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How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Towel

12 Mar 2020


Do you want the best luxury towels for your bathroom? Are you tempted by the vivid colours on the shelves? Or do you prefer the timeless spa-worthy white towel? Here at DUSK, we know that towels should be soft and luxurious, providing that everyday embrace for your post-bath and shower needs. Yet with there being so many options, how can you choose the towel that's just right?

In this blog post, we've assembled the very best information to make your hunt for the perfect bathroom towel that little bit easier. After all, as well as being necessary for keeping you clean, towels are the plush bathroom accessory that can add a luxurious feel or a powerful pop of colour, making your space feel exquisite.


Consider the Texture


We know that flawlessly fluffy towels are a crucial part of any bathroom and in order to achieve this effect, we always use zero twist 100% cotton. This means our designs are not only strikingly soft but also quick drying, incredibly absorbent and truly able to keep their much desired fluffiness, wash after wash. You can find towels with all these properties in our Antibes Collection, so you can immerse yourself within the very best quality and luxury, warmth and comfort.

Waffle weave towels are known to be lightweight and quick drying. Additionally, these towels are proven to have excellent exfoliating effects. This is due to the texture of the material, which will leave your skin feeling sensationally soft. Meanwhile, ribbed towels (available in our Monaco Collection), give a more luxurious finish as a result of their thicker finish.


Choose your Colours


Do you envision your bathroom as a spa-like sanctuary? White towels have a classically timeless quality which makes them remarkably versatile and you'll never have to worry about fading colour. What's more, in the way white paint can open up space in your rooms, plush white towels can have the very same impact in your bathroom.

Create a more vibrant bathroom by using your towels as a design feature; a touch of colour will make all the difference, creating a more energetic and lively environment. Furthermore, by choosing colourful designs, you can change up the whole look of your bathroom with just a simple switch of your towels.

Do you love the idea of a timelessly coloured towel that will never go out of fashion but want to stay clear of white? Darker choices of towel, such as the ever-fashionable charcoal greydeliver a look that's equally as classic as a white. They're the perfect way to create a more dramatic yet cosy feel within a bathroom.


Tips for Choosing Towels


Whether you're looking for a brightly coloured design or prefer to stay true to the traditional white towel, we recommend mixing and matching. Try pairing white with light grey to add a design element that still looks elegant and beautiful. Alternatively, style a bright room by selecting white and naturally colored towels‚ this provides the same effect in a more subtle way.

Is cosiness your most important consideration? And you probably want a design that's been made to last, too. Make sure you look for zero twist 100% cotton as this method not only creates the fluffiest of towels but it's also extra durable, so it'll feel like new year on year.


Don't Forget the Bath Mat


When you're stepping out of the shower, we know that the last thing you want is to be standing on the cold bathroom floor. By choosing one of our zero twist 100% cotton bath mats, you'll enjoy the same super snug feeling you get from our towels and avoid that chill under your feet. With a choice of colours, try our Monaco Collection to find the perfect bath mat.

Soft but strong and incredibly absorbent, a good bath mat adds that lavishly luxurious touch to your morning or night time routine. Additionally, by matching it to the colour scheme of your towels, it could be the finishing touch that your bathroom needs.

Which bathroom towels will you be choosing? We'd love to hear! Let us know over on Facebook or Instagram.


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