mattress topper sizes


And now for the very final touch to complete your bedding sizes research: the humble mattress topper or mattress protector

Not only do these nifty additions add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress, providing additional support and a sumptuous feel, but mattress toppers or protectors help to keep your mattress fresh and clean. But what mattress topper size should you get for your bed? Our bedding size table has got you covered:

UK Mattress Topper/Protector Size Guide
Mattress topper/protector sizes
Single mattress topper size
90 x 190cm
Double mattress topper size
135 x 190cm
King mattress topper size
150 x 200cm
Super king mattress topper size
180 x 200cm


So, now you know your king size duvet dimensions from your super king duvet sizes, you’re ready to start shopping for the right bedding sizes. For a luxurious addition to your bedroom, take a look at our collections of duvets, bed sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding today!