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10 Simple Bathroom Makeover Ideas

06 Jul 2020

Whether you dream of making your small bathroom feel more luxurious or you want to create a spa-like shower room, now is the time to explore some bathroom upgrades!

After all, your bathroom is one of the most personal and private spaces within your home, it’s where most of your self-care routines - from face masks to hot soaks - take place. That's why it's especially important to spend time on perfecting your bathroom décor. 

You may think a bathroom upgrade is a costly undertaking, but with some clever bathroom decor ideas, you can create a serene space without breaking the bank. From those fluffy towels you've been eyeing up, to some simple bathroom design tricks, get ready to take your serviceable bathroom to an inspirational bathroom in no time at all!

Take a look at these stylish bathroom décor ideas to help effortlessly upgrade your space, below.

1. Update your storage options

Storage solutions are a simple and easy bathroom décor idea that can make you feel as though you have a brand-spanking new bathroom. 

Towel rails will allow you to elegantly display supremely soft cotton towels, or you can include floating shelves to show off your favourite soaps, candles, and beauty products. With all the products needed for total relaxation right at your fingertips, these simple bathroom storage ideas instantly elevate your bathroom to a soothing, serene space!

If you are looking for a more stylish bathroom storage idea, opt for trendy storage ladders. Their slim design makes these ladders the ideal storage solution for smaller bathrooms. Or go for some over-the-door hooks to hang your luxurious bathrobes and make the most of the space you have.

2. Install big mirrors

Mirrors are the perfect modern bathroom design idea, instantly making the space feel bigger and brighter.  

For example, if you position the mirror opposite a window, it will bounce natural light around your room. Highlighting your favourite bathroom designs while making it appear more spacious - What’s not to love? 

What’s more, opting for a full length mirror hanging from the back of your bathroom door is an excellent bathroom décor idea for a smaller bathroom, maximising all that lovely space. You could also try covering a full width of a wall with mirrored panelling or hanging a mirror landscape, really selling that beautiful, bright, and airy illusion. 

Finally, light up mirrors are also available in a wide array of styles to help transform your bathroom décor. From trendy circular designs to vanity cabinets, there are plenty of options for any bathroom design, whether it be a chic storage solution or those looking to draw in light to their small space. 

Essentially, as a bathroom furnishing idea, you don’t get much better than mirrors!

3. Get creative with lighting

Now, from mirrors and how they help brighten up a room, to more traditional lighting solutions for your bathroom - let’s explore a few bathroom lighting ideas. 

Instead of using one main central bathroom light, an easy bathroom home improvement tip is to opt for an array of different lighting, all able to be operated separately. From wall lights and light-up mirrors to under-cabinet LEDs and recessed spots, light fittings work beautifully together when lit separately - creating that luxurious hotel feel in your bathroom.

However, a big light is still essential, and there are many options when it comes to these bathroom lighting ideas. This includes basic ceiling strip lights for an easy bathroom upgrade, as well as a round LED ceiling light for the more modern bathroom design idea. Take your pick!

4. Have fun with tiles

Tiling can be a beautiful choice for a bathroom upgrade. Whether it's a choice of style or practicality, tiles add texture, pops of colour, and your own personality to your bathroom. 

Typically, tiling is used for flooring or as part of a fitted shower area. However, a fully tiled bathroom is becoming more popular as a wallpaper or paint alternative. And as far as bathroom décor ideas go, we think this one is perfect!

We know that retiling is time consuming, can be extremely expensive, and requires a lot of DIY know-how. Therefore, one of our top bathroom design ideas is to choose water resistant tile stickers instead. Whether you place your tiles behind the bath, inside the shower, or above the sink, they're a simple and cost effective way to transform your whole bathroom.

With many stylish mosaic patterns as well as block colours available, you really can get the look of a newly renovated bathroom for a fraction of the price. What's more, because there's no tools required for this budget-friendly bathroom upgrade, stickers are perfect even for DIY novices; simply peel and stick onto any clean, smooth surface for a full refresh. 

5. Replace your shower curtains

Replacing your shower curtain can have an immediate impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom décor. To get the most out of your shower curtain, we suggest hanging it higher to make your room look larger and taller, creating a sense of grandeur. 

For a more luxurious style, choose a cotton shower curtain; it will last longer and is much easier to wash. Alternatively, you could install a glass shower screen for a more modern bathroom design idea, whilst making sure to have your bathroom looking and feeling its best.

6. Grab some fluffy towels and mats

A key component to any bathroom design is a perfect set of fluffy bath towels. Not only are they the ultimate luxury after a long soak in the bath, but they can be beautifully displayed to look effortlessly stylish. 

Not sure how to display your towels? Well, there are plenty of bathroom storage ideas here. From towel origami to layers of different coloured towels, and not forgetting glamorous display stands, you can fold your bath towels and bring a real boutique hotel feel to the space.

Coming in a selection of sizes, including small face cloths to large bath sheets and full towel sets, and in a range of beautifully selected colours too! No matter which towel selection you choose, a luxury set is an effortless bathroom upgrade to turn your space into a spa-like sanctuary.

7. Pick pretty plants

Colourful flowers and touches of greenery are a great bathroom upgrade, adding personality and sophistication to your space, while also bringing a fresh feel to your bathroom. 

If you have lots of natural light coming in your bathroom, you can opt for fresh, real flowers. However, an alternative bathroom makeover idea if you don't have much natural light, is grabbing some low maintenance indoor plants, or even faux plants as they can be just as beautiful!

Decorate the room with floor plants next to your bath or install shelving to display a large range of gorgeous greenery. And a stylish bathroom décor idea is to get some macrame plant hangers if you lack floor and shelf space - your options are endless!

8. Add in artwork

Wall art is a great bathroom décor idea if the walls are looking a little bare. Choosing artwork that matches with the colour scheme of your towels and bathroom accessories will help to create a sophisticated, colour-coordinated room packed full of personality. 

However, as bathrooms are a particularly damp environment and moisture can be detrimental for special art pieces, a good bathroom design idea is to preserve your artwork using a waterproof sealant tape. 

This simple solution will ensure your art is airtight to prevent it being damaged by damp. But alternatively, you can choose trendy industrial-style metal artwork for this bathroom upgrade, as this won't become damaged in a bathroom environment. 

9. Diffuse seasonal scents

From salty sea air to fragrant floral scents, bring spring or summer into your bathroom décor with diffusers, candles, and air fresheners. They not only smell great, but they’re also a chic bathroom décor idea!

To keep your bathroom feeling fresh, use daily shower cleaners and antibacterial cleaners too. Created with season-inspired scents, they’re guaranteed to leave your bathroom sparkling clean and smelling great. 

10. Be bold with accessories

Simple accessories, such as a bath tray or shower caddy, can provide a practical, yet stylish bathroom upgrade. 

Use the tray to display your favourite candles and bath salts, it even makes the perfect spot to place a glass of wine or cup of tea while you're relaxing in the bath. For a modern bathroom design idea, opt for a classic style with chic marble designs. You can even add a touch of luxury with copper or gold or introduce a pop of colour for extra pizazz!

Adding luxury bath mats will refresh your bathroom décor too, creating a tranquil, spa-like feel. Choose a sophisticated bath mat colour like white or grey or go bold with olive green or charcoal so you can step onto super soft bath mats in style. 

Ready to explore our full bathroom collection and begin piecing together your ideal bathroom décor? Well, don’t let us stop you! Head over to our inspiration page for more bathroom décor ideas like how to choose the perfect bathroom towel!

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