Creative Towel Displays to Elevate Your Bathroom

Creative Towel Displays to Elevate Your Bathroom - DUSK

Roll your towels for a tranquil spa-like bathroom or fold for a hotel look. DUSK shares towel display inspiration & step-by-step-guides to create a towel swan.

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Are you wondering how to fold your bathroom towels? Fluffy, fresh bath towels are the ultimate bathroom indulgence - providing a true haven of comfort when you step out of the shower. Not only do bath towels keep you warm after a long soak in the bath, they also add a luxurious aesthetic to your spa-like sanctuary. Once you have purchased new, luxury bath towels, you will want to display them so they are easily accessible, whilst also elevating your bathroom's style.

With an abundance of creative ways to display your towels, from towel origami and intricately folded towels to layers of different coloured towels and glamorous display stands, you can fold your bath towels to perfection. In this blog post, DUSK shares the most creative ways to fold your towels as well as washing tips and beautiful display inspiration to elevate your bathroom. 

Creative Ways to Fold Your Bathroom Towels

Elevate your bathroom and impress guests by adding elegant bathroom displays or creatively folding your bath towels. Master folding your bath towels with these three easy techniques and introduce the ultimate luxury touch to your bathroom.

The simple fold

Are you looking to add a touch of hotel-inspired luxury to your bathroom? For an easy look and the best use of shelf space, you could try this elegant but simple folded style. Folding your bath and hand towels into thirds isn't complicated, but makes a sophisticated statement. Simply fold your towel in half with the open ends to the left, then fold again. Next, fold up the bottom third of the towel and then fold the top third down. Place the towel on your bathroom shelf so it's ready when you need it!

The spa roll

To create a more serene spa-like look and feel in your bathroom, you should try the rolling method. Lay your towel on a flat surface, fold one corner diagonally towards the centre so the short sides line up with the long side of the towel. Then fold your bath towel in half lengthwise and flip the towel over. Finally, tightly roll up the towel and tuck the point into the roll to keep the towel secure. 

Fold your towels into a swan

When on your travels, you are bound to come across a fabric folded swan sitting on your bedspread, but have you ever wondered how to make it yourself? Towels folded into animals are a key characteristic of many luxury hotels, and you can even have a go at folding a towel swan yourself. Create the ultimate towel swan to impress family and friends when they stay over. 

Extra Special Touches For Your Bathroom

Explore different towel display options

Fold, roll or stack your towels up neatly onto a shelf or invest in glamorous hardware or a rustic basket. With a variety of ways to store and showcase your bath and hand towels, you will thank yourself later for having an easily accessible display. 

Get creative with a number of ways to display your towels. Try hanging your towel in a contrasting manner, with alternative colours and textures. Then fold the ends, roll them up and place them on ladder-style shelving units or even fold your towels and place them in a stylish cabinet in order to refresh the look of your bathroom.

It's time to upgrade your bath mat

A luxury bath mat is a necessity in any bathroom. Not only do bath mats stop you from slipping, they add a beautiful finishing touch to a space. A tired-looking bath mat could negatively impact your bathroom aesthetic, so there's no question that it should be swiftly replaced with a fresh one. So, upgrade your bathroom with a bath mat that makes you feel cosy the moment you step out of the shower - they can add so much personality and sophistication to your bathroom.

Bath Towel FAQs

How do you maintain fluffy, fresh bath towels and bath mats? 

Follow these three important rules to maintain the softness of your towel collection: 

  1. Cleaning bath towels and mats boosts their softness- remember to wash your towels at least once a week on a 30 degree wash so your guests are treated to the cleanest towels you can offer. 
  2. Limit the amount of fabric softener you are using in your towel wash. Overusing fabric softener can leave your towels feeling rough, reducing their softness and leaving them less absorbent.
  3. Never iron your towels! Adding too much heat to your towels can damage the fabric fibres, resulting in a less plush finish. 

Should I wash new towels?

Brand new luxury towels that have been freshly made may still have small bits of fluff and lint leftover from the manufacturing process. New bath towels are specifically finished to block absorbency so they can make it from the warehouse to your home in beautiful condition. However, this can leave them looking much flatter than they really are. Washing your towels before use will ensure full, bouncy, lint-free and fresh towels ready for use and display in your bathroom

The majority of new bath towels are coated with silicone or other finishes to block absorbency when being transported from the warehouse 

How often should you wash your towels?

Get into the habit of washing your bath sheets and towels after every three to five uses. Overusing your towel can be unhygienic and can irritate your skin, so remember to wash your towels regularly! 

What is the best way to store towels?

We recommend only folding your towels once they are clean and fully dry before storing them in a linen closet, bathroom rack or drawer. It's important to ensure that the towels, including hand towels and face cloths, are fully dry to ensure they keep a fresh scent and don't feel damp when you come to enjoy your next bubble bath.

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