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How To Clean Your Mattress - DUSK
Learn how to clean your mattress with baking soda, as well as find out some mattress maintenance tips, by reading our helpful how-to blog post.
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There’s nothing quite like slipping under the sheets with fresh bedding (even if that clean duvet cover can be a bit fiddly), but did you know that you need to regularly wash your mattress too?

Well, cleaning your mattress regularly ensures that it remains hygienic, fresh, and cosy, lasting for many years to come. After all, you don’t want to spend hours researching the best mattress to buy, only to replace it within a few years of your particular purchase!

In this article, we will be sharing our expertise on how to clean a mattress with baking soda, as well as providing guidance on how to freshen up your mattress in the meantime. 

Continue reading, below, for all the details on how to deep clean your mattress.

Why do I need to clean my mattress?


Before we get into the details of how to clean your mattress, let’s first talk about why you need to wash your mattress in the first place.

So, while regularly cleaning your bedding will kill the majority of bacteria or germs in your bed, your mattress can still host all sorts of dirt over time. If you do not clean your mattress for long periods of time, this can start to affect and even worsen any allergies, as the build-up of dust can potentially cause difficulties breathing.

How often should I clean my mattress?

Don’t worry, you won’t need to clean your mattress as regularly as you wash your duvet and pillow cases. Instead, we recommend that you deep clean your mattress at least twice a year. This will prevent any bacteria that has collected from worsening and any odours from being left too long. 

We recommend also taking the opportunity to flip your mattress too, which should also be done every six months, as this helps keep the filling evenly distributed. For example, if you're using a double mattress and tend to sleep on one side, it's important to flip your mattress to even out the wear. Similarly, if you share a mattress with your partner, not flipping your mattress can increase the rate at which your double, king size or super king size mattress will wear.

How to clean mattress with baking soda

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to know how to clean your mattress is to check the label on your mattress and follow the laundry advice accordingly. For example, our Cool Gel Foam Hybrid Mattress has easy-to-follow instructions stating that for best results, wash the removable zip cover at 30 degrees.

However, some models do not have a removable zip cover and require a more specialised approach to get rid of stains from mattresses. One of our favourite methods to freshen up your mattress is to use bicarbonate of soda (otherwise known as baking soda).

Read on for a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean a mattress with baking soda:

  1. Vacuum the mattress: Once the bedding is stripped away, you can use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean your mattress’ entire surface. Be sure to pay special attention to any seams, edges, or crevices that can hide dust and debris. 
  1. Sprinkle baking soda: Next, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda evenly over the mattress and then let is sit for at least 30 minutes – although the longer you can leave it, the better you can deep clean your mattress.
  1. Vacuum the mattress again: Once you’ve allowed enough time to clean your mattress with baking soda, vacuum up the residue, ensuring you cover the seams, edges, and crevices too.
  1. Air out the mattress: Again, you need to allow time for the mattress to air out for a few hours in a well-ventilated area, allowing for any remaining odours or bad smells to dissipate.
  1. Replace the bedding: With the mattress clean and dry, you’re ready to put on the fresh bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Job done!

If you’ve followed the steps to clean a mattress with baking soda and some stubborn stains or bad smells remain, repeat these steps or consider replacing your old mattress.

Mattress maintenance tips

While you’ll only need to deep clean your mattress every six months, you can still take steps to ensure it stays in top condition for as long as possible. After all, whether it’s a foam, pocket sprung, or a hybrid, taking preventative steps to wash your mattress will reward you in the long run with many nights of blissful sleep!

1. Use a mattress protector or topper

One of the best ways to ensure you always have a clean mattress is to invest in a mattress protector or mattress topper.

From plumping up your mattress to offering an extra layer of protection from dirt and sweat, these subtle additions to your bed have a myriad of benefits. This includes preventing any potential spills or food marks from impacting your mattress, so you don’t have to spend ages scrubbing to get stains out of your mattress. What’s more, toppers and protectors are also far easier to clean than your entire mattress – you can just pop most of them in the washing machine!

If you’re unsure which is best for you, take a look at our blog post comparing the differences between mattress protectors and toppers.

2. Wash your bedding regularly

It probably goes without saying, but by keeping your bed sheets fresh and clean, you won’t need to deep clean your mattress as often. That’s because, if your sheets are left for too long, bacteria will form and be transferred to your mattress.

For guidance on how to wash DUSK bedding, take a look at our bed linens care guide. We also provide specialist advice with our how to wash Egyptian cotton guide.

3. Keep a cool bedroom

Regularly opening your windows in the summer will not only help keep you cool at night, but it will also keep your mattress much fresher. That’s because bacteria and other unwanted germs thrive in warmer environments, so by keeping your bedroom cool, you can reduce the chances of these unwelcome guests moving in and minimise the need to deep clean your mattress.

4. Be careful with your snacks

Everyone loves a bit of breakfast in bed, but no one likes the faff of getting stains out of your mattress when your tea and toast combo leaves spills and crumbs aplenty.

If you are eating in bed, we recommend putting down a layer to catch any food debris – maybe a bedspread or bath towel, something that can act as a bedroom picnic blanket and be washed without any hassle.

How long should you keep a mattress?

In most cases, deep cleaning your mattress twice a year is enough to keep your bed set-up fresh and comfortable. However, if you’ve had your mattress for over eight years, it might be time to start thinking about buying a replacement, regardless of how diligently you clean your mattress.

If you are in the market for a new mattress but aren’t sure where to start, we’d recommend reading our mattress buying guide before browsing our collection of mattresses. You’ll certainly feel the benefit of lying down on a brand new mattress compared to your old one, helping to create the most cosy and comfortable bed possible!

If you've got an old mattress you're looking to trade-in for a new DUSK replacement, we can remove your old bed or mattress for a fuss-free swap, as part of our Bed and Mattress Recycling Service. We will then divert your old bed or mattress away from UK landfills to ensure that all materials are recycled.

Ready to clean your mattress with baking soda? Or maybe you’ve got some deep cleaning mattress tips of your own? Let us know over on Facebook and Instagram, or take a look at our blog for more home inspiration. You can also browse our bed, mattress, and bedding collections to turn your bedroom into a luxurious sleep sanctuary!