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5 Quick Tips To Smarten Up A Small Bathroom Layout

02 Oct 2019

It can be a challenge to create the bathroom of your dreams when you don't have a lot of room to work with, but utilising the space you have and making the most of creative storage can truly bring a small bathroom together. 

There are so many stylish ways to elevate your bathroom. From adding subtle touches of greenery and choosing luxury bath towels to cleverly displaying mirrors to make your bathroom feel more spacious, you can easily inject personality into any space. 

Don't Let Space Go to Waste 

In any small bathroom, wall space is precious. Install shallow cabinets with adjustable shelving to make space for items of all sizes such as shampoo bottles and bathroom cleaning products. You could also add a small shelving unit or floating shelves to display frames, decorative pieces and plants to help bring a touch of character to your smaller bathroom. 

A great way to smarten up your bathroom is to utilise those hard-to-reach places. If there's space either side of your shower, make the most of it by installing shelves and cabinets to house all your little luxuries.

If you need additional storage space, you can keep cleaning supplies in water resistant plastic boxes beneath the sink. You could also add a door hanger to create a place to hang robes or towels.

Consider The Finishing Touches 

Introduce some greenery 

Nothing brightens up a small bathroom like a touch of greenery. Displaying plants is the trick to adding more life to a room, and many people believe that plants can even improve your mood and boost your wellbeing. Bamboo plants are a great option as they need little light to survive or the Begonia plant also thrives in indoor space, but it will still need grooming and watering. Plants add a beautiful pop of colour and will help to elevate your bathroom. 

Add luxurious towels 

Fluffy bath towels are the ultimate bathroom indulgence - providing a true haven of comfort when you step out of the shower. It's time to bring out your luxury cotton towels for all to see!  Position one or two on a towel rail for the maximum effect. This will add a touch of opulence without compromising on space. 

Why not creatively display your towels to truly elevate your bathroom style?  With an abundance of creative ways to display your towels, from origami to layering a combination of colours, you can fold your bath towels to create a serene feel within any bathroom. 

For sumptuously soft towels, take a look at our 100% cotton, zero twist luxury towel range.

Mirrors to light up your space 

Mirrors are a great way to make your small bathroom feel bigger than it is, especially when they are carefully positioned. One trick is to place your mirror opposite a window, increasing the amount of light and depth in the room and reflecting movement and images from the outdoors. Whether you choose round mirrors with a black frame or multiple smaller mirrors, they are a simple yet stylish way to smarten up your small bathroom. 

Declutter Your Bathroom 

Smaller bathrooms can quickly become cluttered. Toiletry products, extra sponges, makeup brushes and more are often left in the bathroom. Take a few moments each week to remove any clutter that has collected in your bathroom. If it does need to stay in your bathroom space, put up some wall cabinets and place them inside for a neater aesthetic.

For more advice and information about how to style your bathroom, visit the DUSK blog or follow us on Facebook or Instagram

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