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Mattress Protector or Mattress Topper: Which Should You Buy?

23 Oct 2019

When weighing up the options between a mattress protector or a topper, it is important to work out what each one is and what purpose it serves first. Here, we will look at the different features of each, so you can discover which one is best for you.

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is designed to make your bed more comfortable and luxurious. It is positioned on top of your bed to provide support and cushioning. Not all toppers are the same as each one offers a differing degree of softness, so it is important to consider this before buying. If your bed has lost its vitality, then a mattress topper is often the perfect remedy that makes it instantly more comfortable and is much cheaper than buying a completely new mattress. At Dusk, all our bedding is made equally and available in a range of different sizes, from a single mattress top to super king size mattress topper, each one is made with pure white goose feather and down to create an idyllic and luxurious level of softness and support.

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is like a fitted sheet that fits over your bed, with an elasticated skirt to keep it in position. Its purpose is to protect your bed from dust mites and fluids that may cause damage with everyday use. They come in a wide variety of materials but the most popular choice is the cotton mattress protector. This is not only because cotton is a brilliantly absorbent fabric, but it is also easy to wash, dry and maintain. It is also breathable, therefore keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A single mattress protector is often purchased as an addition to a guest bedroom, to ensure the mattress is always kept as clean as possible and ready for visitors. They are also popular for children's beds, as well as for standard double and king sizes.

Should I buy cotton pillow protectors?

Ask anyone of the Dusk team this question and it will be a resounding yes! Often the unsung hero of a good night's sleep, pillows count for a lot when it comes to getting your daily sleep quota. They can make a real difference to your sleep and sleeping position. That's why it's important to keep them spick and span with high quality cotton pillow protectors. This will also help keep allergens like bed bugs at bay, as well as ensuring spillages from liquids, toiletries etc do not come into contact with your mattress and cause staining or long-term odors.

Why buy luxury?

When it comes to bedding at Dusk, the question should really be: why not buy luxury bedding? It's inexpensive, durable, fresh feeling and high quality and the same is true for a luxury mattress toppers or protector.

Some tips for buying toppers

  • Make sure you get the right size. Because toppers are designed to go over the top of a mattress it is crucial to get the right size. A double mattress topper should not be stretched over a king size bed, for example.
  • Take a close look at the filling. At Dusk, our toppers are made with 70% goose down and 30% goose feather making them super soft and ultra-luxurious.
  • Consider the material the casing is made from. Cotton percale is one of the best kinds of fabric for a topper as it is cool yet soft to the touch and is a very durable material that is easy to maintain.

Tips for buying mattress protectors

  • When buying a protector remember that you are investing in your mattress, not to provide an extra layer of comfort. If you want that extra layer of luxury, then you will need to opt for the topper instead.
  • Again, consider the kind of fabric the protector is made from. A quality fabric like cotton means you can wash it easily, it is cool and fresh to the touch and if you look after it, will last a long time too.
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