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Care Guide | Bed Linens

03 Nov 2017

When you invest in DUSK bedding, we want to make sure you will get a better night's sleep for years to come rather than a few months. So, the Dusk Team have created some simple guides to help care for your new bed linens and make the most of the high quality feel of the fabrics.

With all of our bedding we recommend you wash it before use. This will get them smelling great and will allow natural shrinkage in the fabric to occur. Our bedlinen sizing takes into account the fibres natural shrinkage to give you a great fit after washing.

Before you wash any of your bedding, always check the care label on the individual item for better clarity on washing and ironing temperatures and the cleaning products that should be used.

Your bedding will look its best for longer when washed at lower temperatures. Wash bedding on its own, avoiding anything with zips or hooks that could catch on the fabric and cause superficial damage.

Looking after Cotton

For cotton bedding, always use the best detergent for the product you are washing: colour fabrics are best washed with washing gels or detergents formulated for colours. For pure whites we recommend powders. Avoid using bleaches or optical brighteners as these can cause colours to look washed out and can cause stain patches.

We'd also recommend flat drying your sheets on the radiator or washing line weather permitting) as the heat and movement of the tumble dryer could cause some damage to the fabric. If you do choose to tumble dry your bedding use a lower temperature and take the bedding out while it is still a little damp. This will also help make your sheets easier to iron for a crisp look.

Looking after French Linen

When washing French Linen ensure you do not use any products containing bleach. Bleach can destroy the strength of the natural linen fibres and will most certainly affect the colour. Always check for bleach or bleaching agents in detergents to avoid damaging the fabric. Like cotton, choose the best detergent for your linens with washing gels best for colour and powders better suited for pure whites.

Linen's naturally crimp fibres give bedding a beautiful relaxed look after washing and drying with little need for ironing. If you do prefer a smoother finish iron the fabric while it is still a little damp to make it easier iron.

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