How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Are you looking to turn your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary? A trip to the spa leaves you feeling pampered and rejuvenated, and your home bathroom can have the same effect. 

Creating a serene environment that's designed to help you unwind and escape doesn’t require treatment rooms and an on-call masseuse, though. By focusing on a few luxury items like sumptuous bathroom linens or furniture such as accent chairs - or even by having a simple declutter - you can easily integrate that spa feeling into your bathroom.

From luxurious bath towels to an array of scented candles and essential oils, here's our DUSK guide to creating your own spa-inspired bathroom.

How to Create the Perfect Spa Bathroom

Creating your spa bathroom is a great way to boost your mood and ensure self-care stays at the top of your list. While it may not have the same effect as an hour-long massage, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom will do wonders for your well-being. 

Invest in luxury soft linens

Updating your bathroom towels is an easy way to transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience. Fluffy, luxuriously soft towels are key to achieving a spa-like atmosphere, and there is nothing quite like enveloping yourself in a fluffy warm towel after a long day. 

From large bath sheets and soft bath towels to beautiful hand towels and facecloths, no matter which you choose, sumptuous bath towel sets will effortlessly transform your bathroom into the spa-like sanctuary of your dreams.

Remove clutter from the bathroom

Cluttered bathroom surfaces and jam-packed cabinets and shelves will distract from a relaxing atmosphere. Start by decluttering, getting rid of any products you haven’t used or placing them inside cabinets, drawers and baskets. 

If you have extra space, consider adding a chest of drawers to your bathroom. Not only are these great for stowing away all your important bits and bobs, but they are also a place to sit back and relax with a facemask or foot spa. Prioritise counter space and open storage for a few essential items and finishing touches. 

Creative towel displays to enhance your spa-like bathroom

Effortlessly transform your bathroom into a serene wellness retreat and impress your guests by adding elegant bathroom towel displays. Master the art of folding towels just like they do in your favourite spa and introduce the ultimate luxury touch to your bathroom. 

Learn the Spa Roll

Looking to create a more serene spa-like look and feel in your bathroom? This rolling towel method is exactly what you need. 

Simply lay your towel flat and fold one corner diagonally towards the centre so the short sides line up with the long side of the towel. Then fold your bath towel in half lengthwise and flip the towel over. Finally, tightly roll up the towel and tuck the point into the roll to keep the towel secure. 

Offer a cosy seat in your bathroom

Are you looking for the perfect chair for your bathroom dressing table? A stunning stool can help finish your dressing table area to ensure you feel right at home when getting ready for the day ahead. 

Use colour to create a calm atmosphere 

Choose soft, neutral colours to establish a tranquil environment. When selecting your colour scheme, you should avoid high-contrast pairings, such as black and white or blue and orange, which are bold and energising rather than cool and calming.

Pair warm, neutral colours with your bathroom towels, bath mats, wall colours, tiles and more to create a peaceful palette that would look right at home in a fancy spa.

Inject nature with greenery 

Incorporating plants into your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to make it feel serene and spa-like. Placing potted house plants on the bathroom surfaces, wall shelves and the floor, or even hanging from the ceiling, will help to bring touches of nature in, creating a light, airy atmosphere. 

When choosing plants for your bathroom, you will want to consider flowers and greenery that thrive in a humid bathroom environment. And if you’re not a plant wizz, no problem: opt for faux plants and flowers instead. 

Incorporate plenty of bathroom storage

Bringing lots of storage into your bathroom will make it easy to maintain a clean, uncluttered look. In addition to your bathroom cabinets, include an ottoman storage bench and other furniture that boost storage and organisation. Add drawers and bring in baskets to help keep your space clutter-free. 

Use these spaces to store items together, such as spare bathroom towels, bathrobes, makeup, and toiletries. Keeping everything together in one spot makes getting ready stress-free and enhances the tranquil, spa-like feel. 

Add calming scents to your bathroom 

Instantly transport yourself back to your favourite spa with scented candles, wax melts and essential oils. Enhance your spa-like experience by adding aromatherapy to your bathroom with calming lavender, rosemary or ylang-ylang.

Essential oil diffusers from our partners, NEOM Organics, are a simple way to set a tranquil mood. 

Don’t forget the finishing touches

The little finishing touches in your bathroom may not say much on their own, but when paired with beautiful features and products, they make your spa bathroom that extra bit special. 

From scented candles that set the atmosphere for you to unwind to cosy bathrobes for wrapping up in after a steaming-hot shower, the finishing touches can help to bring your whole bathroom together.

Another way to instil a little calm into your bathroom is with music. A relaxing playlist can effortlessly transport you to a spa, while also helping to create a serene feel. 

FAQs for Bathroom Towels, Bathrobes and More

From choosing a bath towel set, to the essential oils best for relaxing, below, we share answers to frequently asked questions on bathrooms, towels, bathrobes and more. 

How do you create a spa feel in a small bathroom?

It can be a challenge to create the bathroom of your dreams when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Smartening up a small bathroom with subtle touches of greenery, choosing luxury bath towels, and hanging mirrors to make your bathroom feel more spacious, can all easily inject a spa-like experience into your bathroom. 

How do you choose a bath towel set?

If you’re looking to create your spa-like sanctuary, choosing bath towels made from a soft, tough, but absorbent material such as cotton will ensure they stand up well to washing while giving you the comfort you’ve been dreaming of.

Ensuring your towels are made to last is essential, but they should also match your bathroom aesthetic perfectly, so go for matching shades too. 

How do you clean and care for bath towels?

The ultimate indulgence to your bathroom routine is fluffy, luxury towels, so you will want to make sure you care for them correctly. Cleaning and caring for your towels will guarantee yours stay full, bouncy, and fresh; ready for use and display in your bathroom. Check out our guides on how to wash your towels and the tricks you need to know. 

How can I declutter my bathroom effectively?

The bathroom can easily turn from a spa-like retreat into a clutter-filled mess of half-empty tubs and tubes. By giving all your products and necessities a home, whether that's in the bathroom cabinet or stored in a beautiful DUSK washbag, you can easily declutter your bathroom. 

Why not opt for a personalised make-up bag to help store your favourite products? Our partner, Kate Loxton, has a great range of personalised make-up and wash bags to help add the finishing touches to your bathroom. 

By removing items no longer in use or installing storage solutions, you can ensure your bathroom is always neat, tidy, and the ideal place to relax after a long day. 

What colour schemes promote a spa-like atmosphere?

The colours we choose to feature in our bathroom can all impact how we feel. Choosing mood-boosting colours for your bathroom will help to make it a more tranquil space. Brighter shades have a positive effect and neutral tones help us relax.

What are the best lighting options for a calming ambience?

Bathroom lighting can have a massive impact on the overall mood of your space. The right lighting is key to creating the correct ambience as a space where we either spend our time refreshing or relaxing. 

You will want to aim for sufficient lighting in areas such as the shower and around the bath, and also bring in additional lighting via candles to provide a calm atmosphere when needed.

What makes luxurious towels and linens worth the investment?

When choosing the perfect bathroom towels, you will want to know what makes luxurious towels and linens worth the investment. First, and most importantly, is considering the material when purchasing new towels. There are all sorts of fabrics, each with different qualities, so understanding their benefits is key when choosing a towel

You will also want to consider the weave and weight of your luxury towels. Towels can be woven in several different ways, and each weave has a different feel and texture. Plus, the weight of a towel will have an overall impact on how absorbent they are. 

Which essential oils are best for a relaxing atmosphere?

The last thing we want is to bring stress into our homes, especially in the bathroom. You can easily create a calm space with essential oils from our partners, NEOM. Scents such as lavender, cedarwood and vanilla, will bring balance to your body when placed in a diffuser or added to a hot bath. 

Essential oils will bring peace and relaxation before bed while also helping you unwind and de-stress. 

What is the best bathrobe?

From silk to cotton, you will want to slip into the best possible bathrobe to experience a spa-like experience. Nothing says self-care like cocooning yourself in a luxury robe. The best, featuring rich, indulgent materials, quality stitching, and sumptuous patterns, can really make a difference, providing comfort and warmth for some much-needed TLC. 

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