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5 Quick and Easy Small Bathroom Décor Ideas

02 Oct 2019

It can be challenging to achieve that perfect small bathroom design, especially when you’re working with limited space and few storage options. But getting creative with your small bathroom décor ideas can really bring a bathroom design together

From adding subtle touches of greenery to choosing luxury bath towels, there are so many simple ways to create the bathroom of your dreams. And with just a few space saving hacks, your dream luxury small bathroom idea can soon become a reality.

Read on, below, for some top tips around small bathroom inspiration.

1. Don’t let space go to waste

Nothing makes a room look smaller than bits of clutter or toiletries laying around. So, when pulling together any small bathroom design, it’s important to consider how much storage space you’re giving yourself. 

Fortunately, pretty much any area can be utilised as storage space. For example, you can install hangers on the back of the door to hold towels or robes. Or a great idea for small bathroom layouts with a shower is to install shelving in the corners of the shower to hold the essentials. 

If you have a lot of free wall space, one idea for more small bathroom storage is to put up cabinets. Instead of leaving bottles of shampoo and bodywash strewn over surface tops or the corners of the bathtub, you can tidy them away and create more open space! 

In fact, if you are looking for some small ensuite ideas, you can skip the DIY task and simply keep your toiletries in your bedroom. Choose a waterproof box or shower bag and keep all your toiletries tucked away in your bedroom, ready for use in your ensuite when needed.

2. Introduce some greenery

The trick to upgrading a small bathroom idea from simple to luxurious is easy: bring in some greenery. Not only do plants open up a space, but they’re also known for their mood-boosting qualities! 

Remember, not every plant is suited to live indoors. However, there are plenty of good plants for a bathroom, so there is bound to be one to suit your small bathroom décor idea. We recommend bamboo plants as they need little light to survive, or a Begonia plant thrives indoors as well.

For a small bathroom with a shower, layout a bunch of eucalyptus plants around your shower. These plants are known for their soothing nature and ability to ease congestion, which makes it a good plant for the bathroom and for you too!

3. Add mirrors to open up the space

The best tiny bathroom idea is to add a few mirrors to the space. These are, of course, great for helping with skincare routines, but they also make a room feel bigger than it is. 

A large mirror with lights will not only elevate your small bathroom design to a more luxury level, but it will also brighten up any dark corners that may be making your space look smaller. 

One trick is to place your mirror opposite a window. This will increase the amount of natural light in the room, and also add depth to the space, creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom area.

4. Think about wall colours

When looking for small bathroom inspiration, it’s important to consider your colour palette. Dark colours can shrink a room, where as lighter colours breathe life into it and open the area up. 

That isn’t to say you have to completely ignore any dark colours. Of course, if your perfect small bathroom design follows an emerald green, dark mahogany, or silky black palette, then you should still go for that. 

However, instead of bathing your bathroom in one dark colour, why not have a feature wall instead? This works particularly well for small bathroom layouts with a shower, where you paint the walls in a brightening white, but style the shower area with tiles in the darker colour of your choice. 

Tiles are also great for a luxurious small bathroom design. Not only practical in a bathroom area due to their waterproof and easy-to-clean nature, but the sleek surface really elevates the space to create a hotel style luxury in the comfort of your own home.

 5. Add luxurious finishing touches

Now you’ve put together the perfect small bathroom design for you, it’s time to add the finishing touches with these luxury additions. 

First, nothing is more luxurious than stepping out of the bath and laying your feet onto a soft cotton bath mat. These are ideal for protecting your skin from the harsh material of a floor and keeping the spa- like relaxation of a hot shower or bath going for just a bit longer. 

Opting for a white bath mat will open up a small bathroom design, but if you do prefer darker colours, then ensure you co-ordinate your choices with the feature wall idea we spoke about earlier. In this case, feel free to go for a black mat or grey mat to complete your perfect space! 

What’s more, fluffy bathroom robes provide the ultimate bathroom indulgence. Step out of your bath or shower, relaxed from the hot steam and fresh eucalyptus, and drape yourself with the softest white cotton robe. 

Remember the small bathroom storage ideas from before? Well, a hook on the back of your door is perfect for keeping your towels dry when you aren’t using them! 

Ready to start piecing together your dream small bathroom design or maybe you’re looking for some luxury small bedroom ideas and inspiration too? Whatever you need to create a cosy home, we’ve got it – head over to DUSK to get started!

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